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                                 THIRD READING

          Bill No:  AB 32
          Author:   Nunez (D), et al
          Amended:  8/30/06 in Senate
          Vote:     21

          AYES:  Simitian, Chesbro, Escutia, Kuehl, Lowenthal
          NOES:  Runner, Cox
          SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE  :  8-4, 8/17/06
          AYES:  Murray, Alarcon, Alquist, Escutia, Florez, Ortiz,  
            Romero, Torlakson
          NOES:  Aanestad, Ashburn, Battin, Dutton
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Poochigian

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  50-27, 4/11/05 - See last page for vote

           SUBJECT  :    Air pollution:  greenhouse gases:  California  
                        Warming Solutions Act of 2006

           SOURCE  :     Natural Resources Defense Council
                      Environmental Defense

           DIGEST  :    This bill enacts the Global Warming Solutions  
          Act of 2006.

           ANALYSIS  :    

          Existing law:


                                                                 AB 32

          1. Provides for the California Climate Action Registry and  
             the voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG)  
             emissions to establish baselines against which future  
             GHG emission reduction requirements may be applied.  [SB  
             1771 (Sher), Chapter 1018, Statutes of 2000 and SB 527  
             (Sher), Chapter 769, Statutes of 2001.]

          2. Requires the Air Resources Board (ARB) to regulate GHG  
             emissions emitted by passenger vehicles and light-duty  
             trucks to achieve maximum feasible reductions [AB 1493  
             (Pavley), Chapter 200, Statutes of 2002].

          3. Requires ARB to develop regulations to prevent diesel  
             truck engine idling at ports pursuant to AB 2650  
             (Lowenthal), Chapter 1129, Statutes of 2002.

          4. Requires the state's retail sellers of electricity to  
             achieve at least 20 percent of energy sales from  
             renewable sources, pursuant to SB 1078 (Sher), Chapter  
             516, Statutes of 2002

          5. Requires the California Energy Commission (CEC) to  
             develop and adopt by June 30, 2007, a state plan to  
             increase the use of alternative transportation fuels to  
             achieve multiple objectives, including the reduction of  
             GHG emissions, pursuant to AB 1007 (Pavley), Chapter  
             371, Statutes of 2005.

          This bill:

          1. Requires ARB, on or before January 1, 2008, to adopt  
             regulations requiring GHG emission sources to monitor  
             and report their emissions to the ARB, and specifies  
             detailed criteria for the adoption and compliance with  
             those regulations.

          2. Requires ARB, on or before January 1, 2008, to adopt a  
             statewide emissions limit on GHG emissions, specifies  
             both a process and criteria for the adoption of the  
             limit, and provides that the limit shall remain in  
             effect after 2020 until otherwise amended or repealed.  

          3. Requires ARB to adopt the maximum feasible and  


                                                                 AB 32

             cost-effective reductions in GHG emissions for sources  
             and categories of sources subject to the Act, in  
             accordance with the following schedule:

             A.    On or before July 1, 2007, ARB shall adopt a list  
                of those discrete early action emission reduction  
                measures that can be achieved prior to the adoption  
                of market based compliance mechanisms and other  
                measures and limits under the bill's provisions.

             B.    On or before January 1, 2010, ARB shall adopt and  
                enforce those measures on the list described above in  
                order to achieve the maximum technologically feasible  
                and cost-effective reductions of GHGs.

             C.    On or before January 1, 2009, ARB shall prepare  
                and adopt a rulemaking scoping plan for the rules and  
                regulations it is required to adopt pursuant to the  
                bill's provisions, and shall comply with specified  
                criteria in developing and adopting the plan.  ARB  
                further is required to update the plan every five  

             D.    On or before January 1, 2011, ARB shall adopt GHG  
                emission limits and measures to achieve the maximum  
                feasible and cost-effective reductions in GHG  
                emissions in furtherance of the GHG emission limit.

             E.    In adopting the regulations described in #3D, ARB  
                may adopt a so-called "cap and trade" system (i.e. "a  
                system of market-based declining annual aggregate  
                emission limits" as described in the bill), provided  
                it complies with specified conditions prior to  
                authorizing the use of those mechanisms.

             F.    In adopting the regulations described in #3D  
                above, ARB may adopt market-based compliance  
                mechanisms and specifies conditions and criteria for  
                the adoption and use of those mechanisms. 

             G.    In adopting regulations, requires ARB to take into  
                account environmental justice, equitable distribution  
                of emission reductions, best available scientific and  
                economic information, and other factors.


                                                                 AB 32

             H.    Provides that ARB shall consult with various other  
                state agencies that have jurisdiction over utilities  
                and other sources of GHG emissions in order to  
                minimize any overlap among those agencies.

          4. Authorizes ARB to impose administrative, civil, and/or  
             criminal penalties consistent with its authority under  
             air quality statutes for violations of any rule,  
             regulation, order, or standard adopted by ARB pursuant  
             to the bill's provisions.

          5. Authorizes the Governor to adjust applicable deadlines  
             for individual regulations, or for the state in  
             aggregate, to the earliest feasible date in the event of  
             extraordinary circumstances, catastrophic events, or  
             significant economic harm, limits that adjustment to one  
             year in duration, specifies procedures for notifying the  
             public and provides that this provision does not affect  
             the Governor's authority under the Emergency Services  

          6. Requires ARB to establish an environmental justice  
             advisory committee and an economic and technology  
             advisory committee for the purposes of advising ARB on  
             implementation of the bill's provisions, and specifies  
             appointment processes and procedures for those  

          7. Provides that if the regulations adopted pursuant to AB  
             1493 (Pavley), Chapter 200, Statutes of 2002, to reduce  
             GHG emissions from vehicular sources do not remain in  
             effect, ARB shall adopt alternative regulations that  
             achieve the equivalent or greater reductions.

          8. Requires all state agencies to consider and implement  
             GHG emission reduction strategies, and provides that  
             nothing in the bill affects the authority of any other  
             state agency to reduce GHG emissions, the authority of  
             air districts, the authority of the Public Utilities  
             Commission, or utilities' obligation to provide electric  

          9. Authorizes ARB to adopt a schedule of fees to pay for  


                                                                 AB 32

             the costs of implementing the program established  
             pursuant to the bill's provisions.

          10.Provides that the provisions of the bill are severable.

          11.Makes detailed findings and declarations relative to the  
             economic and environmental effects of global warming and  
             climate change.

          12.Establishes definitions of terms used under the bill.


          According to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee  
          analysis, there is broad scientific consensus that rising  
          concentrations of GHG emissions in the atmosphere are  
          resulting in climate changes that will continue to  
          accelerate during this century.  A statement in June 2006,  
          from the Attorney General's Office, provides a succinct  
          statement about the perceived threats from global warming.   
          The statement was provided in support of the Public Utility  
          Commission's promulgating a rule to integrate GHG emission  
          standards into procurement policies and included the  
          following findings:

            "?the best available science establishes that  
            GHG-induced climate change is occurring and is fast  
            approaching a critical 'tipping point'  and that  
            California has a substantial stake in taking every  
            possible action at the earliest juncture to mitigate  
            the potentially devastating impacts - economic as well  
            as environmental - of climate change?

            "Impacts from anthropogenic CO2 emissions that have  
            occurred, are occurring, and will occur, include:  
            temperature increases, heat waves, loss of Artic ice  
            and habitat, loss of Antarctic ice, melting of glaciers  
            and related glacial lake outburst flows, loss of  
            snowpack in California and elsewhere, changes in  
            precipitation patterns, increased hurricane intensity,  
            sea level rise and coastal flooding, public health  
            harms such as increased heat-related illness and smog,  
            harm to habitats, and the potential for substantial  
            social upheaval resulting from significant  


                                                                 AB 32

            environmental changes.  ?[a one meter sea level rise  
            threatens $48 billion of commercial, industrial, and  
            residential structures in the San Francisco Bay]?

            "In litigation between the automakers and the State of  
            California, the automakers have challenged the  
            authority of the State to regulate greenhouse gases  
            from mobile sources.  In response to the automakers  
            claims, the State has gathered declarations from some  
            of the world's leading climate scientists concerning  
            impacts of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions on  
            climate broadly and on California in particular.  Many  
            of these declarations, which starkly establishes the  
            threat to the world and to California:

            "At the same time as climate change is likely to cause  
            a significant reduction in California's effective water  
            supply, it is also likely to cause an increase in  
            California's demand for water because of the sharp  
            increase in summertime temperatures. 

            "The effects of global warming are already observed in  
            the decrease in snow water equivalent and in the  
            earlier snowmelt and streamflow timing of the past  
            several decades.

            "Climate change will increase global sea levels?Sea  
            level rise will have two effects (a) ?increase the  
            intrusion of salt water [into the Sacramento delta];  
            and (b) increase water levels in the channels [of the  
            Delta] and so threaten the integrity of the levees in  
            the Delta.

            "The findings strongly suggest that a climate change  
            consistent with any of the four [commonly employed]  
            climate projections?will lead to a significant increase  
            in heat-related deaths.  This increase will number in  
            the thousands for the five California cities [Fresno,  
            Los Angeles, Riverside, Sacramento and San Francisco]  
            over a period of a decade.

            "If additional human-made global warming (above that in  
            2000) is so large, say 2-3 degrees C, that the expected  
            equilibrium (long-term) sea level rise is of the order  


                                                                 AB 32

            of 25 meters, there would be a potential for a  
            continually unfolding planetary disaster of monstrous  


          In June 2005, the Governor issued an executive order that  
          established the following GHG emission reduction targets  
          for the state:

          By 2010, reduce GHG emissions to year 2000 levels.
          By 2020, reduce GHG emissions to year 1990 levels.
          By 2050, reduce GHG emissions to 80 percent below year 1990  

          As noted in a report by the Legislative Analyst, between  
          1990 and 2000, annual California GHG emissions increased by  
          approximately 13 percent, from about 396 million metric  
          tons in 1990 to 449 million metric tons in 2000.  The  
          Governor's Climate Action Team has estimated that achieving  
          the Governor's GHG reduction targets for 2010 and 2020 will  
          result in GHG emissions that are 11 percent and 29 percent,  
          respectively, below that which would otherwise occur  
          according to "business as usual".

          The initial draft of recommendations drafted by the Climate  
          Action Team included four actions essential to meeting the  
          Governor's GHG reduction goals:

          1. Require climate change emissions reporting from all  
             emitters of GHGs, starting with the largest emitters.

          2. Levy fees on gasoline and diesel sales to reduce demand  
             for these fuels and to fund promotion of alternative,  
             cleaner fuels.

          3. Coordinate state investment funds to reward industry  
             development of emission reduction technologies.

          4. Encourage companies to take early action to reduce their  
             climate change emissions in anticipation of subsequent  
             state, federal, or international emissions reduction  


                                                                 AB 32

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  No   Fiscal Com.:  Yes    
          Local:  Yes

           SUPPORT  :   (Verified  8/30/06)

          Natural Resources Defense Council (co-source)
          Environmental Defense (co-source)
           Federal Elected Officials from California
          Hon. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senator
          Hon. Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senator
          Hon. Howard Berman, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Tom Lantos, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Sam Farr, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Zoe Lofgren, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Michael Honda, U.S. Representative
          Hon. George Miller, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Adam Schiff, U.S. Representative 
          Hon. Hilda Solis, U.S. Representative
           Local/County Governments 
          City of Agoura Hills
          City of Berkeley
          City of Beverly Hills
          City of Burbank
          City of Carson
          City of Chino
          City of Chula Vista
          City of Cloverdale
          City of Cotati
          City of Fairfax
          City of Foster City
          City of Grand Terrace
          City of Hayward
          City of Healdsburg
          City of Huntington Park
          City of Los Angeles
          City of Long Beach
          City of Monterey Park
          City of Moorpark
          City of Morgan Hill
          City of Oakland


                                                                 AB 32

          City of Petaluma
          City of Pleasanton
          City of Rialto
          City of Richmond
          City of Rohnert Park
          City of Sacramento
          City of San Bernardino
          City of San Francisco
          City of San Luis Obispo
          City of San Mateo
          City of Santa Barbara
          City of Santa Cruz
          City of Santa Monica
          City of Santa Rosa
          City of Sausalito
          City of Sebastopol
          City of Sonoma
          City of South San Francisco
          City of Stockton
          City of Sunnyvale
          City of West Hollywood
          County of Contra Costa 
          County of Marin 
          County of San Mateo
          County of Sonoma
          Town of Windsor
          Hon. Ronald Albert, Mayor, City of Sausalito

           Air, Water, and Utility Districts
          California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (if  
          East Bay Municipal Utility District
          Marin Municipal Water District 
          Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
          Sacramento Municipal Utility District
          Santa Clara Valley Water District

           Health & Medical Organizations & Professional Organizations
          American Academy of Pediatrics, California Division
          American Lung Association of California
          California Nurses Association
          California Thoracic Society


                                                                 AB 32

          Catholic Healthcare West
          Community Action to Fight Asthma       
          Medical Advocates for Healthy Air
          Regional Asthma Management & Prevention Initiative (RAMP)

           Faith-Based Organizations
          California Church IMPACT
          California Catholic Conference of Bishops
          Fresno Metro Ministry
          Interfaith Power and Light
          Lutheran Office of Public Policy
          Westminster Presbyterian Church
           Organized Labor
          American Federation of State, County and Municipal  
          Employees, AFL-CIO
          California Nurses Association
          California Federation of Teachers
          CDF Firefighters       

           Public Interest Groups  
          League of Women Voters of California
          Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America)
           Business Organizations
          Bay Area Council (if amended)
          Bay Area Development Corp. Industry Association
          California Ski Industry Association
          California Solar Energy Industries Association
          California Wind Energy Association
          Environmental Entrepreneurs/E2
          The New Voice of Business
          San Francisco Chamber of Commerce (if amended)
          Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
          Small Business California
          Small Business Majority


                                                                AB 32

           Agoura Technologies
          Bentley Prince Street
          CalWind Resources, Inc
          Christopherson Homes
          Cenveo Anderson Lithograph
          Clif Bar & Co.
          Codding Investments, Inc
          Energy Solutions
          Environmental Solar Design
          Eurus Energy America Corporation
          Interface, Inc.
          Ion America
          Mendocino Wine Company
          Mindjet Corporation
          Mountain High Ski Resort
          Northstar-at-Tahoe Ski Resort
          Oak Creek Energy Systems
          Paul Terry & Associates
          PowerLight Corp.
          Progressive Asset Management
          San Gorgonio Farms, Inc.
          Solar Integrated Technologies
          Sonoma Wineco
          Straus Family Creamery
          Sun Light & Power
          Vita Gabrielli, Inc
          Waste Management, Inc. 
          Whitewater Energy Corp
          Whitewater Maintenance Corp
          Witt Rylander Advertising
          Working Assets

           Agriculture, Food Processing and Food Services
          California Restauarants: 
            Antica Trattoria, Ruggero Gadaldi
            Ajanta, Laxman Moorjani
            B 44, Daniel Olivella
            Boulevard, Nancy Oakes
            Enrico's, Hal Russek
            Hayes Street Grill, Patrician Unterman
            The Last Supper Club, Ruggero


                                                                 AB 32

            O Chame, David Vardi
            Oliveto, Bob & Maggie Klein
            Pesce, SF, Ruggero Gadaldi
            Rivoli, Wendy Brucker & Roscoe Skipper
            Tosca, Jeannette Etheridge
            Walzwerk, Christiane Schmidt & Isabell Mysyk
          George H. Hume, President & CEO, Basic American, Inc.
          San Gorgonio Farms
          Thomas B. Klein, Owner & Proprietor, Rodney Strong  

          Aimee Christensen, Team Member,
          Al Rich, CEO, Solarroofs
          Alvin Duskin, CEO, Clean Coal Energy
          Andrew Beebe, President, Energy Innovations
          Bill Roth, President, Cleantech America
          Carol Weisskopf, Pilz & Co., Inc.
          Chris Copeland, Wintec Energy, Ltd.
          Curt Maloy, WindPro Insurance
          Dave Pearce, CEO, Miasole
          Dennis Scullion, EnXco
          Doug Levitt, CalWind Resources
          Doug Ogden, Executive Vice President, The Energy Foundation
          Dr. Robert Knight, Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc.
          Edward Shonsey, CEO, Diversa Corp.
          Eurus Energy American, Corp.
          Felix Kramer, Founder, California Cars Initiative
          Geraldine Schumacher, Windkraft Nord, USA, Inc.
          Gordon Mitchard, CEO, Pionetics
          Jack Newman, Cofounder and VP Research, Amyris
          Jay Bhalla, Intergy
          Jeff Welton, Wintec Energy
          Jody London, Jody London Consulting
          Joel Makower, Founder, & Co-Founder, Clean  
             Edge, Inc. 
          John Cheney, CEO & Chairman, Renewable Ventures
          John Guice, VP of Business Development, Green Mountain  
          John Heinzmann, Fuel Cell Energy
          Ken Moore, RLW Analytics
          Krista Kisch, UPC Wind Management, LLC
          Larry Gross, CEO, Altra


                                                                 AB 32

          Louis Romo, VP of Business Development, Vycon
          Mahlon Aldridge, Ecology Action
          Mark Tholke
          Martin Roscheisen, Founder & CEO, Nanosolar, Inc.
          Matt Brost, RLW Analytics
          Michael Santullo, President of Executive Council,  
             California Clean Tech Open 
          Mickey Oros, Altergy Systems 
          Mike Little, Agoura Technologies
          Niels Rydder, Green Ridge Power, LLC
          Rana Mookherjee, CFO, Cleantech America
          Ray Larocca, Ion America
          Rob Erlichman, President, Sunlight Electric, LLC 
          Robert Mowris, Robert Mowris & Associates
          Ron Pernick, Co-Founder & Principal, Clean Edge 
          Sam Cohen, Energy Solutions
          Steve Chadima, CMO, Energy Innovations, Inc.
          Steven Shallenber, American Synergy Corp.
          Tom Conlon, GeoPraxis
          Tom Eckhart, UCONs, LLC 
           Entertainment Industry
          Bill Clark, Red Board Productions 
          Dana Walden, President, Twentieth Century Fox Television
          David Milch, Red Board Productions 
          David O'Connor, Managing Partner, Creative Artists Agency
          Elizabeth Wiatt, NRDC Trustee, & Jim Wiatt, CEO, William  
          Morris Agency
          Gary Fleder, Mojo Films 
          Jonathan Shaw, President, Depth Q Media
          Paul Junger Witt, Partner, Witt Thomas Productions
          Paul Miloknay, Rohner, Walerstein & Miloknay
          Reginald Hudlin, President, Black Entertainment Television
                                                                                Richard Rudolph, Chief Creative Executive, Music Sales  
            West/Rudolph Productions
          Rob Newell, Main Street Media Inc.
          Steven Bochco Productions
          Ted Harbert, President & CEO, E! Networks
          The Jim Henson Company

           Financial & Investment Communities
          Alex Osadzinski, Venture Partner, Trinity Ventures 


                                                                 AB 32

          Andy Funk, CEO, Chairman & Managing Director, Funk Ventures
          Bill Unger, Partner Emeritus, Mayfield 
          Bob Welch, President, Coast Ventures
          Brook Byers, Former Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield &  
          Bud Colligan, Accel Partners
          Chris Eyre, Managing Director, Legacy Venture
          Dave Edwards, Managing Director, ThinkEquity Partners 
          David Liddle, General Partner, USVP
          David Roux, Managing Director, Silver Lake Partners
          David Taylor, Venture Capitalist
          Diane Christensen, President, Manzanita Management Corp.
          Don Garman, First Vice President, Merrill Lynch Private  
          Advisory Group
          Doug Shorenstein, Chairman & CEO, Shorenstein Properties,  
          Ellen Pao, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers 
          Eric Bowen, VP Energy and Director Biofuels, Sigma Capital  
          Eric Hippeau, Managing Partner, Softbank Capital
          Eric Ramberg, Atrium Capital 
          F. Warren Hellman, Chairman, Hellman & Friedman, LLC
          George A. Miller, Retired Chairman, Capital Research Co.
          George Hardie, Babcock & Brown, LP
          George Montgomery, Sr. Advisor, Seven Hills Group
          George Phipps, Partner, Oak Hill Investment Management
          Gib Myers, Partner Emeritus, Mayfield Fund & Founder/Board  
          of the Entrepreneurs Foundation 
          Herbert M. Sandler, Chairman & CEO, Goldern West Financial  
          Ion Yadigaroglu, Partner, Capricorn Management, LLC
          James Higgins, General Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
          Janet McKinley, Retired Chairman, Income Fund of America
          Jeff Lawrence, Founder, President & CEO, Clivia Systems  
          Jill Tate Higgins, General Partner, Lakeside Enterprises
          John Doerr, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Kaufield & Byers
          John Swift, President, Swift Development, Inc.
          Kate Mitchell, Managing Partner, BankAmerica Ventures
          Larry Orr, Managing Partner, Trinity Ventures 
          Lynn Feintech, Managing Director, Citigroup Global  
          Madelyn Mallory, President & CEO, Catalyst Financial  
          Planning & Investment Management Corp. 


                                                                 AB 32

          Marianne Gaddy, VentureSpark
          Mike Dierks, Director, Strategic Investments, Intel Capital  

          Reid Dennis, Managing Director, Institutional Venture  
          Russell Hall, Managing Director, Legacy Venture  
          Ruthann Quindlen, Institutional Venture Partners
          Ted Driscoll, Venture Partner, Claremont Creeks Venture 
          Tim McAdam, General Partner, Trinity Ventures
          Tim Newell, Managing Director, Element Venture Partners
          Tod Francis, Founding Partner, Shasta Ventures 
          Tom Cole, General Partner, Trinity Ventures
          Vic Parker, General Partner, Spectrum Equity
          Wes Mitchell, President, Foto Forum, SFMOMA
          Zeb Rice, Partner, Angeleno Group 

           Professional Services
          Andrew Deitz, Director, Symphony Technology Group 
          David Hessel, Operations Manager, CB Richard Ellis, Inc.,  
            Natl. Procurement
          Jane Downs, President. Along Came Mary! Productions, Inc. 
          Mark Parnes, Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 
          Mary Micucci, Founder & Owner, Along Came Mary!  
            Productions. Inc.
          Matthew Fisher, Nixon Peabody, LLP 
          Michael Rylander, Witt Rylander Advertising
          Peter Davis, Appellate Department, Reed Smith Crosby Heafy 
          Renee Miller, President/Creative Director, The Miller Group  
          Renee White Fraser, PhD., President & CEO, Fraser  
           Technology & Biotechnology
          Anne Feldhusen, Marketing Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard 
          Bob Epstein, Co-Founder, Sybase, GetActive Software,  
            Environmental Entrepreneurs
          Bob Fisher, Director, Gap, Inc. & Sun Microsystems  
          Brian Dougherty, CEO, Airena, Inc. 
          Bryan Martel, Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Technologies,  
          David Rosenstein, President, Intex Solutions  
          Eric Schmidt, Chairman & CEO, Google


                                                                 AB 32

          George Dies, Director, Strategic Planning, HP Labs,  
            Hewlett-Packard Company 
          Jiali Osadzinski, Controller, Applied Biosystems 
          Joe Costello, Former Chair & CEO, Cadence Design Systems 
          John Mayerhofer, Chairman, CEO, VoiceIndigo, Inc. 
          Kathy Nyrop, Vice President & CFO, GetActive Software
          Lisa Gansky, Co-Founder, Ofoto (Kodak) & GNN (AOL)
          Michael Delapa, President, Delapa Consulting; Co-Founder  
            Arena Solutions 
          Nathan Diemer, Executive VP & COO, DreamHammer, Inc. 
          Rick DeGolia, Chairman, Apptera
          Shelby Bonnie, Chairman & CEO, CNET Networks, Inc.
          Stephen Torres, Magnetek
          Steve Farrell, Chairman Emeritus, Netigy Corporation, ENS  
          Steve Fioretti, Senior Director Product Marketing, Siebel  
          Tim Newell, Vice President & CFO, GetActive Software
           Other E2 Business Leaders
          Amy Santullo, Chairman, Downtown College Prep Scholarship  
          Carol Mon?, President, Our Earth Music, Inc. 
          Drew Maran, President, Drew Maran Construction/Design 
          Jeffrey Neu, Sr. Vice President - General Manager, SIMS  
          Hugo Neu 
          Nicole Lederer, Co-Founder, E2 
          Peter Fortenbaugh, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club  
          of the Peninsula 
          Susie Roos, Cook & Roos 
          Tushar Gheewala, CEO & Chairman, Inventions Outsource 
           Editorial Support
          Los Angles Times
          Pasadena Weekly
          San Francisco Chronicle
          The Mercury News (San Jose)
          The New York Times
          The Sacramento Bee

           Conservation, Natural Resources, & Environmental  


                                                                AB 32

          Amigos de Bolsa Chica
          Audubon California
          Bluewater Network
          California Coastal Commission
          Calif. League of Conservation Voters
          California Native Plant Society
          California Oak Foundation
          California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
          Californians Against Waste
          Californians for Alternatives to Toxics
          Central Valley Air Quality Coalition Steering Committee  
            Members (if amended)
          Clean Power Campaign
          Climate Protection Campaign (600 Signatures)
          Coalition for Clean Air
          Community Fuels
          Defenders of Wildlife
          Endangered Habitats League
          Environment California
          Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
          Environmental Defense
          Global Green USA
          Institute for Deep Ecology
          Kirsch Foundation
          League of Conservation Voters
          Literacy for Environmental Justice
          Marin Conservation League
          National Audubon Society
          National Environmental Trust
          National Wildlife Federation
          Natural Resources Defense Council
          Orange County League of Conservation Voters
          Pacific Forest Trust
          Planning and Conservation League
          Sierra Club CA
          Sierra Club - Loma Prieta Chapter
          Sierra Nevada Alliance
          Steven and Michele Kirsch Foundation


                                                                 AB 32

          Turtle Island Restoration Network
          Union of Concerned Scientists
          U.S. Public Interest Research Group

           OPPOSITION  :    (Verified  8/30/06)

          1 Icon (Foothill Ranch)
          Alert-O-Life, Inc (Fresno)
          Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
          American Canyon Chamber of Commerce
          American Optisurgical Inc, (Lake Forest)
          American Vanpac Carriers, Inc (Lake Forest)
          Asphalt Pavement Association
          Associated General Contractors of California, Inc
          Association of International Automobile Manufacturers
          Athena Enterprises, Inc (Chico)
          Automobile Refrigeration Products Institute
          Boeing Company
          C & R Plumbing Co. Inc, Westminster
          California Automobile Wholesalers Association 
          California Bean Shippers Association  
          California Beer and Beverage Distributors 
          California Building Industry Association
          California Business Properties Association
          California Business Roundtable
          California Cement Manufacturers Environment Coalition
          California Chamber of Commerce
          California Circuits Association 
          California Council Environmental Economic Balance
          California Forestry Association
          California Grocers Association
          California Independent Grocers and Convenience Stores
          California Hotel and Lodging Association
          California Independent Oil Marketers Association
          California Independent Petroleum Association
          California Grain and Feed Association
          California League of Food Processors
          California Manufacturers and Technology Association
          California Mining Association 
          California/Nevada Automotive Wholesalers Association
          California Nevada Cement Promotion Council
          California Portland Cement Company
          California Precast Concrete Association
          California Poultry Federation


                                                                 AB 32

          California Refrigeration Products Institute
          California Restaurant Association
          California Retailers Association
          California State Floral Association 
          California Warehouse Association
          CalCars, The California Cars Initiative 
          Calistoga Chamber of Commerce 
          Carris Reels of California, Inc (Madera)
          Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce
          Center for Energy and Economic Development
          Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce 
          Chemical Industry Council of California 
          Clovis Chamber of Commerce 
          Construction Materials Association  of California
          Consumers First, Inc. 
          Cornerstone of Southern California 
          County of Santa Barbara Industrial Association 
          Dublin Chamber of Commerce 
          El Monte Chamber of Commerce 
          EMC Planning Group, Inc (Monterey) 
          Engine Manufacturers Association
          Engineering and Utility Contractors Association
          Faust Printing (Rancho Cucamonga) 
          Foasberg Laundry and Cleaners (Long Beach)
          Forest Lawn Memorial Parks (Glendale) 
          General Carbon Company (Los Angeles)
          Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce
          Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce 
          Hayward Chamber of Commerce 
          Home Instead Senior Care (Rancho Cucamonga)
          Imperial County Farm Bureau
          Independent Oil Producers Agency
          Industrial Environment Association 
          Irvine Chamber
          Kern County Farm Bureau
          Irwindale Chamber of Commerce 
          LA Envelope Inc. (Montebello) 
          Milpitas Chamber of Commerce
          Orange Chamber of Commerce 
          Orange County Business Council
          Oxnard Chamber of Commerce 
          Pacific Egg and Poultry Association
          Palestro Distribution Centers
          Petz Enterprises Inc. (Tracy)


                                                                 AB 32

          Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce
          Plumbing Manufacturers Institute 
          Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce
          Rubber Manufacturers Association
          San Joaquin County Farm Bureau
          Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau
          Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association 
          SDH Enterprises, Inc. (Fairfield) 
          SEE California (a Chamber sub-group)
          Searless Valley Minerals
          Smiley Motor Sports (Fairfield) 
          Stanislaus County Farm Bureau
          Stokes Ladders, Inc (Kelseyville)
          TelePacific Communications (Los Angeles)
          Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce 
          Ventura Chamber of Commerce 
          Western Growers Association
          Western Plant Health Association
          Western States Petroleum Association
          Western United Dairymen
          WH Breshars, Inc (Modesto)
          Wine Institute 

          (Oppose Unless Amended)
          Agricultural Council of California 
          Alliance of Western Milk Producers
          BP (Oppose unless Amended)
          California Association of Winegrape Growers
          California Citrus Mutual
          California Farm Bureau Federation
          California Cotton Ginners Association
          California Cotton Growers Association
          California Grape and Tree Fruit League
          Nisei Farmers League
          PG & E Company

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  : 
          AYES:  Arambula, Baca, Bass, Berg, Bermudez, Blakeslee,  
            Calderon, Canciamilla, Chan, Chavez, Chu, Cohn, Coto, De  
            La Torre, Dymally, Evans, Frommer, Goldberg, Hancock,  
            Harman, Shirley Horton, Jones, Karnette, Klehs, Koretz,  


                                                                 AB 32

            Laird, Leno, Levine, Lieber, Liu, Matthews, Montanez,  
            Mullin, Nation, Nava, Negrete McLeod, Oropeza, Parra,  
            Pavley, Richman, Ridley-Thomas, Ruskin, Saldana, Salinas,  
            Torrico, Umberg, Vargas, Wolk, Yee, Nunez
          NOES:  Aghazarian, Benoit, Bogh, Cogdill, Daucher, DeVore,  
            Garcia, Haynes, Houston, Huff, Keene, La Malfa, La Suer,  
            Leslie, Maze, McCarthy, Mountjoy, Nakanishi, Niello,  
            Plescia, Sharon Runner, Spitzer, Strickland, Tran,  
            Villines, Walters, Wyland
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Emmerson, Gordon, Jerome Horton

          CTW:mel  8/30/06   Senate Floor Analyses 

                         SUPPORT/OPPOSITION:  SEE ABOVE

                                ****  END  ****