BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                   Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary
                            Senator Carole Migden, Chair

                                           3 (Lowenthal)
          Hearing Date:  8/15/05          Amended: 7/5/05

          Consultant:  Maureen Ortiz      Policy Vote: E. R. & C.A.  4-1
          BILL SUMMARY:   SCA 3, if approved by the voters, creates the  
          Citizen's Commission on Boundaries and Accountability to  
          establish and adopt the boundaries of the Senate, Assembly,  
          Congressional and Board of Equalization districts following each  
          federal decennial census beginning 2010.
                            Fiscal Impact (in thousands)

           Major Provisions               2005-06     2006-07    2007-08    Fund
          Ballot printing/mailing                               $220       

          Commission                                        ---unknown,  
          significant costs to be paid
          from Senate and Assembly operating funds----

          STAFF COMMENTS:   This bill meets the criteria to be placed on  
          the Suspense file.
          In addition to establishing the new boundaries, the Commission  
          will be required to review and make recommendations regarding  
          legislative procedures, fiscal transparency, and enhancing  
          public access to legislative records.  SCA 3 provides that all  
          expenses of the Commission will be paid out of the operating  
          funds of the Senate and Assembly.  Expenses allowed include the  
          costs of member travel, per diem, staff, counsel, office space,  
          and any activities necessary to perform the work of the  

          SCA 3 also requires each member of the Legislature to hold two  
          "town hall" meetings in his or her district each calendar year,  


          and requires each house of the Legislature to pass the budget  
          bill prior to commencing a summer recess.

          The Commission would consist of seven members, one each  
          appointed by the following:  The Governor, the President Pro  
          Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Senate  
          Minority Leader, the Assembly Minority Leader, the California  
          Judicial Council, and the President of the University of  
          California.   SCA 3 provides that the appointments will not  
          result in the commission having more than three members  
          affiliated with the same political party.  Each member will be  
          appointed between January 9, 2010, and July 1, 2010 and will  
          serve for three years.  A member may be removed by the Governor,  
          upon 2/3 rd concurrence of the Senate for substantial neglect of  
          duty, gross misconduct in office, or the inability to discharge  
          the duties of office.

          SCA 3 (Lowenthal)
          Page 2

          Proposition 77, an initiative that was scheduled to appear on  
          the November 8, 2005 statewide special election ballot  would  
          have required a three-member panel of retired judges to adopt a  
          new redistricting plan for California's Senate, Assembly,  
          Congressional and Board of Equalization districts.  However, a  
          state appellate court has ruled that the initiative was flawed  
          and, consequently, Prop. 77 will not appear on the ballot this