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                                                                  AB 2067
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          AB 2067 (Bonnie Lowenthal)
          As Amended  June 23, 2010
          Majority vote
          |ASSEMBLY:  |73-0 |(April 12,      |SENATE: |34-0 |(July 1, 2010) |
          |           |     |2010)           |        |     |               |
           Original Committee Reference:   TRANS.   

           SUMMARY  :  Allows parking on the left side of the road on streets  
          in Long Beach meeting specified criteria.  

           The Senate amendments  :  
           1)Specify that that authority granted by this bill to the City  
            of Long Beach constitutes a pilot program.  

          2)Restrict the bill's application to the streets perpendicular  
            to Ocean Boulevard beginning at Balboa Place and ending at  
            72nd Place, but not including 62nd Place.  

          3)Require the City of Long Beach to submit to the Legislature a  
            report that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of the  
            pilot program.  

          4)Terminate the pilot program three years from the date of  
            enactment of the ordinance or resolution that establishes it.   

           EXISTING LAW  :  

          1)Requires, with specified exceptions, every vehicle that stops  
            or parks on a roadway where there are adjacent curbs to have  
            its right-hand wheels parallel with and within 18 inches of  
            the right-hand curb.  

          2)Requires right-hand parallel parking on two-way roadways with  
            no curbs or barriers, unless otherwise indicated.  

          3)Allows vehicles on one-way roadways to be stopped or parked  
            with the left-hand wheels parallel to and within 18 inches of  
            the left-hand curb.  


                                                                  AB 2067
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          4)Requires parallel parking on either side of a one-way roadway  
            with no curbs or barriers, unless otherwise indicated.  

          5)Allows a vehicle to be backed onto a highway only when such a  
            movement can be made with reasonable safety.  

           AS PASSED BY THE ASSEMBLY  this bill is substantially similar to  
          the version passed by the Senate.  

           FISCAL EFFECT  :  Unknown.  This bill is keyed non-fiscal.  

           COMMENTS  :  Current statutes require motorists to park their  
          vehicles in the same direction as the flow of traffic (i.e., on  
          the right side of two-way roadways and on either side of one-way  
          roadways).  The premise for this requirement is that it helps to  
          avoid head-on collisions with oncoming traffic that would be  
          risked when entering or exiting parking spaces that face the  
          flow of traffic.  

          According to the author of this bill, "The 'Peninsula' area of  
          Long Beach has a significant number of narrow, parking impacted  
          dead-end streets with little room for vehicle maneuverability.   
          These over-crowded streets with no cul-de-sacs create conditions  
          that expose drivers to inconvenient situations when attempting  
          to get into and out of these streets and increase the risk that  
          vehicles parked or maneuvering through the street will sustain  
          damage in an accident.  A consequence of these conditions has  
          been the practice of residents and visitors to illegally park  
          their vehicles facing the wrong direction on the street.   
          Parking citations are given to vehicles in violation of this  
          code, which has led to frustrated residents who feel the  
          crowded, impacted conditions subject them to greater risk of  
          property damage and more difficulty while navigating their  

          Enactment of this bill, by enabling all vehicles to park toward  
          the dead-end of specified streets where it is impractical to  
          turn around, would essentially require that they back out of the  
          street when exiting.  This, in itself, poses potential safety  
          problems.  The author, however, points out that, "Backing up  
          onto a street is legal.  Peninsula residents have been  
          performing this action for some time without any significant  
          negative safety impacts being observed."  This bill further  
          assures that an engineering analysis will have indicated  


                                                                  AB 2067
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          left-side parking to be the best traffic solution in any  
          particular setting before it is authorized.  

          Legislative history:  This bill is a reintroduction of the  
          author's AB 213 from 2009, which the Governor vetoed, saying,  
          "This bill addresses parking concerns affecting a few small  
          streets in one city and can be handled at the local level  
          without a change to state statutes."  Prior to its being vetoed,  
          AB 213 received unanimous votes throughout the legislative  

           Analysis Prepared by  :   Howard Posner / TRANS. / (916) 319-2093 

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