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          Bill No:  AB 1908
          Author:   Cook (R) and Carter (D)
          Amended:  3/11/10 in Assembly
          Vote:     21

           SENATE VETERANS AFFAIRS COMMITTEE  :  4-0, 6/22/10
          AYES:  Denham, Correa, Negrete McLeod, Cedillo
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Wyland, Vacancy, Vacancy

           SENATE TRANS. & HOUSING COMMITTEE  :  8-0, 6/29/10
          AYES: Lowenthal, Huff, DeSaulnier, Harman, Kehoe, Pavley,  
            Simitian, Wolk
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Ashburn

           SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE  :  Senate Rule 28.8

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  76-0, 5/13/10 - See last page for vote

           SUBJECT  :    Vehicles:  specialized license plates:   
          Veterans organization

           SOURCE  :     California Association of County Veterans  
          Service Officers

           DIGEST  :    This bill allows the Department of Veterans  
          Affairs to redesign the veterans organizations license  

           ANALYSIS  :    Existing law requires that in order to  
          register a vehicle in California, the registered owner pay  


                                                               AB 1908

          a registration fee of $34, a $22 surcharge for additional  
          personnel for the California Highway Patrol (CHP), various  
          locally-imposed fees, and a vehicle license fee (VLF) equal  
          to 1.15 percent of a vehicle's value based on purchase  
          price depreciated according to a statutory schedule.

          In addition, any registered owner of a vehicle may apply to  
          the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for veterans'  
          organization license plates for his or her vehicle.   
          Veterans plates bear a distinctive design that includes the  
          word "veteran" along the bottom of the plate and includes a  
          decal on the left side of the plate for one of over 100  
          sponsoring veterans' organizations, such as the American  
          Legion, 101st Airborne Division, or the National Guard. In  
          addition to the above fees, for veterans plates a vehicle  
          owner must pay: 

          1. $30 for the initial issuance of the plates and decals.

          2. $30 annually for each renewal that includes continued  
             display of the plates and decals.

          3. $35 to replace the plates if they become damaged.

          4. $10 to replace the decals if they become damaged.

          5. $40 to personalize the plates.

          Revenues derived from these fees go, after paying DMV's  
          costs associated with veterans plates, to county veterans  
          service offices, except for revenues from the $10-fee for  
          replacement decals, which is divided between county veteran  
          service officers and the California Environmental License  
          Plate Fund (ELP Fund).  The ELP Fund is used to support  
          various state environmental programs and agencies. 

          This bill:

          1. Permits the Department of Veterans Affairs to modify the  
             distinctive designs of veterans plates and the  
             associated decals but prohibits DMV from issuing the new  
             plates or decals until it has issued all existing  
             inventories of plates and decals.


                                                               AB 1908

          2. Requires DMV, by July 1, 2011, to provide a link on its  
             website through which vehicle owners can order veterans  

          3. Redirects from the ELP Fund to county veterans service  
             officers the half of revenues from the $10-charge to  
             replace a damaged veterans' organization decal.


           The author's office introduced this bill to increase  
          revenues derived from veterans' organizations license  
          plates and to increase funds available for county veteran  
          service officers.  According to the author's office, this  
          bill will help the California Department of Veterans  
          Affairs and others to better market veterans' organization  
          license plates, because modifying the plate and decal  
          designs will make the plate more appealing. In addition,  
          having DMV make the plate available for on-line ordering  
          will stimulate sales. 

          The resulting revenue increase would enable county veteran  
          services officers to expand their operations of providing  
          veterans and their families free claims assistance and  
          referral to local, state, and federal programs.  The  
          author's office also indicates that elimination of the  
          50-50 split of fee proceeds from replacement decals  
          recognizes the fact that the veterans license plate is  
          intended to benefit veterans programs, rather than  
          environmental programs. 

          Initially authorized in 1991, the ELP Fund provides funding  
          that is used to support a variety of state activities that  
          have some environmental connection. Examples of the  
          entities that receive this funding include the Resources  
          Secretary, Department of Forestry, Department of Fish and  
          Game, Wildlife Conservation Board, Department of Parks and  
          Recreation, and various conservancies.

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  No   Fiscal Com.:  Yes    
          Local:  No

           SUPPORT  :   (Verified  8/2/10)


                                                               AB 1908

          California Association of County Veterans Services Officers  
          AMVETS, Department of California
          American Legion, Department of California
          California Mental Health Directors Association
          California State Commanders Veterans Council
          Vietnam Veterans of America, California Council

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  : 
          AYES:  Adams, Ammiano, Anderson, Arambula, Bass, Beall,  
            Bill Berryhill, Tom Berryhill, Blakeslee, Block,  
            Blumenfield, Bradford, Brownley, Buchanan, Charles  
            Calderon, Carter, Chesbro, Conway, Cook, Coto, Davis, De  
            La Torre, De Leon, DeVore, Emmerson, Eng, Evans, Feuer,  
            Fletcher, Fong, Fuentes, Fuller, Furutani, Gaines,  
            Galgiani, Garrick, Gilmore, Hagman, Hall, Harkey,  
            Hayashi, Hernandez, Hill, Huber, Huffman, Jeffries,  
            Jones, Knight, Lieu, Logue, Bonnie Lowenthal, Ma,  
            Mendoza, Miller, Monning, Nava, Nestande, Niello,  
            Nielsen, V. Manuel Perez, Portantino, Ruskin, Salas,  
            Saldana, Silva, Smyth, Solorio, Audra Strickland,  
            Swanson, Torlakson, Torres, Torrico, Tran, Villines,  
            Yamada, John A. Perez
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Caballero, Norby, Skinner, Vacancy

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