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                                                                  AB 75
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          (  Without Reference to File  )

          AB 75 (Budget Committee)
          As Amended  June 10, 2013
          Majority vote.  Budget Bill Appropriation Takes Effect  
          |ASSEMBLY:  |     |(May 13, 2013)  |SENATE: |38-0 |               |
          |           |     |                |        |     |(June 14, 2013)|
                    (vote not relevant)                
           Original Committee Reference:    BUDGET  
          SUMMARY  :  Contains necessary statutory and technical changes to  
          implement the Budget Act of 2013 related to Alcohol and Drug  

           The Senate amendments  delete the Assembly version of this bill,  
          and instead: 

          1)Provide for statutory changes necessary to eliminate the  
            Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (DADP) and  
            transfer its programs and functions to other departments in  
            state government and makes various technical conforming  

          2)State that it is the intent of the Legislature that substance  
            use disorder programs within the DHCS, and the Office of  
            Problem Gambling within the DPH, have input in policy  
            decisions at the both department and agency level and continue  
            to utilize system stakeholders for input on public policy  

          3)State that it is the intent of the Legislature that the  
            impacts of these programmatic transitions are identified and  

          4)Require by April 1, 2014, and March 1 annually thereafter,  
            that DHCS and the DPH to report to the Joint Legislative  
            Budget Committee and the appropriate budget subcommittees and  
            policy committees of the Legislature, and to publicly post the  
            report on their Web site, using baseline measurements to  


                                                                  AB 75
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            assess year-over-year changes that demonstrate how and why  
            service delivery was improved, or otherwise changed as a  
            result of this transition.  

          5)Require, by November 1, 2013, the DHCS and the DPH to consult  
            with legislative staff and system stakeholders to develop a  
            reporting format.

          6)Sunset the reporting requirement as of January 1, 2019.

          7)Appropriate $2,004,000 from the federal trust fund to the  
            Department of Health Care Services for mental health programs.  
             This is a technical adjustment to align federal fund  
            authority for mental health services grants with the actual  
            amount of the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health  
            Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant received.  

          8)Contain an appropriation allowing this bill to take effect  
            immediately upon enactment.  

           Analysis Prepared by  :   Nicole Vazquez / BUDGET / (916)  
          319-2099FN: 0001176