BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                   Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary
                           Senator Christine Kehoe, Chair

                                          AB 250 (Brownley)
          Hearing Date: 08/25/2011        Amended: 08/15/2011
          Consultant: Jacqueline Wong-HernandezPolicy Vote: Education 8-0
          BILL SUMMARY: AB 250 establishes a process for the full 
          implementation of the common core academic content standards 
          (Common Core) through the development of curricular frameworks, 
          instructional materials, and professional development aligned 
          with the common core standards. This bill extends the operative 
          date of the existing standardized assessments by one year (until 
          July 1, 2014), as specified.
                            Fiscal Impact (in thousands)

           Major Provisions            2011-12       2012-13                
           2013-14                         Fund
          Common Core implementation              $133                 
          $133                                     Federal*              
          Professional development              $400               
          $300-500          $300-500       Federal*              
          STAR program extension                                           
                   $53,000 / $12,400  Gen**/Fed
          * Title 1 carryover funds
          **Counts toward meeting the Proposition 98 minimum funding 


          The State Board of Education (SBE) adopted the Common Core in 
          English language arts and mathematics in August 2010. The 
          current curricular frameworks and instructional materials are 
          not fully aligned with the Common Core, and the process to 
          update curricular frameworks and adopt instructional materials 


          AB 250 (Brownley)
          Page 1

          has been suspended since July 2009 and is suspended until the 
          2015-16 school year. 

          This bill seeks to fully implement Common Core, and proposes the 
          following changes:

           Frameworks and evaluation criteria:  This bill requires the SBE 
          to adopt curriculum frameworks and evaluation criteria in math 
          and ELA aligned to the common core standards by May 2013 and May 
          2014, respectively. It requires that English language 
          development (ELD) standards be incorporated in English language 
          arts (ELA) frameworks, and that frameworks include ELD 
          strategies to address the needs of English learners and 
          strategies to meet the needs of pupils with disabilities in all 
          core content areas, as specified.

           Instructional Quality Advisory Committee  : This bill renames the 
          Curriculum Commission as the Instructional Quality Advisory 
          Committee. As previously noted, this bill removes the committee 
          from having a role in the process to review and recommend 
          instructional materials for adoption by the SBE. It otherwise 
          keeps the renamed body's duties intact with responsibility for 
          reviewing and revising frameworks and evaluation criteria.  

          The CDE has indicated that existing staff would take on the 
          administrative work needed to implement changes to the 
          frameworks and evaluation criteria, the instructional materials, 
          and the Instructional Quality Advisory Committee. The CDE would 
          require additional resources for travel and related 
          reimbursements (for committee members, consultants, and staff), 
          as well as mailing and duplication costs. The Department 
          estimates that it would require $267,000 over two years to cover 
          these costs. 

           Professional Development (PD)  : This bill requires the SPI, in 
          collaboration with the SBE, teachers, district and county office 
          of education curriculum administrators and PD trainers, 
          representatives of higher education and other educational 
          entities to develop PD modules for teachers, principals and 
          school leaders that incorporate, make use of, and build upon 
          existing PD programs and opportunities currently available at 
          the local, state, and national levels to support implementation 
          of the Common Core. It further requires the model PD modules to 
          be aligned with California Standards for the Teaching Profession 


          AB 250 (Brownley)
          Page 2

          and be developed in consideration of the National Staff 
          Development Council Standards for PD, and to be designed for 
          delivery through various methods including, but not limited to, 
          school-based and web-based delivery. This bill also requires the 
          SPI to report to the SBE on the development of the model PD 

          The CDE estimates that it would cost $100,000 to create each PD 
          module, make it accessible on the Department website, and 
          provide training to local trainers; the estimate assumes the 
          modules will be created by existing staff. The CDE plans to 
          develop 4 modules in the first year ($400,000) and 6-10 modules 
          over the following two years ($600,000 - $1,000,000). 
          Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program  : The STAR 
          program requires pupils to be tested in ELA, math, science and 
          history-social science at specific grade levels, using specific 
          tests. The STAR program is currently scheduled to sunset on July 
          1, 2013; this bill extends the operative date of STAR program by 
          one year (until July 1, 2014). Additionally, this bill requires 
          the SPI, by November 1, 2012, to develop recommendations for a 
          future reauthorization of the state assessment system. 

          The actual cost of extending the STAR Program would depend upon 
          the contract negotiated by the CDE and SBE, based on several 
          factors including the final test components and the amount 
          apportioned to local education agencies. The CDE estimates the 
          total cost to be approximately $65,400,000, which includes 
          $12,400,000 in federal funds. 

          AS PROPOSED TO BE AMENDED: Proposed amendments would specify 
          that certain provisions of the bill be funded with federal Title 
          1 carryover funds.