VETOED	DATE: 10/12/2009

To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 545 without my signature.

This bill is unnecessary.  The project development process currently
being undertaken by the California Department of Transportation
(Caltrans) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation
Authority is the appropriate vehicle to determine the scope and
feasibility of a project to address the transportation needs in the
I-710 corridor.  This process provides ample opportunity for public
involvement and input.  There is absolutely no need to enact
statutory restrictions that would mandate certain project design
options or remove others from potential consideration.  In addition,
several properties belonging to the state would be subject to sale
for less than fair market value as a result of this bill, resulting
in the loss to the state of hundreds of millions of dollars.

For these reasons, I am unable to sign this bill.


Arnold Schwarzenegger