INTRODUCED BY   Senator Lowenthal
   (Principal coauthor: Assembly Member Karnette)

                        MARCH 4, 2008

   Relative to Children's Day and Children's Week.


   SCR 91, Lowenthal. Children's Day and Children's Week.
   This measure would proclaim the last Saturday of April of each
year as Children's Day, proclaim the last week of April of each year
as Children's Week, and encourage Californians to help make our world
a wonderful place.

   WHEREAS, Children's Day is dedicated to the hopes of the child
within us all and to children everywhere; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Day is a special time for happiness, to love
our children, to uplift and to inspire people of all ages to positive
actions, and to aspire to do great things; and
   WHEREAS, The State of California is continuing to endeavor to set
a great example by putting our children and young people and their
well-being as a top priority; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Day reminds us all for the sake of our
children to take care of our Earth, to value and support education,
to make better communities and to contribute to a better world by
fostering goodwill, love, peace, kindness, mutual respect,
cooperative win-win attitudes, stewardship, the protection of the
ecosystem and all living things, and to enact wise policies to
protect children and their future; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Day focuses on ways to improve communities, to
be better parents, people, mentors, and role models for children,
and causes us to think about what we do that affects everything
around us and future generations; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Week leading up to Children's Day is a time to
encourage everyone to do things in honor of Children's Day and
naturally links Earth Day and caring for our environment with
Children's Day, adding to the heart and importance of both; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Day encourages everyone to help make our world
a wonderful place; and
   WHEREAS, Children's Day is a gift that keeps on giving for
generations to come and is a time to make good dreams come true; and
   WHEREAS, The Children's Day theme always will be "Do something
wonderful to make our world a better place"; now, therefore, be it
   Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
thereof concurring, That the Legislature hereby declares the last
Saturday of April of each year as Children's Day and the last week of
April of each year as Children's Week in the State of California,
encourages all communities, leaders, individuals, churches,
organizations, businesses, and schools to support Children's Day, and
by our good example encourages communities throughout America and in
our world to also celebrate Children's Day; and be it further
   Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this
resolution to the Governor and the author for appropriate