INTRODUCED BY   Assembly Members Smyth and Huffman

                        FEBRUARY 9, 2012

   Relative to "Parks Make Life Better!" Month.


   ACR 106, as introduced, Smyth. Parks Make Life Better! Month.
   This measure would declare the Legislature's recognition of the
importance of access to local parks, trails, open space, and
facilities for the health and development of all Californians. This
measure would also declare July 2012 as "Parks Make Life Better!"
   Fiscal committee: no.

   WHEREAS, A 2009 public opinion research study, conducted by the
California Park & Recreation Society, revealed 98 percent of
California's households visit a local park and 50 percent of
California households participate in an organized recreation program
annually; and
   WHEREAS, California's residents value their local parks and
recreation services, as they provide access to the serenity and
inspiration of nature, outdoor spaces, and places for play and
exercise; facilities for directed and self-directed recreation;
activities that facilitate social connections, human development, the
arts, and lifelong learning; and positive alternatives for youth
that help lower crime and mischief; and
   WHEREAS, The 2010 California Obesity Prevention Plan states the
   (a) One in every nine California Children, one in three teens, and
over 50 percent of adults are already overweight or obese, and that
obesity affects virtually all age, income, educational, ethnic, and
disability groups.
   (b) The state's childhood obesity epidemic and related health
conditions and associated costs are expected to increase unless
concerted and coordinated efforts are made to increase opportunities
for children and youth to engage in age-appropriate, high quality
physical activity programs during nonschool hours.
   (c) Research has shown that where people live, work, and play
impacts obesity. For example, in Imperial County, 73 percent of
adults are overweight or obese, while only 43 percent of San
Francisco City and County adults are overweight or obese.
   (d) California's costs attributable to physical inactivity,
obesity, and excess body weight in 2006 were estimated at $41.2
billion. In contrast, a 5 percent improvement in each of these risk
factors could result in an annual savings of nearly $2.4 billion.
   (e) To address obesity, the State of California must ensure that
all California residents have access to safe places to play and be
active; and
   WHEREAS, California's 10 Step Vision for a Healthy California is a
call to action to transform the state so that all Californians can
enjoy healthy eating and active living, resulting in all of the
   (a) Every day, every child will participate in physical activity.
   (b) California's adults will be physically active every day.
   (c) Neighborhoods, communities, and buildings will support
physical activity, including safe walking, stair climbing, and
bicycling; and
   WHEREAS, The Governor, Legislature, and citizens have prioritized
efforts to increase physical activity, access to nature, spaces for
play and exercise, the arts, lifelong learning, and social
connections among children and adults through the approval of
statewide park bond programs; and
   WHEREAS, The California Park & Recreation Society promotes the
positive personal and community benefits of parks, open space,
trails, recreation facilities and programs, nature education, and
sports for able and disabled children, teens, adults, and seniors;
   WHEREAS, Participation in physical activities can lower a citizen'
s risk of developing chronic health problems, such as high blood
pressure, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes, and also help children
grow up to be healthier adults; and
   WHEREAS, The California Park & Recreation Society has released a
statewide public awareness campaign, "Parks Make Life Better!" to
inform citizens of the many benefits of utilizing parks, facilities,
programs, and services; now, therefore, be it
   Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
thereof concurring, That the Legislature recognizes the importance of
access to local parks, trails, open space, and facilities such as
swimming pools, skate parks, dog parks, tennis courts, nature
centers, and museums, for the health and development of all
Californians; and
   Resolved, That the Legislature declares July 2012 as "Parks Make
Life Better!" Month; and be it further
   Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of
this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.