VETOED	DATE: 09/15/2002

SEP 15, 2002

To Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 2097 without my signature.

This bill would expand the membership of the Lyme Disease Advisory
Committee, would require the creation of a subcommittee of the same
for the purpose of revising the Lyme Disease Reporting System, and
would, to the extent that departmental resources allow, require the
preparation and submission by the Department of Health Services (DHS)
of a comprehensive annual report on consequential changes in the
incidence of Lyme disease by December 15, 2003 and annually

Although the bill's attempt to improve information and understanding
about Lyme disease is meritorious, it would grow the size of State
government and create a General Fund pressure during a period of
limited resources and uncertain future economic conditions.  In order
to maintain existing core State services already provided by the
DHS, it is necessary at this time to restrain any discretionary new
programs.  Even more significantly, this bill would inappropriately
change the role of the advi sory committee from an advisory role into
one that has veto power over Lyme-disease-related issues instead of
the health care professionals in the department.