INTRODUCED BY   Assembly Member Levine

                        FEBRUARY 22, 2007

   An act to amend Section 25402.5 of the Public Resources Code,
relating to energy.


   AB 722, as introduced, Levine. Energy: general service
incandescent lamp.
   The Warren-Alquist State Resources Conservation and Development
Act requires the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development
Commission to prescribe the minimum level of operating efficiency for
lighting devices.
   This bill would prohibit on and after January 1, 2012, the sale of
general service incandescent lamps in the state.
   Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes.
State-mandated local program: no.


  SECTION 1.  Section 25402.5 of the Public Resources Code is amended
to read:
   25402.5.  (a) As used in this section, "lighting device" includes,
but is not limited to, a lamp, luminaire, light fixture, lighting
control, ballast, or any component of those devices.
   (b) (1) The commission shall consider both new and replacement,
and both interior and exterior, lighting devices as lighting which is
subject to subdivision (a) of Section 25402.
   (2) The commission shall include both indoor and outdoor lighting
devices as appliances to be considered in prescribing standards
pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (c) of Section 25402.
   (3) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that paragraphs (1)
and (2) are declarative of existing law.
   (c) The commission shall adopt efficiency standards for outdoor
lighting. The standards shall be technologically feasible and
cost-effective. As used in this subdivision, "outdoor lighting"
refers to all electrical lighting that is not subject to standards
adopted pursuant to Section 25402, and includes, but is not limited
to, street lights, traffic lights, parking lot lighting, and
billboard lighting. The commission shall consult with the Department
of Transportation  (CALTRANS)   (Caltrans) 
to ensure that outdoor lighting standards that affect 
CALTRANS   Caltrans  are compatible with that
department's policies and standards for safety and illumination
levels on state highways. 
   (d) (1) On and after January 1, 2012, a general service
incandescent lamp shall not be sold in the state.  
   (2) For the purposes of this subdivision, "general service
incandescent lamp" means a standard incandescent or halogen type lamp
that is intended for general service applications and has all of the
   (A) A medium screw base.  
   (B) A wattage rating no less than 25 watts and no greater than 150
   (C) A A-15, A-19, A-21, A-23, A-25, PS-25, PS-30, BT-14.5, BT-15,
CP-19, TB-19, CA-22, or equivalent shape as defined in the American
National Standard Institute C78.20-2003.  
   (D) A bulb finish of frosted, clear, or soft white type. 

   (3) A general service incandescent lamp does not include an
appliance lamp, black light lamp, bug lamp, colored lamp, enhanced
spectrum lamp, infrared lamp, left-hand tread lamp, marine lamp,
marine signal service lamp, mine service lamp, plant light, reflector
lamp, rough service lamp, shatter resistant lamp, sign service lamp,
silver bowl lamp, showcase lamp, three-way lamp, traffic signal
lamp, or vibration service or vibration resistant lamp.