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                                                                  AB 2471
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          Date of Hearing:   April 19, 2010

                               Bonnie Lowenthal, Chair
                 AB 2471 (John A.P?rez) - As Amended:  April 12, 2010
          SUBJECT  :  Fraudulent identification documents

           SUMMARY  :   Makes it unlawful to manufacture or sell a document  
          that purports to confer the same privileges as identification  
          (ID) cards or driver's licenses issued by the Department of  
          Motor Vehicles (DMV).  
           EXISTING LAW  :  

          1)Makes it unlawful to:  

             a)   Display or cause or permit to be displayed or have in  
               one's possession any canceled, fictitious, fraudulently  
               altered, or fraudulently obtained driver's license or ID  

             b)   Lend a driver's license or ID card to any other person  
               or knowingly permit its use by another;

             c)   Display or represent any driver's license or ID card not  
               issued to a particular person as being his or her card;

             d)   Permit any unlawful use of one's driver's license or ID  

             e)   Photograph, photostat, duplicate, or in any way  
               reproduce any driver's license or ID card or facsimile  
               thereof in such a manner that it could be mistaken for a  
               valid driver's license or ID card, or to display or have in  
               one's possession any such photograph, photostat, duplicate,  
               reproduction, or facsimile unless authorized by statute;  

             f)   Alter any driver's license or ID card in any manner not  
               authorized by statute.  

          2)Prohibits the manufacture or sale a document of a size and  
            form substantially similar to the driver's licenses or ID  
            cards issued by DMV.  


                                                                  AB 2471
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           FISCAL EFFECT  :  Unknown

           COMMENTS  :  The author has introduced this bill to deal with the  
          illicit practice of selling false identification documents.   
          While existing law already prohibits the sale or manufacture of  
          counterfeit driver's license and IDs, there are other documents  
          offered for sale - often to unknowing recent immigrants - that  
          purport to grant the driving privilege or serve as official  
          identification.  The buyers are believed to purchase these  
          documents in the na?ve belief that they are sanctioned by the  
          state and meet all official requirements.  This bill would make  
          it clear that such a practice is illegal.  


          Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca

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          Analysis Prepared by  :   Howard Posner / TRANS. / (916) 319-2093