BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                           SENATE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION
                               Gloria Romero, Chair
                             2009-2010 Regular Session

          BILL NO:       AB 1713
          AUTHOR:        Furutani
          AMENDED:       March 18, 2010
          FISCAL COMM:   Yes            HEARING DATE:  June 16, 2010
          URGENCY:       No             CONSULTANT:Kathleen Chavira

           SUBJECT  :  Community College Reporting Requirements
           KEY POLICY ISSUE  

          Should the California Community College Chancellor's Office be  
          relieved of the specified statutorily established reporting  


          This bill deletes, consolidates, and modifies six reports  
          which are currently statutorily required to be produced by the  
          California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO). 


          Current law and the annual budget act, via supplemental or  
          provisional reporting language adopted therein, requires the  
          public postsecondary education segments to report to the  
          Legislature a large number of reports per year. AB 1182  
          (Brownley, Chapter 386, Statutes of 2009) eliminated some, and  
          restructured and reorganized other, higher education reporting  
          requirements of the state's public universities and colleges  
          to provide for more effective, manageable, and transparent  
          reporting to the Legislature.  

          AB 1585 (Committee on Accountability and Administrative  
          Review, Chapter 7, Statutes of 2010) modified the list of  
          state agency reports maintained by the Legislative Counsel.

           This bill  : 


                                                                  AB 1713
                                                                   Page 2

          1)   Repeals a requirement that the CCCCO and the  
               Superintendent of Public Instruction convene a working  
               group of adult education and data experts to review and  
               report on the feasibility, design, and cost of a common  
               data set in adult education by July 1, 2007. (Education  
               Code 10701)

          2)   Authorizes the CCCCO to consolidate annual reports on  
               concurrent enrollment and special admits into a single  
               report and changes the due date from November 1 to March  
               1. (EC  48800)

          3)   Deletes a requirement that the governing bodies of the  
               three public segments report to the Legislature on the  
               status and plans of their respective segments'  
               implementation of a common course numbering system. (EC  

          4)   Changes the due date from May 1 to July 1 for an annual  
               report on the amount of full-time equivalent students  
               (FTES) claimed by each community college district for  
               career development and college preparation courses.

          5)   Deletes a requirement that the California State  
               University (CSU) and California Community Colleges (CCC)  
               evaluate the extent to which their current programs are  
               meeting the needs of foster youth and how those outreach  
               and retention services can be improved. (EC  89343)

           STAFF COMMENTS  

              1)   Need for the bill  .  According to the author, statute  
               and budget act provisions require the California  
               Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) to submit  
               dozens of reports to the Governor and the Legislature,  
               some of which are burdensome, inconsistent, obsolete  
               and/or duplicative, some of which can be consolidated or  
               moved to a more efficient timeline, and some of which are  
               no longer needed.  According to the author, the CCCCO is  
               required to produce a total of 43 legislatively mandated  
               reports.  This bill will modify six of these reports in  
               the Education Code.  

              2)   Common course numbering  .  SB 1415 (Brulte, Chapter  
               307, Statutes of 2004) required (and requested, as  
               appropriate) the public postsecondary education  


                                                                  AB 1713
                                                                   Page 3

               institutions to adopt a common course numbering system by  
               January 1, 2006 in order to facilitate the transfer  
               process.  Additionally, it required the Board of  
               Governors (BOG) of the CCC to report on the status of  
               activities related to the adoption of this system for the  
               20 highest demand majors and its plans for implementation  
               of this system for all other majors.  

               In 2007, the BOG reported that it had awarded a two-year  
               grant to a specific district to develop and implement a  
               common course numbering system.  However, it does not  
               appear that the Legislature ever received the report  
               summarizing the progress/achievement of the statutorily  
               prescribed goals.  Rather than being obsolete, it appears  
               that the required activities have yet to be completed and  
               reported upon.  It may be more appropriate to update  
               rather than delete the statute, in order to ensure  
               compliance with the prescribed goals. 

               Staff recommends the bill be amended to retain the  
               reporting requirement and to reset the due dates in EC   
               66725.3 to 2011.

              3)   Foster Youth  .  AB 2463 (Chapter 1129, Statutes of  
               1996) required that the CSU and CCC evaluate the  
               effectiveness of their programs in recruiting and  
               retaining foster youth and required a 1998 report on the  
               current and expanded services/efforts around these youth.  
               The obsolete reporting requirement was deleted in 2004.
                The CSU reports that, through a grant from the Stuart  
               Foundation, it has created the CSU Foster Youth in Higher  
               Education project which supports the recruitment and  
               identification of colleges interested in increased  
               retention and graduation of foster youth.  The Foundation  
               requires tracking of specific outcome measures around the  
               enrollment, completion, support programs, and financial  
               aid for these youth.  Additionally, foster youth who  
               self-identify are tracked at the campus level and, the  
               CSU reports that a new initiative with Cal-Pass that  
               allows the ability to identify former foster youth should  
               help to further improve outreach efforts and student  
               retention services. 
                The CCCCO, in addition to its voluntary Foster Youth  
               Success Initiative which is funded through limited  


                                                                  AB 1713
                                                                   Page 4

               foundation support at some colleges, has developed a  
               number of resources/tools for campuses to use as they  
               work with foster youth.  The CCCCO is also in the process  
               of establishing a data element in its statewide  
               Management Information System which can be used to track  
               educational outcomes for students who self-identify as  
               being foster youth.

               In spite of these laudable efforts within the CSU and  
               CCC, it may be premature to suggest that a focus on  
               foster youth services is no longer necessary.  Would  
               deletion of statute that requires the ongoing evaluation  
               of programs that serve foster youth be interpreted as an  
               indication that the Legislature no longer feels these  
               activities are necessary?  

               Staff recommends the bill be amended to retain current  

              4)   Special Admits/Concurrent Enrollment  . This bill  
               authorizes the consolidation of information required in  
               EC  48800 with a report required in EC  76002.  Staff  
               recommends the bill be amended to make a conforming  
               change in 76002 that authorizes the CCCO to include the  
               information required in ED  48800(d)(4) in its report. 

          California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
          Community College League of California


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