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                                                                  AB 343
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          AB 343 (Atkins)
          As Introduced  February 10, 2011
          Majority vote 

           HOUSING             5-2         LOCAL GOVERNMENT    6-3         
          |Ayes:|Torres, Atkins, Bradford, |Ayes:|Alejo, Bradford, Campos,  |
          |     |Cedillo, Hueso            |     |Davis, Gordon, Hueso      |
          |     |                          |     |                          |
          |Nays:|Jeffries, Miller          |Nays:|Smyth, Knight, Norby      |
          |     |                          |     |                          |
           SUMMARY  :  Requires every redevelopment plan to consider and 
          identify strategies for how redevelopment projects will help 
          attain climate, air quality and energy conservation goals 
          identified in SB 375 (Steinberg), Chapter 728, Statutes of 2008, 
          or the applicable regional greenhouse gas emission reductions 

           FISCAL EFFECT  :  None

           COMMENTS  :  SB 375 (Steinberg) establishes a process for linking 
          land use planning to transportation planning.  The goal of SB 
          375 is to link regional planning with air quality standards to 
          reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the goals established by 
          AB 32 (Nez
           and Pavley) Chapter 488, Statutes of 2006, the California 
          Global Warming Act of 2006.  The California Air Resources Board 
          (CARB) was directed to establish greenhouse gas emission targets 
          for each region.  The law requires that by 2020 the state's 
          greenhouse gas emissions be reduced to 1990 levels, a roughly 
          25% reduction.  Local jurisdictions create a Sustainable 
          Communities Strategies (SCS) which incorporates land use and 
          transportation planning in effort to meet the goals provided by 

          SB 375 (Steinberg) contains five key aspects:  

          1)Creation of regional targets for greenhouse gas emissions 
            reduction tied to land use.


                                                                  AB 343
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          2)A requirement that regional planning agencies create a plan to 
            meet those targets, even if that plan is in conflict with 
            local plans.

          3)A requirement that regional transportation funding decisions 
            be consistent with this new plan.

          4)Marries together regional transportation planning and housing 
            efforts for the first time.

          5)New CEQA exemptions and streamlining for projects that conform 
            to the new regional plans, even if they conflict with local 

          Redevelopment agencies were created to eradicate blight in 
          disadvantaged communities.  By bonding against increases in tax 
          increment, agencies generate the funds to carry out blight 
          reduction.  Redevelopment could potentially be used as one of 
          the resources to meet the goals of SB 375 (Steinberg) provided 
          that the activities also meant the standards established in 
          existing law to eradicate blight.  Existing law requires that 
          one finding that a legislative body must make when adopting a 
          redevelopment plan is that it conforms to the general plan of 
          the community including but not limited to the housing element.  
          The housing element is a community's blueprint for where housing 
          will go and at what density; it is a valuable tool to help meet 
          the goals of SB 375 and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

          Purpose of this bill:  According to the author, "AB 343 directs 
          redevelopment agencies to identify strategies in any 
          redevelopment plan for implementing strategies that are 
          consistent with the goals established in SB 375 (Steinberg).  
          Linking redevelopment plans to the sustainable community 
          strategy is the best way to ensure that all local government 
          plans and projects are ensuring the regional air quality goals 
          are being met and that no one local jurisdiction within the 
          region is faced with more of the burden of implementing.  This 
          will ensure that the process that is taking place at the 
          regional level to meet air targets is consistent with growth, 
          redevelopment, housing and transportation as it relates to 
          redevelopment agencies."

          Arguments in support:  Western Center on Law & Poverty writes, 
          "SB 375 established regional blueprint planning.  It is logical 


                                                                  AB 343
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          and property that redevelopment plans should be aligned with 
          regional planning requirements.  Redevelopment project are 
          essentially by definition infill development. Infill development 
          will be key in reducing greenhouse gas emissions." 

           Analysis Prepared by  :    Lisa Engel / H. & C.D. / (916) 319-2085 

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