INTRODUCED BY   Assembly Member Morrell

                        JANUARY 30, 2012

   Relative to Boy Scouts of America.


   ACR 94, as introduced, Morrell. Boy Scouts of America.
   This measure would congratulate the Boy Scouts of America on its
102nd anniversary, and acknowledge and recognize its accomplishments
and the positive effect that it has had on the lives of youth.
   Fiscal committee: no.

   WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America was inspired and modeled on the
Boy Scouts Association, established by Lord Baden-Powell in the
United Kingdom in 1908; and
   WHEREAS, William D. Boyce, an American newspaper man, with Edward
S. Stewart and Stanley D. Willis, incorporated the Boy Scouts of
America on February 8, 1910, and applied for a federal charter; and
   WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth
organizations in the United States, with over four million current
and active youth members; and
   WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America's goal is to train youth in
responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance
through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities,
educational programs, and career-oriented programs in partnership
with community organizations; and
   WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America first served as crowd control
for the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1913, and have
served at every inauguration since in some ceremonial role; and
   WHEREAS, In 1912, following the success of the Boy Scouts of
America program, the Girl Scouts of the United States of America was
founded on the same scouting principles developed by Lord
Baden-Powell to promote the social welfare of young women during the
progressive movement and serving in complement to the Boy Scouts of
America; and
   WHEREAS, During the Great War, scouts were used as message
runners, coast watchers, and in other vital service roles, as well as
to collect countless tons of scrap metal and other natural resources
that could be recycled and put to use in America's factories; and
   WHEREAS, During the Great Depression, President Franklin D.
Roosevelt encouraged scouts to do their part by providing services to
assist relief agencies, and to have scout leaders provide training
for the Civilian Conservation Corps; and
   WHEREAS, Scouting is operated locally through units sponsored by
churches, clubs, civic associations, educational organizations and
the like, which furthers their mission to give back to their
communities; and
   WHEREAS, Units of scouting are led entirely by volunteers; and
   WHEREAS, In addition to nostalgic memories of campfires kindling
friendships, prominent leaders in all fields of endeavor have
credited the skills they learned in scouting as helping mold them
into successful citizens; and
   WHEREAS, Over two-thirds of all astronauts had some type of
involvement in scouting, and 11 of the 12 men to walk on the Moon
were Boy Scouts, including Eagle Scouts Neil Armstrong and Charlie
Duke; and
   WHEREAS, President Gerald Ford stated, "I can say without
hesitation, because of Scouting principles, I know I was a better
athlete, I was a better naval officer, I was a better Congressman,
and I was a better prepared President;" and
   WHEREAS, Scouts have been urged to "Do a Good Turn Daily" from the
inception of the scouting movement; and
   WHEREAS, Scouting for Food is an ongoing annual program, started
in 1986, that collects food for local food banks; and
   WHEREAS, In 1997, the Boy Scouts of America developed Service to
America, with a commitment to provide 200 million hours of service by
youth members by the end of the year 2000, which included service
projects with the National Park Service; and
   WHEREAS, The achievements and contributions of the scouting
program are possible only through the dedicated service hours of
California's youth, and it is through their leadership, and the
efforts of all scouting volunteers and families, that California's
future will continue to flourish; and
   WHEREAS, In 2008, the Boy Scouts of America honored its
two-millionth Eagle Scout; and
   WHEREAS, The Boy Scouts of America centennial logo was created by
Philip Goolkasian, an Eagle Scout from Fresno, California; and
   WHEREAS, The United States Mint issued 350,000 Boy Scouts of
America Silver Dollar Centennial Commemorative Coins; and
   WHEREAS, The United States Postal Service released the Celebrate
Scouting commemorative stamp; and
   WHEREAS, On January 1, 2010, the Boy Scouts of America, for the
first time in its history, entered a float commemorating its 100th
anniversary for the Annual Tournament of Roses Parade held in
Pasadena, California; now, therefore, be it
   Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, That the Legislature does hereby recognize,
congratulate, and commend the Boy Scouts of America on its 102nd
anniversary; and be it further
   Resolved, That the Legislature acknowledges that the Boy Scouts of
America have provided a strong program for youth for 102 years, and
commends the Boy Scouts of America for its accomplishments and the
lives positively affected by scouting; and be it further
   Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly shall produce and
distribute to all Members of the Legislature sufficient copies of
this resolution such that Members may present them to local Scouting
Councils and Troops as a memento of the 102nd anniversary of the Boy
Scouts of America.