BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                   Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary
                           Senator Kevin Murray, Chairman

                                           3 (Lowenthal)
          Hearing Date:  4/24/06          Amended: 3/22/06
          Consultant:  Maureen Ortiz      Policy Vote: E & R  3-1
          BILL SUMMARY:   SCA 3, if approved by the voters, provides for  
          the appointment of an eleven member independent redistricting  
          commission to establish congressional, Assembly, Senate and  
          State Board of Equalization districts.
                            Fiscal Impact (in thousands)

           Major Provisions        2006-07      2007-08       2008-09     Fund
          Redistricting commission   --unknown, potentially several  
          million in 2009 ---  General

          Ballot                                        -----   
          approximately $330 one time-----          General

          STAFF COMMENTS:  This bill meets the criteria to be placed on  
          the Suspense file.  
          SCA 3 requires the Department of Finance, in each year ending in  
          the number nine, to recommend an appropriation adequate to meet  
          the expenses of the commission, and to make office space  
          available for the operation of the commission.  It requires the  
          Legislature to make an appropriation to fund the expenses of the  
          commission, by bill passed by a majority vote.   Although costs  
          for the commission are unknown at this time, this program is  
          being modeled after an Arizona initiative and costs for that  
          commission in 2001 were estimated at $6 million.   In addition,  
          costs for the Secretary of State are estimated at $55,000 per  
          page for ballot printing, processing and mailing.  Recent  
          initiatives have been four to six pages long totaling election  
          costs of between $220,000 and $330,000.

          Specifically, this bill does the following:

             1)   Requires that each of the 40 Senate districts be divided  


               into two Assembly districts.
             2)   Deletes the provision of the California Constitution  
               that requires the Legislature to adjust the boundary lines  
               of the state Senate, Assembly, Congressional and Board of  
               Equalization districts in the year following the year in  
               which the federal census is taken.
             3)   Creates a procedure for the appointment of an eleven  
               member redistricting commission to establish the above  
               mentioned districts.
             4)   Grants the California Supreme Court exclusive  
               jurisdiction over all challenges to a redistricting plan  
               adopted by the commission.  If a plan is held  
               unconstitutional, the court would provide relief as it  
               deems appropriate.
             5)   Requires a panel of 10 retired judges of the Court of  
               Appeal to nominate a pool of 25 candidates for appointment  
               to the commission.

          SCA 3 (Lowenthal)
          Page 2

             6)   Requires the Department of Finance to submit to the  
               Legislature a recommendation for estimated redistricting  
               expenses to be appropriated by the Legislature by majority  
             7)   Allows the commission to contract and hire staff and  
               consultants, exempt from civil service, including legal  
               representation, and provides for reimbursement of expenses  
               to commissioners.

          SCA 3 provides for the make-up of the commission as follows:

             1)   The commission shall consist of 11 members, with no more  
               than four from the same political party,
             2)   Each member must commit to applying this article in an  
               honest, independent, and impartial fashion,
             3)   No more than 2 of the 8 appointed members may reside in  
               the same county,
             4)   Each commissioner must be a registered California voter  
               who has been registered with the same political party (or  
               registered as unaffiliated with a party) for three or more  
               years immediately preceding the appointment, and 


             5)   Within the three years immediately preceding  
               appointment, no member may have been appointed to, elected  
               to, or have been a candidate for any other public office,  
               or served as an officer of a political party, a registered  
               paid lobbyist or as an officer of a candidate's campaign  

          In addition, SCA 3 prohibits legislative and congressional  
          staff, consultants under contract with the Legislature, and any  
          person with a financial or family relationship with the  
          Governor, a Member of the Legislature, a Member of Congress, or  
          a member of the State Board of Equalization from serving on the  

          The Judicial Council will appoint a panel of 10 retired judges  
          of the Court of Appeal to nominate a pool of 25 candidates for  
          the commission.  The pool will consist of 10 nominees from each  
          of the two largest political parties in California and 5 who are  
          not registered with either of those parties.  Of the eleven  
          member commission, two appointments will be made by each of the  
          following:  Speaker of the Assembly, minority floor leader of  
          the Assembly, President pro Tempore of the Senate, and the  
          minority floor leader of the Senate.  At a meeting called by the  
          Secretary of State, the eight appointed members will select  
          three additional members from the pool.

          The deadline for the Legislature to pass measures that are to be  
          included on the November 2006 Statewide General Election is June  
          29, 2006.