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                                                                  AB 24
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          Date of Hearing:   March 17, 2009

                              Anthony Portantino, Chair
                    AB 24 (Block) - As Amended:  February 26, 2009
          SUBJECT  :   California State University: feasibility study: Chula  

           SUMMARY  :   Requires the Trustees of the California State  
          University (Trustees) to conduct a study regarding the  
          feasibility of a California State University (CSU) campus at  
          Chula Vista with private funds.  Specifically,  this bill  :  

          1)Requires the Trustees to conduct a study by January 1, 2011,  
            regarding the feasibility of a CSU satellite program, and  
            ultimately, an independent CSU campus, at Chula Vista.

          2)Provides that the study shall include:

             a)   Ten-year enrollment projections and physical capacity  

             b)   Regional workforce needs;

             c)   Prospective economic impact and job creation in the  

             d)   Infrastructure availability;

             e)   The potential alleviation of overcrowding and traffic at  
               the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus; 

             f)   Considerations of plausible alternatives;

             g)   Academic planning and program justification;

             h)   Description of proposed student services and student  
               outreach programs;

             i)   Support and capital outlay budget projection; 

             j)   Geographic and physical accessibility;

             aa)  Environmental and social impact; and,


                                                                  AB 24
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             bb)  Effect on other institutions.

          3)Provides that the feasibility study should be derived solely  
            from private sources.

           EXISTING LAW  :

          1)Establishes CSU administered by the Trustees, and provides  
            that the Trustees shall have the full power over the  
            construction and development of any CSU campus and any  
            buildings or other facilities or improvements connected with  

          2)Declares the intent of the Legislature that sites for new  
            institutions or branches of the University of California (UC)  
            or CSU shall not be authorized or acquired unless recommended  
            by CPEC and provides that all proposals for new colleges or  
            programs shall be forwarded to CPEC for review and that CPEC  
            shall review the proposals within 60 days of submission.  

           FISCAL EFFECT  :   Unknown

           COMMENTS  :    Background on Development of a University at Chula  
          Vista:   The concept of locating a four-year university in Chula  
          Vista was introduced in 1993, during the development of the Otay  
          Ranch land-use plan.  Approximately 375 acres, which the city  
          valued at $250-$300 million in June of 2008, are currently set  
          aside for the project.  Over the past several years, the City of  
          Chula Vista and members of the community have worked to recruit  
          a university to the land.  In mid-2005 it was reported that the  
          city was looking at a multi-school campus model where the  
          schools would share facilities such as classrooms and a library,  
          and the institutions could be either public or private.      
          Purpose of this Bill  :  According to the author, the current 23  
          CSU campuses are not large enough to accommodate the growing  
          demand for a four-year college degree. The author points out  
          that CSU is already overenrolled by 10,000 students, while at  
          the same time the demand for a four-year degree is increasing.   
          The author argues that for the fall 2008 semester SDSU turned  
          away 68.8% of the 50,000 first-time freshmen who applied, and of  
          the 62,330 total undergraduates that applied, only 34% were  
          admitted.  According to the author, building a CSU campus in  


                                                                  AB 24
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          Chula Vista would create an option for tens of thousands of  
          Southern California students who are being turned away from  
          impacted campuses such as SDSU. 
          Enrollment and Access at the CSU:   CSU's enrollment for 2008-09  
          is 11,000 to 15,000 above its last budgeted enrollment level.   
          In order to align enrollment with budgeted resources, CSU plans  
          to continue with enrollment management techniques such as  
          redirecting students to non-impacted campuses, giving priority  
          to local-area applicants, adjusting application deadlines,  
          restricting lower-division transfers, and reducing the number of  
          students admitted by exception.   

          CSU Position:   CSU has not taken a position on this bill, with  
          the understanding that funding would need to be provided to  
          complete the requested study.  CSU argues that the state has not  
          provided resources sufficient for CSU to meet the needs of  
          students and fund current operations.  CSU believes that the  
          study should include review options that provide access to  
          students through collaborative solutions with other education  
          segments and alternative approaches such as joint use and share  
          facilities, evening programs, and distance learning.
          Process for Establishing Campuses  :  This bill requires the  
          Trustees to conduct a feasibility study of a CSU campus at Chula  
          Vista.  However, as noted above, existing law delegates CPEC as  
          responsible for advising regarding, and ultimately authorizing,  
          new campus locations.  The author may wish to consider the  
          appropriate role for CPEC in the feasibility study.

           Statewide vs. Southern California Campus Needs  :  It is unclear  
          if the goal of this legislation is to allow more students to  
          attend university in Southern California or to increase overall  
          student capacity within the CSU system.  If the goal is to  
          increase capacity within the CSU system as a whole, the author  
          may wish to consider requiring the Trustees, in coordination  
          with CPEC, to conduct a statewide campus needs analysis. 
          Previous Legislation  :  SCR 92 (Peace), Resolution Chapter 104,  
          Statutes of 1998, resolved that the Legislature endorses a  
          proposed City of Chula Vista site for possible future use as a  
          UC campus.  Subsequently, the UC Regents moved forward with  
          plans to develop UC Merced; the 1987 statewide needs assessment  
          found the central valley area was in greatest need for a UC  
          campus.  UC Merced opened on September 5, 2005.


                                                                  AB 24
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          American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
          California Communities United Institute
          California State Employees Association
          City of Chula Vista, Office of the Mayor
          County of San Diego 
          Crossroads II
          National City Chamber of Commerce
          Rolando Community Council
          South Bay Expressway, L.P.
          San Ysidro Health Center

          None on file
          Analysis Prepared by  :    Laura Metune / HIGHER ED. / (916)