BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                             JEFF DENHAM, CHAIRMAN

          Bill No:        SB 1057
          Author:         Denham
          Version:        As Introduced February 16, 2010
          Hearing Date:   April 13, 2010
          Fiscal:         Yes
          Consultant:     Donald E. Wilson

                                 SUBJECT OF BILL
          Observation of Veterans' Day
                                  PROPOSED LAW
          Requires Veterans' Day to be observed by all state agencies  
          on the actual date of Veterans' Day, November 11.

                           EXISTING LAW AND BACKGROUND
          World War 1 or, as it was known then, "the war to end all  
          wars" engaged the globe in a conflict that because of its  
          heinous nature had people hoping that war would not be seen  

          The armistice on the Western front of the war was signed at  
          11:00 am on the 11th of November 1918 giving the phrase  
          that every one in the civilized world would know for  
          decades: "the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the  
          eleventh month."

          Congress made Armistice Day an official day in 1938.

          In 1939, with the advent of World War 2, Armistice Day  
          became Veterans' Day to honor all those who had fought in  
          any war. 

          In 1954 President Dwight David Eisenhower made the name  
          change official by signing House Resolution (H.R.) 7786.


          In 1968 Congress had forgotten the significance of  
          Veterans' Day and changed Veterans' Day to the fourth  
          Monday of October making the day just an excuse for a  
          three-day weekend.

          The backhanded slap at those who have preserved our liberty  
          was protested.  After ten years, in 1978, Congress was  
          convinced of its mistake and was compelled to return  
          Veterans' Day to its proper observation day of November 11.

          According to the author, "SB 1057 was inspired by a  
          letter-to-the-editor in the Sacramento Bee (11/16/09) from  
          Marian Forness (Rancho Cordova), whose late husband served  
          this country in the United States Air Force for 20 years.   
          She noted in her letter that the State Senate took Friday,  
          November 13, 2009 off instead of Veterans' Day on  
          Wednesday, November 11, so it could have a three-day  


              1.   RECOMMENDED AMENDMENT- For clarity's sake, since  
               this bill is about a debate over the observation of  
               when is the date of Veterans' Day lines 8 and 9 should  
               be changed from "shall be closed on the Veterans' Day  
               holiday" to "shall be closed on November 11th,  
               Veterans' Day." 

             2.   American soldiers have laid down their lives down  
               on the alter of freedom in great numbers throughout  
               the 20th century. 116,516 Americans died in WW I.   
               264,000 wounded.  Over 4,355,000 fought.  407,000  
               Americans died in WW II.  671,485 wounded.  Over  
               16,000,000 million fought.  36,914 Americans died in  
               Korea.  Over 92,000 wounded.  Over 1,789,000 fought.   
               Somewhere on the Korean peninsula over 8,000 Americans  
               remain: they are missing in action (MIA).  58,000  
               Americans died in Vietnam. 300,000 were wounded.   
               Approximately 2.5 million served.  Over 2,000 American  
               military personnel remain in the jungles of Vietnam:  
               they are MIA.

             3.   This country has paid a heavy price to preserve  

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               itself, and the currency it pays with is the best and  
               brightest of its youth.  Any civilized society  
               understands that truth, which is the reason Veterans'  
               Day was set as a reminder for all.

             4.   According to the author's office those who  
               served-especially those who died-deserve more respect  
               than to be told it is too inconvenient to have their  
               day of honor when it happens to fall during the middle  
               of the week.

             5.   This is a new bill.  There are no previous votes. 

          American Legion, Department of California 
          AMVETS, Department of California
          California Association of County Veterans Service Officers
          Vietnam Veterans of America, California State Council

          None received

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