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                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  1

          Date of Hearing:   April 10, 2007

                                   Mike Eng, Chair
                    AB 1634 (Levine) - As Amended:  April 9, 2007
          SUBJECT  :   California Healthy Pets Act.

           SUMMARY  :   Requires all cats and dogs in the state over four  
          months old to be spayed or neutered unless the owner has been  
          issued an intact permit, as defined, allowing the animal to  
          remain unaltered.  Specifically,  this bill  :  

          1)Prohibits a person from owning or possessing a cat or dog over  
            the age of four months that has not been spayed or neutered,  
            unless the person possesses an intact permit, as defined.

          2)Defines an intact permit as a document that is issued annually  
            by local jurisdictions, as described, that authorizes a person  
            to own or possess within that locality an unaltered cat or dog  
            that meets the requirements set forth in this bill.

          3)Defines spay or neuter as any procedure preformed by a  
            licensed veterinarian that permanently sterilizes an animal  
            and makes it incapable of reproduction.

          4)Allows an intact permit to be issued if any of the following  
            conditions are met: 

             a)   The owner demonstrates through specified means that he  
               or she is doing business and is licensed as a breeder by  
               the local jurisdiction;

             b)   The owner sufficiently demonstrates that his or her  
               animal is: a valid breed recognized by an approved  
               registry; used to show or compete and has done so in at  
               least one show or competition within the last two years;  
               and, has earned, or if under two years old, is in the  
               process of earning, a title from an approved purebred  
               registry or association; 

             c)   The dog is appropriately trained and meets the  
               definition of guide dog, service dog or signal dog;

             d)   The dog is trained for use by law enforcement agencies  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  2

               and is currently used by those agencies for law enforcement  
               and rescue; or, 

             e)   The owner provides a letter from a California licensed  
               veterinarian stating that due to age, poor health, or  
               illness, it is unsafe to spay or neuter the animal.

          5)Requires persons possessing an unaltered animal without an  
            intact permit to spay or neuter their animal within 30 days  
            from the cited date of the violation.

          6)Allows a person up to 75 days to spay or neuter their animal  
            if a letter is provided from a California licensed  
            veterinarian indicating that due to age, poor health, or  
            illness, it is unsafe to spay or neuter the animal within the  
            30-day requirement cited above. 

          7)Provides that if a person is found in violation of the  
            provisions of this bill, he or she shall be subject to a civil  
            penalty of $500 for each animal in violation for each  
            applicable period of noncompliance.

          8)Allows the civil penalties imposed for violating the  
            provisions of this bill to be waived if verification is  
            provided that the animal has been spayed or neutered.

          9)Requires that if a previously permitted intact animal no  
            longer meets the criteria for an intact permit, the animal  
            must be spayed or neutered.

          10)Provides that any person in possession of an intact permit on  
            or after the date this bill goes into effect shall be deemed  
            in compliance with the provisions of this bill until the  
            permit expires, or until January 1, 2009, at which time he or  
            she must comply with the provisions of this bill.

          11)Provides that the fee for an intact permit shall be  
            determined by the local jurisdiction and must be no more than  
            what is reasonably necessary to fund the administration of  
            that jurisdiction's intact permit program.

          12)Provides that all civil penalties collected pursuant to the  
            provisions of this bill shall be used for the enforcement  
            activities set forth therein and that all permit fees  
            collected shall be used for funding the administration of the  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  3

            permit program in the local jurisdiction in which the permits  
            are issued. 

          13)Allows a local jurisdiction to adopt a permit differential  
            fee for any dog or cat that is not spayed or neutered, and for  
            which an intact permit has been issued prior to the enactment  
            of this bill.

          14)States that this bill shall not prohibit a local jurisdiction  
            from adopting and enforcing a more restrictive spay and neuter  
            program provided that the program allows for the temporary or  
            permanent exemption from the spay and neuter requirements for  
            law enforcement dogs.

          15)Provides that the provisions of this bill shall go into  
            effect April 1, 2008.

           EXISTING LAW  :

          1)Establishes that it is the policy of the state that no  
            adoptable animal should be euthanized if it can be adopted  
            into a suitable home and that no treatable animal, as defined,  
            should be euthanized.

          2)Allows cities and counties to enact dog breed-specific  
            ordinances pertaining only to mandatory spay and neuter  
            programs and breeding requirements, provided that no specific  
            dog breed, or mixed dog breed, shall be declared potentially  
            dangerous or vicious under those ordinances.

          3)Requires counties that have a population exceeding 100,000  
            persons, and cities within those counties, to prohibit the  
            sale or give away of any dog from specified animal control  
            agencies and shelters that has not been spayed or neutered. 

           FISCAL EFFECT  :   Unknown

           COMMENTS  :   

           Purpose of this bill  .  According to the author's office each  
          year almost one million unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs are  
          born in California.  Local governments spend more than $250  
          million each year to intake, care for, and ultimately kill over  
          half of those animals.  The author states that "legislation  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  4

          requiring spay and neutering of cats and dogs is a reasonable,  
          proven-effective and necessary means to greatly reduce the  
          number of unwanted animals and the practice of euthanizing  
          healthy adoptable animals."

          According to the author's office, "reducing the number of births  
          of unwanted animals in the state of California will necessarily  
          reduce the state's costs associated with caring for and  
          euthanizing those same animals.  According to the Animal  
          Population Control Study Commission every dollar spent on spay  
          and neuter surgeries saves taxpayers $18.72 in future animal  
          control costs over a ten-year period.  Spaying and neutering  
          also results in significant public health and safety benefits,  
          particularly: in the reduction of dangers caused by roaming  
          stray animals, the transmission of rabies and other communicable  
          animal diseases and the occurrences of dog bites."  

           Local mandatory spay and neuter programs currently in place  .  In  
          1995 the County of Santa Cruz implemented a mandatory spay and  
          neuter ordinance in an effort to reduce the high number of  
          animals its shelters took in every year.  Santa Cruz's ordinance  
          requires cats and dogs over six months old to be spayed or  
          neutered unless an unaltered animal certificate is issued. The  
          unaltered animal certificate is available to anyone that meets  
          specified criteria such as not having any animal related  
          convictions within a certain amount of time and providing a  
          proper environment for the animal.  The ordinance also requires  
          the owner of an intact animal to furnish the director of animal  
          control services with a statement agreeing to have only one  
          litter per year unless expressly permitted by a veterinarian to  
          have up to two litters a year (cats only).  The Santa Cruz  
          ordinance allows for exemptions to the requirement to have an  
          animal spayed or neutered or to obtain an unaltered animal  
          permit.  Exempted animals under the Santa Cruz ordinance are  
          service dogs, law enforcement dogs, herding dogs, rescue dogs or  
          animals that can not be spayed or neutered due to health  
          reasons.  In a letter of support, the Santa Cruz SPCA states  
          that "By 2005, the number of pets entering [local shelters] was  
          reduced from approximately 14,000 to 5,000. And during this time  
          the human population in Santa Cruz County grew by about 15%."

          However, many of the opponents of this bill believe that current  
          local mandatory spay and neutering programs have proven  
          themselves ineffective. The Camino Real Siberian Husky Club  
          wrote in a letter of opposition, "mandatory spay/neuter laws  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  5

          have been tried in multiple jurisdictions and have increased  
          animal control costs, while decreasing licensing compliance?In  
          King County, Washington, after passage of a mandatory  
          spay/neuter ordinance in 1992, not only did the Animal Control  
          budget increase?but euthanasia rates fell at a slower rate after  
          the passage of the ordinance."

           Healthy age to spay or neuter  .  This bill stipulates that all  
          cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered by four months old  
          unless certain conditions apply. There is a debate on whether  
          this is an appropriate age to have an animal altered.  According  
          to the opposition, research has shown that early sterilization  
          may lead to several negative outcomes.  According to the High  
          Desert Labrador Retriever Club of California, "There is evidence  
          that the removal of reproductive hormones before puberty causes  
          abnormal growth, resulting in bone deficiencies and joint  
          disease.  The incidence of thyroid disease is also higher in  
          dogs that have been neutered before puberty." However, according  
          to the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR), in  
          support of this bill, "Surgical sterilization provides relief  
          from hormone-driven behaviors, such as wandering, aggression  
          toward other animals, dominance, and marking territory.  There  
          are numerous health benefits to surgical sterilization,  
          including prevention of testicular cancer in males and breast  
          cancer in females."  AVAR continues, "Requiring sterilization at  
          4 months of age for cats and dogs is appropriate, even though  
          kittens and puppies can be sterilized as young as 6 weeks,  
          depending on their size and health.  By sterilizing cats and  
          dogs before they can reproduce, fewer unwanted animals will be  
          born.  Further, early-age sterilization is easier on the animal  
          and the surgeon."

          In opposition to this bill, the Redwood Sheepdog Association  
          states that this bill "? requires animals to be spayed or  
          neutered by the age of four months.  This age is far too early  
          to determine whether a puppy has the aptitude, temperament,  
          physical attributes, and instinct to be a working sheepdog or  
          livestock guardian dog."

           Support  .  According to the Southeast Area Animal Control  
          Authority, this bill "provides a reasonable solution to  
          California's pet overpopulation problem by targeting the biggest  
          contributors to pet overpopulation:  irresponsible breeders. It  
          will not, as many opponents have declared, put an end to  
          purebred dogs and cats.  Rather, it will ensure that only those  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  6

          people who have a legitimate reason for having an intact dog or  
          cat - purebred or not - will be exempt from the spay/neuter  

          The Executive Director from the Silicon Valley Animal Control  
          Authority writes in support that as a former employee of the  
          Santa Cruz SPCA, he saw first hand the success local spay/neuter  
          ordinances can have in reducing the euthanasia rate.  In regards  
          to the Santa Cruz ordinance he writes, "The ordinance allowed us  
          to 'get tough' with backyard breeders and force them to alter  
          their animals and thereby reduce the numbers entering our  
          shelter.  Without this ordinance, some people would have  
          continued to irresponsibly breed unwanted animals.  Without this  
          tool the animals would have ultimately become a euthanasia  

          The Coalition for Cats and Dogs in a letter of support states,  
          "?a breeding permit is no more difficult to comply with than a  
          license or proof of rabies vaccination.  If any dog or cat  
          breeder claims to be a 'responsible' breeder, ask them to prove  
          no puppy or kitten they have sold has ever accidentally bred,  
          and if so how many of those offspring went on to bred, and so  
          on.  Ask the breeders if they pay income taxes on the animals  
          the sell, ask them if they collect sales tax.  Ask hunters why  
          there are so many Labrador Retrievers and lab mixes being killed  
          in shelters.  Ask the ranchers why there are so many cattle dogs  
          being killed in shelters."

           Opposition  .   Many opponents of this bill claim that it will  
          promote the proliferation of "puppy mills", out-of-state or  
          country breeders, and underground breeding.  Landesverband DVG  
          America, Inc., a working dog organization, states in opposition  
          to this bill that the provision allowing an intact permit for  
          locally licensed breeders does not allow for California hobby  
          breeders and others to be included.  Landesverband DVG America,  
          Inc., states "Many, who have been breeding dogs in California,  
          don't meet these criteria that are for USDA commercial dog  
          breeders; i.e. those who sell to brokers and from there on to  
          pet stores.  Responsible breeders who carefully select homes for  
          one or two litters a year don't have business licenses of this  

          The Northern California Pug Club writes, "?these regulations are  
          targeted at responsible animal owners - those who license their  
          pets and comply with local laws.  San Mateo County found that  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  7

          punitive intact animal license fees actually resulted in a  
          reduction in revenue, as fewer pet owners complied with  
          licensing laws."  The Las Flores Cat club continues, "Hobby cat  
          and dog breeders of California are not the cause of the  
          overpopulation problem in shelters or stray cats on the  
          street?We believe this will have negative consequences for pet  
          owners, breeders and local jurisdictions in the state ?[and]  
          will actually increase specifically the current 'unowned cat'  
          problem that most of our shelters suffer from.  That more  
          animals will be turned into shelters or left abandoned.  Who  
          will take in a pregnant cat if there is a $500 fine for not  
          possessing an intact permit?"

          The California Houndsmen for Conservation, in opposition to this  
          bill, states that there is no problem to fix, "There is no need  
          for this legislation; there is no problem that it will solve.   
          Shelters in many areas of the State are importing dogs from  
          other States and other countries in order to meet the demands of  
          the pet buying public."

           Proposed technical amendments  .  On page three, line 16, an  
          incorrect reference is made to section 122336 (b).  The correct  
          reference is to subsection (a) of section 122336.

          On page 5, line 8, insert the word "being" before "trained."

          Page 5, line 10, strike the word "and" and replace with "or".   
          As written a law enforcement dog must be active in law  
          enforcement activities  and  rescue operations. 

          On page 6, lines 3 through 7 the language provides that funds  
          made available pursuant to this bill shall go to local free and  
          low-cost spay and neuter programs; however, all revenue from  
          this bill is already directed into enforcement activities and  
          administration of the program.  Presumably, this section should  
          be deleted. 

           Outstanding issues  .  The central question underlying this bill  
          seems clear enough:  Do the problems associated with excessive  
          numbers of unwanted cats and dogs justify a law that prohibits  
          the great majority of Californians (with narrow exceptions for  
          licensed breeders and owners of certain types of dogs and cats,  
          such as show animals; guide, service and signal dogs; and law  
          enforcement dogs) from owning healthy cats and dogs that are  not   
          spayed or neutered?


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  8

          While the central question underlying this bill may be clear,  
          there are a number of unclear issues associated with the  
          language in this bill, ranging from technical to substantive,  
          including the following:

          1)No provisions are made for out of state visitors with  
            unaltered pets.  It appears that any person in possession of  
            an unaltered pet in this state would be in violation of the  
            provisions of this bill and subject to fines created therein.   
            Language expressing that this bill pertains only to residents  
            of California should be considered by the author.

          2)Certain intact permit requirements may be erroneous.  Under  
            this bill's provision that sets forth the requirements for an  
            intact permit, one criterion for receiving a permit is that a  
            dog must "be used to show or compete and has competed in at  
            least one legitimate show or sporting competition within the  
            last two years."  This bill stipulates that an animal must be  
            spayed or neutered at four months of age or posses an intact  
            permit; however, at four months of age it would be impossible  
            for an animal to meet this requirement in order to obtain an  
            intact permit. 

          3)No exemptions are provided in this bill.  As currently written  
            this bill would require law enforcement dogs, guide dogs and  
            animals verified by a veterinarian not eligible for surgery to  
            get an intact permit and annually reapply showing proof that  
            the animal remains eligible for the permit and pay the intact  
            permit fee.  The author should consider making these three  
            categories not criteria for eligibility for an intact permit  
            but rather a category of animals exempt from the requirements  
            of this bill. 

          4)Unclear directive to local jurisdictions implementing a more  
            restrictive program.  This bill allows local jurisdictions to  
            adopt more restrictive spay and neutering programs as long as  
            the programs allow for the temporary or permanent exemption  
            from the spay and neutering requirements for law enforcement  
            dogs.  However, this bill fails to provide for a similar  
            exemption from local mandates for guide dogs, service dogs or  
            signal dogs or animals not healthy enough to be altered. 

          5)Unclear definitions of criteria qualifying an animal for an  
            intact permit.  A legitimate show or sporting competition is  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  9

            not defined. The terms "approved registry" and "approved  
            purebred registry or association" are used in the same  
            paragraph to make an animal eligible for a permit, but it is  
            unclear if there is a difference in the two references and by  
            whom the registries are approved.  

          6)Unclear definition of terms relating to enforcement.  The  
            terms "civil penalty" and "fine" are used interchangeably  
            throughout the bill and it is unclear which reference is  
            intended.  The term "date of compliance" is used in reference  
            to the date from which you have 30 days to have your pet  
            spayed or neutered in order to be in compliance (i.e., the  
            "date of compliance" actually appears to be the date of  
            noncompliance).  The language is confusing and invites  
          7)Unclear qualification for breeders in localities that do not  
            provide a breeder's license.  If a local jurisdiction does not  
            have a breeder license program, it is unclear how a person  
            seeking an intact permit under that condition might be  

          8)Unclear provision relating to a differential fee.  This bill  
            allows a local jurisdiction to adopt a permit differential fee  
            for any dog or cat that is not spayed or neutered, and for  
            which an intact permit has been issued prior to the enactment  
            of this bill. As explained to the committee staff, this  
            provision's purpose is to allow jurisdictions to have a  
            different  license  fee for intact and altered animals; however,  
            this is not only already allowed by current law but is in  
            place in many local jurisdictions and therefore not needed in  
            this bill.  Additionally, the language in this bill states  
            that the provision relates to a "permit" differential fee, not  
            a license differential fee.  The intent and effect of the  
            current language relating to this provision is uncertain. 

           Related legislation  .  SB 861 (Speier), Chapter 668, Statutes of  
          2005, allowed cities and counties to enact breed-specific  
          ordinances for mandatory spaying, neutering and breeding  
          restrictions.  SB 861 also provided for increased reporting to  
          the State Public Health Veterinarian of dog bite data and other  
          information by local jurisdictions.

          AB 1856 (Vincent), Chapter 747, Statutes of 1998, required all  
          public animal control  


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  10

          agencies or shelters, society for the prevention of cruelty to  
          animals shelters, humane shelters, and rescue groups in counties  
          over 100,000 (and cities within those counties) to spay or  
          neuter any dog or cat that it sells or gives away.  Also, SB  
          1856 imposed new fines and penalties on owners of unspayed or  
          unneutered dogs or cats that are impounded by an animal control  
          agency, shelter or society.  

          SB 1785 (Hayden), Chapter 752, Statutes of 1998, required  
          shelters to hold adoptable dogs and cats for a minimum time  
          period and permitted nonprofit organizations to adopt animals in  
          order to assist in finding the animals permanent homes. 



           California Animal Control Directors Association (sponsor)
          California Veterinary Medical Association (sponsor)
          Los Angeles Animal Services (sponsor)
          Social Compassion in Legislation (sponsor)
          State Humane Association of California (sponsor)
          A Dog's Life Rescue
          A Passion for Paws Rescue
          A Wish For Animals
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          All Creatures Great & Small Animal Rescue
                                                                                       Alpha Canine Sanctuary
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          Animal Advocates
          Animal Advocates Harbor City
          Animal Alliance
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          Animal Avengers
          Animal Friends Rescue Project
          Animal Kind Rescue
          Animal Kingdom Welfare
          Animal Match Rescue Team
          Animal Place
          Animal Protection Institute
          Animal Rescue of Fresno
          Animal Rescue Volunteers, Inc
          Animal Rules Placement Foundation
          Animal Switchboard


                                                                  AB 1634
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          Animals Anonymous
          Animals, People and Environment
          Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
          Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls
          Beagles and Buddies
          Bellflower Veterinary Hospital
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          Boxer Rescue
          Boxer Rescue Fund
          Bumper Foundation
          Bunny Bunch
          California Federation for Animal Legislation
          California Lobby for Animal Welfare
          Canine Communications
          Canine Crusaders
          Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
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          Cat Care Network of Colorado and New Mexico
          Cat Connection
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          Cat/Canine Assistance Referral & Education
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          County of San Bernardino Animal Care and Control Division
          Dana Point / San Clemente Animal Rescue
          Daschshund Rescue
          Death Row Dogs Rescue
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                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  12

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          Friends of Auburn/Tahoe Vista Placer County Animal Shelter
          Friends of Fred
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          Give a Dog a Home Rescue
          Glendale Humane Society
          Happy Tails Sanctuary
          Heaven on Earth Society for Animals
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                                                                  AB 1634
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          Over 1100 individuals

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                                                                  AB 1634
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          California Federation of Dog Clubs
          California Gold Jack Russell Terrier Club, Inc.
          California Houndsmen For Conservation
          California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
          California Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc.
          Canaan Dog Club of American, Inc.
          Cats Royale Cat Club
          Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Southern California
          Chihuahua Club of Northern California
          County-Wide Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Dachshund Club of American, Inc.
          Dalmatian Club of Northern California
          Danish/Swedish Farmdog Club of American, Inc.
          Doberman Pinscher Club of America
          East Bay Boxer Club
          Feline Friends Inernationale
          Flying Sun Farms
          Franciscan Silver & Golden Fanciers
          Fremont Dog Training Club
          German Shepherd Dog Club of Los Angeles County, Inc.
          German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California
          German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Southern California
          Gold Country English Setter Fanciers
          Gold Country Kennel Club
          Golden Empire Brittany Club
          Golden Gate Cat Club
          Golden Gate Dachshund Club, Inc.
          Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers, Inc.
          Great Dane Club of Northern California
          Great Western Terrier Association of Southern California
          Great Western Terrier Association of Southern California, Inc.
          Hangtown Kennel Club of Placerville California, Inc.


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  17

          Harrier Club of American, Inc.
          High Desert Labrador Retriever Club of California, Inc.
          Hollywood Dog Obedience Club, Inc.
          Hub Poodle Club of Orange County, Inc.
          Irish Setter Club of  The Pacific, Inc. (S. F.)
          Irish Setter Club of Central California
          Irish Setter Club of Southern California
          Irish Terrier Club of America
          Italian Greyhound Club of America
          Jindo Dog Association of America
          Kennel Club of Beverly Hills
          Kern County T.O.P. Dog Club
          Kerry Blue Terrier Club
          Kuvasz Fanciers of America, Inc.
          Lake Matthews Kennel Club
          Landesverband DVG America, Inc.
          Las Flores Cat Club
          Lhasa Apso Club of Northern California
          Long Beach Kennel Club
          Los Angeles Doberman Pinscher Club, Inc.
          Los Colores Cat Club
          Los Encinos Kennel Club
          Maine Attraction Cat Fanciers
          Malibu Cat Club
          Menlo Park Schutzhund Club
          Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California
          Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California
          Miniture Bull Terrier Club of America
          Mission Trails Poodle Club
          Mississippi Canine Coalition, Inc.
          National American Pit Bull Terrier Association
          National American Shorthair Club, Inc.
          National Animal Interest Alliance Trust, Animal Owners and  
          Animal Enterprises
          National English Shepherd Rescue
          National Open Field Coursing Association
          National Pet Alliance
          Newfoundland Club of Northern California
          Norcal Golden Retriever Club, Inc.
          North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
          North Central California Houndsmen's Association
          Northern California Dachshund Club, Inc.
          Northern California Deerhound Club
          Northern California Italian Greyhound Club
          Northern California Pug Club


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  18

          Northern California Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club
          Northern California Whippet Club
          Northern California Working Sheepdog Association, Inc.
          Old English Sheepdog League of Northern California
          Outdoor Sportsmen's Coalition of California
          Pacific Coast Working Dog Club
          Palo Alto Foothills Tracking Association
          Parson Russell Terrier Association of American, Inc.
          Pekingese Club of Central California
          Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California
          Pets for Disabled Americans
          Poodle Club of Central California
          Poppy State Cat Club
          Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers
          Redwood Empire Sheepdog Association
          Rialto Ritz
          Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs
          Rip Curl Weight Pullers
          Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club, Inc.
          Sacramento Valley Boxer Club
          Safari Club International 
          Saint Bernard Club of the Pacific Coast
          Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco
          Saluki Tree of Life Alliance
          San Angeles Saluki Club, Inc.
          San Diego Dog Fanciers
          San Diego Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.
          San Diego Retriever and Field Trial Club, Inc.
          San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club
          San Francisco Dog Training Club, Inc.
          San Gabriel Valley Club
          San Joaquin Dog Training Club
          San Joaquin Kennel Club, Inc.
          San Lorenzo Dog Training Club, Inc.
          San Maria/San Luis Bay German Shepherd Dog Club
          San Mateo Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Sand to Sea Non Sporting Association of Southern California,  
          Santa Clara Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Santa Clara Valley Cat Fanciers, Inc.
          Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club
          Shasta Kennel Club
          Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club
          Sierra West Bernese Mountain Dog Club
          Sierra-Tuolumne Kennel Club


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  19

          Siskiyou Houndsmen
          SoCal BARF
          Society for the Perpetuation of Desert Bred Salukis
          Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Southern California
          South Bay Kennel Club, Inc.
          South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club, Inc.
          Southern California Collie Club
          Sportsmen's and Animal Owner's Voting Alliance
          Sportsmen's Council of Central California
          Tepe Gawra Salukis
          The American Fox Terrier Club, Inc.
          The Animal Council
          The California Sportsman's Lobby, Inc.
          The Camino Real Siberian Husky Club
          The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
          The English Shepherd Club
          The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
          The Greyhound Club of Northern California
          The International Cat Association
          The Scottish Terrier Club of California
          The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
          The Standard Schnauzer Club of Southern California
          The Ultimutt Pet Spa in Ojai
          T'ien-Shan Pugs
          Tonkinese Breed Association
          Tonks West
          Toy Dog Fanciers of North San Diego County
          Tri County Hounsmen
          Tule River Houndsmen
          Two Cities Kennel Club
          United Schultzhund Club of America
          Ups N Downs Agility Club 
          Valley of the Moon Cat Franciers
          Vintage Shorthairs Cat Club
          Vom Kriegsherren Kennels
          Vom Trey Geist Working Dogs
          Von Sontausen Working German Shepherd Dogs
          West Highland White Terrier Club of California
          West Shore Shorthair Cat Club
          Western Borzoi Coursing Club
          Western Dog Judges Association of America
          Western Fox Terrier Breeders Association
          Western States Police Canine Association

          Over 1000 individuals


                                                                  AB 1634
                                                                  Page  20

          Analysis Prepared by  :    Tracy Rhine / B. & P. / (916) 319-3301