VETOED	DATE: 10/07/2011

To the Members of the California State Senate:

The intent of this bill is to improve bicycle safety, a goal I
wholeheartedly support.

This bill changes the longstanding law for how motor vehicles should
pass a bicycle traveling in the same direction. Current law requires
drivers to pass at a safe distance; this bill would specify that the
distance must be at least 3 feet or at a speed not exceeding 15mph.

This bill offers some needed and clear improvements to the law such
as specifying a minimum buffer of 3 feet. However, Caltrans and the
California Highway Patrol have raised legitimate concerns about other
provisions such as the 15mph requirement. On streets with speed
limits of 35 or 40mph, slowing to 15mph to pass a bicycle could cause
rear end collisions. On other roads, a bicycle may travel at or near
15mph creating a long line of cars behind the cyclist.

I encourage the author, proponents, and opponents to send me a bill
next year that solves these problems.

I am returning Senate Bill 910 without my signature


Edmund G. Brown Jr.