BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                        Senator Patricia Wiggins, Chair

          BILL NO:  SB 250                      HEARING:  4/15/09
          AUTHOR:  Florez                       FISCAL:  Yes
          VERSION:  4/2/09                      CONSULTANT:  Detwiler

                                 DOGS AND CATS

                           Background and Existing Law 

          Officials regulate dogs and cats under several state laws  
          and local ordinances.  For 2006-07, cities reported  
          spending $131.6 million on animal control services;  
          counties reported spending $117.5 million on their pounds.

          The Legislature has declared that the overpopulation of  
          dogs and cats is "a problem of great public concern,"  
          noting that overpopulation causes public health problems,  
          affects local animal control departments, and results in  
          euthanizing too many cats and dogs (AB 1856, Vincent,  

          Local animal shelters must care for stray and impounded  
          dogs and cats for six days before euthanizing them (SB  
          1785, Hayden, 1998).  In 2007-08, local governments  
          estimated that it would cost about $17.4 million to comply  
          with this state mandated local program.

          State law requires owners to vaccinate their dogs against  
          rabies once the dogs are four months old.  Dogs younger  
          than four months must be confined or kept under physical  
          restraint.  Most cities and counties require owners to buy  
          dog licenses.  State law requires local officials to  
          discount dog and cat licenses by at least half if the  
          animal has been spayed or neutered.

          State law requires animal control agencies and shelters to  
          spay or neuter the dogs and cats that they sell or give  
          away.  For dogs and cats that are injured or too sick to be  
          spayed or neutered, state law requires the adopter to agree  
          to have the animal sterilized at a later date and pay a  
          sterilization deposit.  State law requires fines for the  
          owners of nonspayed or unneutered dogs and cats that are  
                 First occurrence: $35.
                 Second occurrence: $50.


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 2

                 Third and subsequent occurrences: $100.
          The funds must be spent for "humane education," spaying and  
          neutering, and administrative costs (AB 1856, Vincent,  
          1998; SB 1301, Vincent, 2004).

          Some cities and counties have ordinances that require  
          owners to spay or neuter their cats and dogs.  State law  
          allows cities and counties to adopt programs to control  
          dangerous dogs that are more restrictive than state law,  
          but these local ordinances can't be breed-specific (SB 428,  
          Torres, 1989).  However, local officials can adopt  
          breed-specific ordinances for their mandatory spay or  
          neuter programs and breeding requirements (SB 861, Speier,  

          Despite these restrictions and despite the availability of  
          low-cost spay and neuter services, some legislators say  
          that the state government should do more to reduce the  
          overpopulation of dogs and cats.

                                   Proposed Law  

          Senate Bill 250 increases the state restrictions that apply  
          to dogs and cats and their owners.

          I.   Dogs  .  SB 250:
                 Requires dog owners to secure a dog license under  
               the state rabies vaccination law, or as required by  
               the local licensing agency.
                 Prohibits owning, keeping, or harboring an  
               unaltered and unspayed dog in violation of the bill's  
                 Requires the owner or custodian of an unaltered dog  
               that is six months old or older to:
                  o         Have the dog spayed or neutered, or 
                  o         Provide a certificate of sterility, or
                  o         Obtain an unaltered dog license.
          These requirements do not apply to a dog with a high  
          likelihood of serious bodily harm or death if spayed or  
          neutered.  The dog's owner or custodian must obtain a  
          licensed veterinarian's written confirmation.  If the dog  
          can be spayed or neutered at a later late, that date must  
          be stated in the veterinarian's confirmation.  If the  
          delayed date is more than 30 days, the owner or custodian  


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 3

          must apply for an unaltered dog license.

          The bill allows local officials to deny or revoke an  
          unaltered dog license if:
                 The owner, custodian, applicant, or licensee does  
               not comply with the new law.
                 The licensing agency has issued one verified  
               citation that the owner, custodian, applicant, or  
               licensee has allowed the dog to be stray or run at  
               large, or has otherwise been neglectful of animals.
                 The owner, custodian, applicant, or licensee has  
               been previously cited regarding the care and control  
               of animals.
                 A court has found the dog to be potentially  
               dangerous, dangerous, or vicious, or to be a nuisance.
                 Any unaltered dog license held by the applicant has  
               been revoked.
                 The application contains a material  
               misrepresentation or omission.
          The licensing agency must use its existing procedures for  
          any appeal of a denial or revocation of an unaltered dog  

          SB 250 requires the owner or custodian of an unaltered dog  
          that is four months old or younger that is offered for  
          sale, trade, or adoption to include a valid unaltered dog  
          license number, or comply with the bill's requirements.   
          The document transferring the dog's ownership must include  
          the unaltered dog's license number and any existing  
          microchip number.

          II.  Cats  .  Under SB 250, it is unlawful for anyone who  
          owns, keeps, or harbors an unspayed or unaltered cat older  
          than six months to allow that cat to remain outdoors.  The  
          owner of an unaltered cat must have the animal spayed or  
          neutered, or provide a certificate of sterility.  These  
          requirements do not apply to a cat with a high likelihood  
          of serious bodily harm or death if spayed or neutered.  The  
          cat's owner or custodian must obtain a licensed  
          veterinarian's written confirmation.  If the cat can be  
          spayed or neutered at a later date, that date must be  
          stated in the veterinarian's confirmation.

          If a licensing agency requires cat licenses, the bill  


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 4

          requires the owner or custodian of an unaltered cat who  
          offers the cat for sale, trade, or adoption to notify the  
          licensing agency of the transferee's name and address  
          within 10 days after the transfer.  The document  
          transferring the cat's ownership must include any existing  
          microchip number.

          III.   Dogs and Cats  .  The owner or custodian of an  
          unaltered dog or cat is subject to an administrative  
          citation, infraction, or penalty for violating the bill's  
          requirements only if the owner or custodian is concurrently  
          cited for violating another state or local law regarding  
          dog or cat possession, including:
                 Failure to have a current rabies vaccination of the  
               subject dog.
                 Permitting the subject dog or cat to roam at large.
                 Failure to license the subject dog.
                 Leash license violations.
                 Kennel or cattery permit violations.
                 Tethering violations.
                 Maintaining a dog or cat in unhealthy or unsanitary  
                 Failure to provide adequate care for the subject  
               dog or cat.
                 Violating the subject dog's quarantine for rabies.
                 Operating a business involving the subject dog or  
               cat without a license or a state tax ID number.
                 Criminal dog fighting activity.
                 Unlawfully leaving animals unattended in a motor  
                 Failure to comply with local requirements for  
               keeping a dog that was found to be potentially  
               dangerous, dangerous, or vicious.

          SB 250 requires the owner or custodian of an unaltered dog  
          or cat who is subject to penalty because of one of these  
          violations to spay or neuter the animal.  The licensing  
          agency must use its existing procedures for any appeals.

          When a licensing agency issues a citation for these  
          violations, the agency must give the animal's owner or  
          custodian information about free or low-cost spaying or  
          neutering services.


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 5

          SB 250 requires the owner or custodian of an impounded,  
          unlicensed, and unaltered dog or cat to:
                 Provide written proof of the animal's  
                 Have the animal spayed or neutered by a  
               veterinarian associated with the licensing agency, at  
               the owner or custodian's expense.
                 Have the animal spayed or neutered by another  
                 At the licensing agency's discretion, pay a  
               refundable deposit or sign a statement under penalty  
               of perjury that:
                  o         The animal will be spayed or neutered,  
                  o         The owner or custodian will submit a  
                    veterinarian's certificate within 10 days  
                    confirming that:
                                     The animal has been spayed or  
                         neutered, or is incapable of breeding  or  
                                     That the spaying or neutering  
                         has been scheduled.
                 Demonstrate that the person complies with the  
               bill's requirements.

          SB 250 makes the owner or custodian of an unaltered dog or  
          cat responsible for impoundment costs.  These costs are a  
          lien against the dog or cat and the bill prohibits the  
          animal's return to the owner or custodian until the costs  
          are paid or payment arrangements have been made.  If the  
          owner or custodian doesn't pay the lien or make the  
          payments, the bill declares the animal to be abandoned to  
          the licensing agency.

          IV.   General Provisions  .  SB 250 directs the resulting  
          costs and fines, including the impoundment fees, to the  
          licensing agency to defray its implementation and  
          enforcement costs.

          The bill declares that the new law does not prohibit a  
          local jurisdiction from enacting or enforcing local  
                 That require spaying or neutering of all dogs and  
                 Regarding the obligations of people who own or  


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 6

               possess dogs or cats. 

          SB 250 also defines "licensing agency" and "custodian" for  
          the purpose of the new law.


          1.   Taking responsibility  .  Tackling the problems caused by  
          dog and cat overpopulation requires the combined efforts of  
          animal owners, pet breeders, veterinarians, private  
          organizations, local officials, and state leaders.  Many  
          owners and breeders already control the number and sizes of  
          their animals' litters.  Many veterinarians contribute  
          their services to free and low-cost spay and neuter  
          programs.  Private organizations actively educate the  
          public about overpopulation problems and solutions.  Local  
          officials have adopted tough ordinances to curb dog and cat  
          overpopulation.  Yet despite these efforts and some  
          successes, California still endures the problems caused by  
          overpopulation.  But not all animal owners are responsible.  
           Uncontrolled litters result in inappropriate  
          cross-breeding, feral cats, and unwanted dogs.  Those who  
          fail to take personal responsibility for their animals  
          create expensive problems for all taxpayers.  SB 250  
          confronts the problem of dog and cat overpopulation by  
          imposing strict consequences on the owners of unaltered  
          dogs and cats that get into trouble.  Those who violate the  
          new requirements will have to change their ways or spay or  
          neuter their animals.

          2.   Personal responsibility, public regulation  .  As the  
          lists of the bill's supporters and opponents shows, owning  
          and caring for dogs and cats is deeply emotional for many  
          people.  Although most animal owners acknowledge the public  
          health and public finance problems caused by dog and cat  
          overpopulation, they oppose government requirements for  
          spaying or neutering animals.  While there is support for  
          altering abandoned animals that will be released from  
          public animal shelters, many oppose the mandatory spaying  
          and neutering of owned animals.  Some owners resent even  
          the existing state and local limits on how they treat their  
          animals, believing that these decisions are best left to  
          the owners themselves.  Responsible owners and breeders  
          want what's best for their dogs and cats.  The Committee  


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 7

          may wish to consider whether the mandatory spay and neuter  
          requirements in SB 250 go too far. 

          3.   Three big problems  .  The 1989 Vincent bill identified  
          three public policy problems that result from uncontrolled  
          dog and cat overpopulation: public health, public costs,  
          and unnecessary euthanization.  The Legislature declared  
          that the most effective solution is spaying and neutering.   
          Some cities and counties already have mandatory spay and  
          neuter ordinances.  The Committee may wish to consider  
          whether the restrictions in SB 250 will reduce the number  
          of unwanted dogs and cats.  The Committee may wish to  
          consider other, nonregulatory approaches.  For example, the  
          Legislative Analyst has recommended that the Legislature  
          repeal the longer shelter holding period mandated by the  
          1998 Hayden bill.  Instead, "the Legislature could pilot an  
          incentive program that gives funding to those shelters that  
          increase the number of animals successfully adopted."  The  
          LAO noted that "the state could give local government  
          shelters $30 for every dog or cat adopted for a total  
          annual cost of about $12 million."  That price-tag is less  
          than the cost of paying for the Hayden holding period  

          4.   Legislative history  .  In June 2008, the Senate Local  
          Government Committee voted 3-2 to pass AB 1634 (Levine)  
          which imposed civil penalties on the owners of unspayed or  
          unneutered dogs or cats.  The Levine bill failed on the  
          Senate Floor by the vote of 5-27.

          5.   Technically speaking  .  The state has regulated the  
          behavior of dogs, cats, and their owners for decades,  
          resulting in two separate divisions of the Food and  
          Agriculture Code --- Division 14 for dogs and Division 14.5  
          for cats.  Some parts of the new law created by SB 250  
          apply to dogs, some parts apply to cats, and some parts  
          apply to both dogs and cats.  Nevertheless, the bill places  
          the new law entirely within the statutory division that  
          applies to dogs.  To avoid misunderstanding, the Committee  
          should adopt technical amendments that move the provisions  
          of SB 250 that apply to cats to the statutory division that  
          regulates cats.  Subdivisions (b) and (f) belong in  
          Division 14.5, as do the references to cats in subdivisions  
          (g), (h), (i), (j), (k), and (l).


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 8

                         Support and Opposition  (4/9/09)
           It is the Committee staff's custom to prepare lists of a  
          bill's supporters and opponents by asking the bill's author  
          for that information.  The Committee's staff supplements  
          the information that the author provides with the letters  
          that the Committee has received.  These lists report the  
          information that was available on Thursday morning, April  
          Support  :
          Letters and petitions from more than 1,000 people

          A Dogs Life Rescue
          A New Hope Animal Foundation (Auburn)
          A New Hope Animal Foundation (Loomis)
          A Passion for Paws Rescue, Inc - La Jolla
          AAA Animal Control

          All Creatures Animal Caring Society
          Alpha Canine Sanctuary
          American Tortoise Rescue
          Animal Alliance
          Animal Birth Control Assistance
          Animal Care Center of Indio
          Animal Helpline
          Animal Medical Hospital Animal Protection Rescue League
          Animal Samaritan Inc.
          Animal Shelter Relief Rescue
          Animal Welfare Services for Atwater Village
          Antioch Animal Services Volunteer
          At the Very Leash
          Basset Hound Rescue
          Bay Area Bird Hospital
          Benevolent Animal Rescue Committee, Inc.
          Beth Shaw Rentals
          Beverly Hills Police Department
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Dana Point)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (El Cajon)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Foothill Ranch)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Huntington Beach)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Menifee)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Mission Viejo)


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 9

          Bichon FurKids Rescue (San Diego)
          Bichon FurKids Rescue (Yorba Linda)
          Bob Barker
          Canine Canyon Ranch
          Capitola Police Department
          Cat Cause Foundation
          Cats at the Studio
          Cats In Need
          Central California SPCA
          Central Valley Seekers
          City of Desert Hot Springs Animal Shelter
          City of Encinitas Mayor Maggie Houlihan
          City of Fresno
          City of Hawthorne Animal Shelter
          City of Hayward Shelter Volunteers
          City of Huntington Beach Mayor Keith Bohr
          City of Lathrop
          City of Santa Rosa Councilmember Veronica Jacobi
          City of Stockton
          City of Vallejo
          City of Vallejo Councilmember Stephanie Gomes
          City of West Hollywood
          Coachella Valley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to  
          Community Concern For Cats (Contra Costa County)
          Community Concern for Cats (Pittsburg)
          Compassion For Animals
          County of Kern
          County of Lake Department of Animal Care & Control
          County of Placer
          Delta Paws Animal Rescue
          DJ&T Foundation
          Dog Land - Manhattan Beach
          East Bay Animal Advocates
          Family and Furry Friends Rescue
          Feral Cat Coalition
          Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals
          Friends of Madera Animal Shelter
          Furry Friends Rescue (Elk Grove)
          Furry Friends Rescue (Fremont)
          Genesis Digital Art Studios
          Girly Things Boutique in Manhattan Beach
          Happy Critters Guinea Pig Rescue
          Hayward Animal Shelter
          Healthy Habits Studio


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 10

          Helping Out Pets Everyday (Montclair)
          Helping Out Pets Everyday (Upland)
          Hemet City Animal Control
          Hermosa Beach Animal Control
          Home at Last Animal Rescue (Berkeley)
          Home at Last Animal Rescue (Corte Madera)
          HOPE Animal Foundation
          Husky Haven of Los Angeles
          IAG Coffee Franchise, LLC
          In Defense of Animals
          Ingram Micro, Inc.
          It's The Grind Coffee House
          It's The Pits Rescue
          Karma Rescue - Los Angeles
          LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine
          Laguna Beach Feline Rescue
          Lake Balboa Neighborhood Council
          Last Chance for Animals
          Lawndale City Animal Control
          League of Humane Voters California Chapter
          Living Free Animal Sanctuary
          Loving All Animals, Inc.
          Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
          Nitta Erosion Control
          NorCal Boxer Rescue
          North Bay Animal Advocates
          North Coast Animal Welfare Advocacy Center
          North Start Pet Assistance
          OCPoundhounds Small Breed Rescue
          Pacific Yoga and Ayurveda
          PACT, Inc.
          Pallas Investment Partners
          Palm Desert Animal Control
          Palms N Paws
          Paw Parent
          People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
          Pet Rescue Center
          Pet Sitters I.N.C.
          Pet Welfare Proposition
          Photo Research
          Pilates Fit Studio
          Poinsie Pets Animal Rescue
          Producers Guild of America


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 11

          PURRfect Partners Cat Adoptions
          Ramona Animal Shelter
          Re/Max Elite Team
          Redlands Animal Shelter
          Redondo Beach Animal Control
          RESQCATS Inc.
          Richmond Police Department
          Safe Cat Foundation
          San Bernardino Valley Humane Society
          San Diego Animal Support Foundation 
          San Diego House Rabbit Society
          Santa Cruz County Animal Services Authority 
          Santa Cruz SPCA
          Save A Dog Today
          Scooter's Pals
          Seal Beach Animal Care Center
          Seaside Realty
          Second Chance Animal Rescue (San Diego)
          Second Chance Animal Rescue (Woodstock)
          Senior Citizens For Humane Legislation and Education
          Sequoia Humane Society
          Shelter Animal Advocacy Fund
          Soaring, LLC
          Social Compassion In Legislation
          South Bay Animal Shelter
          South County Animal Shelter Coalition
          Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue
          Southland Collie Rescue
          Southwest Homes and Land Turtle and Tortoise & Animal  
          Stockton Animal Shelter
          Stockton Police Department
          Strangebird Art
          Support Alliance for Stray Animals
          Tails of the City Animal Rescue
          Take Me Home Rescue
          The Catherine Fund
          The Pet Care Foundation
          The Pet Rescue Center
          The Uncommon Canine, Inc.
          Torrance Animal Control
          UCLA People Animal Connection
          United Action for Animals


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 12

          United Activists for Animal Rights
          VCA Desert Animal Hospital
          Village Cat Club of Laguna Woods
          Voice for the Animals Foundation
          Water Music Records
          Western University Veterinarians for Spay and Neuter
          Windansea Law
          Wuffington Wag
          YogaFit Inc.
          Yucaipa Valley Animal Placement

           Opposition  :

          Letters and petitions from more than 1,000 people

          Akita Club of America, Inc.
          Alaskan Malamute Club of America
          Alameda County Schutzhund & Police K-9 Club
          Alley Cat Allies
          American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc.
          American Brittany Club, Inc.
          American Herding Breed Association
          American Kennel Club
          American Pomeranian Club, Inc.
          American Saluki Association
          American Sighthound Field Association
          Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
          Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc.
          Applied Backflow Technologies
          Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California
          ATAS Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
          Atherton Acres Boarding and Training Kennels
          Bakersfield Obedience Training Club
          Basset Hound Club of Southern California
          Bix-L Boxers
          Bizzy B Cairn Terriers
          Bloodhounds West Breed Rescue, Inc., Northern Chapter
          Bonita Cat Fanciers
          Borzoi Club of California
          Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley
          Bull Terrier Club of America, Inc.
          Bulldog Club of America, Div. III
          Bulldog Club of Northern California, Inc.


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 13

          Butte County Kennel Club, Inc.
          California Airedale Terrier Club Incorporated
          California Central Valley Maltese Club
          California English Setter Club
          California Federation of Dog Clubs
          California Greyhound Coursing Association
          California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
          California Responsible Pet Owners' Coalition/CaRPOC
          California Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc.
          Canine Specialized Search Team
          Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Southern California
          Channel City Kennel Club
          Chow Fanciers of Southern California
          Concerned Dog Owners of California
          City of Angeles Pomeranian Club Inc.
          City of Highland
          Contra Costa County Kennel Club
          Coso Dog Fanciers of California, Inc.
          Dachshund Club of California
          Davis Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club
          Del Arroyo 4-H Club
          Del Fur Kennel Club
          Doberman Pinscher Club of Northern California, Inc.
          Elkhorn Plaza Veterinary Clinic
          English Cocker Spaniel Club of Northern California
          Feather River Dog Training Club
          Franciscan Silver & Golden Fanciers
          German Shepherd Dog Club of America
          German Shepherd Dog Club of Los Angeles
          German Shorthaired Pointer Club of San Diego
          Golden Empire Brittany Club
          Golden Gate Cat Club
          Golden Gate English Springer Spaniel Association
          Golden Gate Greater Swiss Mt. Dog Rescue
          Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
          Golden State American Staffordshire Terrier Club
          Great Dane Club of California
          Greater San Diego Whippet Association
          Grunenfeld German Shepherds
          Harrier Club of America
          Inland Empire English Setter Club
          Inland Empire Hound Club of Southern California
          Irish Terrier Club of America


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 14

          Irish Terrier Club of Southern California
          Irish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc.
          Kansas City Dog Advocates
          Kennel Club of Palm Springs
          Law Offices of Janet Vining Mitchell
          Los Encinos Kennel Club
          Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS)
          Los Angeles Doberman Pinscher Club, Inc.
          Los Angeles Poodle Obedience Club, Inc.
          Los Padres Obedience Club, Inc.
          Maine Attraction Cat Fanciers
          Maryland Dog Federation, Inc.
          Mother Lode Bulldog Club of Sacramento
          National English Shepherd Rescue
          National Pet Alliance
          National Rifle Association of America
          Nerds to the Rescue
          Newfoundland Club of Southern California
          Nicolas Studio Inc.
          Norcal Golden Retriever Club, Inc.
          Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue
          Nor-Cal Toy Dog Fanciers
          Nor-Cal Treehound Association
          Northern California Brittany Club
          Northern California Bulldog Rescue
          Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club
          Northern California Samoyed Fanciers
          Northern California Siberian Husky Club, Inc.
          Northern California Terrier Association
          Northern California Toy Fox Terrier Club Rescue
          Northern California Whippet Fanciers Association, Inc.
          Northern California Whippet Rescue Committee
          Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
          Orange Empire Dog Club, Inc.
          Outdoor Sportsmen's Coalition of California
          Pacific Coast Bulldog Club
          Poodle Club of Central California
          Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California
          Professional Stewards Association of Northern California
          Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, Inc.
          Sacramento Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club, Inc.
          Sacramento Valley Boxer Club
          Sacramento Valley Dog Franciers
          Safari Club International Foundation


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 15

          Safari Club International (SCI)
          Salmon Creek Ranch
          Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco
          San Angeles Saluki Club, Inc.
          San Francisco Dog Training Club, Inc.
          San Francisco Revelers
          San Joaquin Kennel Club
          San Lorenzo Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Santa Clara Dog Training Club, Inc.
          Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club
          Savannah Cat Rescue
          Schipperke Club of Southern California
          Shetland Sheepdog Club of Northern California
          Show and Sport Optimizing Animal Health Naturally
          SoCal Belgian Shepherd Rescue
          Somis Schutzhund Club
          South Bay Kennel Club, Inc.
          Southern California Alaskan Malamute Club Inc.
          Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue
          Southern California Schutzhund Club
          Southern California Siamese Rescue
          Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
          Standard Schnauzer Club of Southern California
          Stanislaus County Schutzhund Club
          Tally Ho Dawg Walkin' Club
          The Animal Council
          The Borzoi Club of Northern California
          The Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
          The California Sportsman's Lobby
          The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.
          The City of Angels Pomeranian Club, Inc.
          The English Shepherd Club
          The Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers
          The International Cat Association, Inc.
          The Irish Water Spaniel Club of America
          The Kennel Club of Palm Springs
          The Toy Fox Terrier Club of Northern California Rescue
          Tule River Houndsmen
          Tonkinese Breed Association
          Two Cities Kennel Club
          United States Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to  
          Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association
          Way Out West Schutzhund Club
          West Highland White Terrier Club of California


           SB 250 -- 4/2/09 -- Page 16

          West Shore Shorthair Cat Club
          Western Rottweiler Owners Club
          Working Riesenschnauzer Federation
          Yorkshire Terrier Club of Los Angeles