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The Legislative Counsel was established in 1913 to assist the Legislature, the Governor, and other state officers by providing legal services relating to the legislative process. We draft legislation, render legal opinions, provide counsel to the Members and committees of the Legislature, and represent the Legislature in litigation. In addition, we publish the Legislative Index, which identifies legislative measures, and we compile and index the California statutes and codes. The Legislative Counsel also is responsible for the Legislative Data Center, which operates the legislative information systems and processes legislative measures.

The Legislative Counsel is required by law to make legislative information available to the public on the Internet. Starting in January 1994, this information was accessible by way of FTP and e-mail.

The systems and processes that make this information available on the Internet are based on the same automated processes that have been developed by the Legislative Counsel to serve the Legislature and other state offices and support the legislative process. You can therefore be assured that this information is accurate, reliable, consistent and timely, day in and day out, throughout each legislative session.

A Guide to Accessing Legislative Information on the Internet

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