BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                            Senator Dave Cox, Chair

          BILL NO:  AB 2184                     HEARING:  6/16/10
          AUTHOR:  Arambula                     FISCAL:  No
          VERSION:  4/22/10                     CONSULTANT:  Detwiler
                           CONSTRUCTION PROJECT BIDS

                           Background and Existing Law  

          The Public Contract Code spells out the procedures that  
          local officials follow when they build public works  
          projects, including limits on the contracts' values.

          When counties, cities, special districts, redevelopment  
          agencies, school districts, and community college districts  
          voluntarily adopt the standards and procedures of the  
          Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act, they can  
          use higher limits for their contracts.   Projects that cost  
          more than $125,000 require formal bids.  About 700 local  
          agencies participate.

          The Act requires local officials to invite formal bids by  
          publishing notices in general circulation newspapers or by  
          posting notices.  They must also mail the notices to all of  
          the construction trade journals that serve their county at  
          least 30 days before the date set for opening the sealed  

          Technology has changed since the Legislature adopted the  
          Act in 1983.  Most local agencies and trade journals now  
          have fax machines and use email.  Local officials and  
          construction firms want legislators to recognize these new  
          communications technologies.

                                   Proposed Law  

          Assembly Bill 2184 requires local agencies that use the  
          Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act to send the  
          notices inviting formal bids to construction trade journals  
          also by either facsimile or electronic mail, if available.   
          AB 2184 reduces the time period for sending the formal bid  
          invitation notices from 30 days to 15 days before the date  
          set for opening the sealed bids.


          AB 2184 -- 4/22/10 -- Page 2


           Changing times  .  Recognizing the widespread use of fax  
          machines and email, AB 2184 adapts the notice procedures of  
          the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act to  
          improvements in communications technologies.  The bill  
          doesn't change the requirement to mail notices, it adds  
          faxes and emails, when available.

                                 Assembly Actions 

          Assembly Local Government Committee:  9-0
          Assembly Floor:                    76-0

                         Support and Opposition  (6/10/10)

           Support  :  Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors  
          Association, Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Association,  
          California Chapters of the National Electrical Contractors  
          Association, California Legislative Conference of the  
          Plumbing, Heating and Piping Industry, Construction  
          Industry Force Account Council, Fresno Metropolitan Flood  
          Control District.

           Opposition  :  Unknown.