INTRODUCED BY   Senator Price

                        FEBRUARY 18, 2011

   An act to amend Section 290.015 of the Penal Code, relating to sex


   SB 756, as introduced, Price. Sex offender registration.
   Existing law requires persons who are subject to the Sex Offender
Registration Act to, upon release from incarceration, placement,
commitment, or release on probation, register or reregister with the
chief of police of the city in which he or she is residing, or the
sheriff of the county if he or she is residing in an unincorporated
area or city that has no police department, as specified.
   This bill would make a technical, nonsubstantive change to that
   Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no.
State-mandated local program: no.


  SECTION 1.  Section 290.015 of the Penal Code is amended to read:
   290.015.  (a) A person who is subject to the Act shall register,
or reregister if  the person   he or she 
has previously registered, upon release from incarceration,
placement, commitment, or release on probation pursuant to
subdivision (b) of Section 290. This section shall not apply to a
person who is incarcerated for less than 30 days if he or she has
registered as required by the Act, he or she returns after
incarceration to the last registered address, and the annual update
of registration that is required to occur within five working days of
his or her birthday, pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 290.012,
did not fall within that incarceration period. The registration
shall consist of all of the following:
   (1) A statement in writing signed by the person, giving
information as shall be required by the Department of Justice and
giving the name and address of the person's employer, and the address
of the person's place of employment if that is different from the
employer's main address.
   (2) The fingerprints and a current photograph of the person taken
by the registering official.
   (3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly
driven by, or registered in the name of the person.
   (4) Notice to the person that, in addition to the requirements of
the Act, he or she may have a duty to register in any other state
where he or she may relocate.
   (5) Copies of adequate proof of residence, which shall be limited
to a California driver's license, California identification card,
recent rent or utility receipt, printed personalized checks or other
recent banking documents showing that person's name and address, or
any other information that the registering official believes is
reliable. If the person has no residence and no reasonable
expectation of obtaining a residence in the foreseeable future, the
person shall so advise the registering official and shall sign a
statement provided by the registering official stating that fact.
Upon presentation of proof of residence to the registering official
or a signed statement that the person has no residence, the person
shall be allowed to register. If the person claims that he or she has
a residence but does not have any proof of residence, he or she
shall be allowed to register but shall furnish proof of residence
within 30 days of the date he or she is allowed to register.
   (b) Within three days thereafter, the registering law enforcement
agency or agencies shall forward the statement, fingerprints,
photograph, and vehicle license plate number, if any, to the
Department of Justice.