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                                                                  SCR 51
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          Date of Hearing:   August 25, 2011

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES
                                Nancy Skinner, Chair
                     SCR 51 (Lieu) - As Amended:  August 22, 2011

           SENATE VOTE :   38-1
          SUBJECT  :   Microchip Your Animal Day 2011.

           SUMMARY  :   Declares July 7, 2011, to be Microchip Your Animal 
          Day 2011 in California and requests that Californians observe 
          this day by having their dogs and cats microchipped and by 
          supporting organizations that provide no cost and affordable 
          microchipping services.  Specifically,  this resolution  makes the 
          following legislative findings:

          1)Of the one million dogs and cats entering California's 
            municipal animal shelters every year, only 13 percent are 
            returned to their owners and over half are euthanized, costing 
            taxpayers approximately $290 million annually.

          2)Seventy- four percent of microchipped animals are returned 
            home; and microchipping is a safe and effective way to get 
            animals home and prevent them from entering the shelter system 
            where the pet may face euthanasia within 72 hours of 
            separation from their owner.

          3)Veterinarians, humane societies, animal control agencies, and 
            national and local animal welfare organizations will join 
            together and advocate the microchipping of dogs and cats on 
            Microchip Your Animal Day 2011; and Californians can 
            contribute to the effort by microchipping their own companion 
            animals and by supporting programs in their communities that 
            offer accessible microchipping services.

           FISCAL EFFECT  :   None.


          None on file.


                                                                 SCR 51
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           Analysis Prepared by  :    Anna McCabe / RLS. / (916) 319-2800