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                                                                AB 221

                               Senator Jerry Hill, Chair
                               2013-2014 Regular Session
           BILL NO:    AB 221
           AUTHOR:     Quirk-Silva
           AMENDED:    June 10, 2013
           FISCAL:     Yes               HEARING DATE:     June 19, 2013
           URGENCY:    No                CONSULTANT:       Joanne Roy

            SUMMARY  :    
            Existing law  :

           1) Provides that the policy of the state is to conserve and  
              protect resources by encouraging the recycling of solid waste  
              and the purchase of those recycled materials.

           2) Authorizes the use of recycled concrete materials, as defined,  
              if the user has been fully informed that the concrete may  
              contain recycled concrete materials.

           3) Prohibits recycled concrete from being offered, provided, or  
              sold to the Department of Transportation or the Department of  
              General Services for any use unless specifically requested and  
              approved by that department.

           4) Defines "recycled concrete" as reclaimed concrete material  
              used in concrete mixtures in accordance with specified  

            This bill  :  

           1) Makes several findings and declarations about the benefits of  
              recycling concrete.

           2) Revises the definition of "recycled concrete" by deleting  
              reference to the Uniform Building Code and includes mix  
              designs or aggregate gradations of reclaimed concrete material  
              that are in accordance with specifications of the California  
              Building Code and the California Green Building Standards Code  


                                                                AB 221
                                                                 Page 2


            COMMENTS  :

            1) Purpose of Bill  .  According to the author, "With the current  
              statute being enacted prior to the adoption of both AB 32 and  
              the California Green Building Standards Code (CGBS), this  
              statute needs to be updated to reference the California GBSC  
              and more clearly state the resource conservation and  
              sustainability benefits from recycling reclaimed concrete  
              materials.  AB 221 will help achieve current AB 32 goals by  
              encouraging the recycling of concrete by adding code reference  
              to the GBSC in current statute.  This links the concrete  
              recycling provisions in the GBSC to the current statute and  
              ensures that link remains as the GBSC expands.  This bill also  
              will remove the incorrect references to the Uniform Building  
              Code and update it to reference the California Building  
              Standards Code.  Finally, AB 221 updates the findings to  
              clearly state the specific resource conservation and  
              sustainability benefits from recycling, as well as conveys the  
              industry's support for green design."

            2) Background:  Recycled Concrete  .  There are approximately 100  
              producers of recycled concrete in California.  Concrete  
              recycling is a method of using the rubble from structures made  
              of concrete that are demolished or renovated.  Recycled  
              concrete aggregate (RCA) is produced by crushing concrete to  
              reclaim the aggregate.  The primary use or market for recycled  
              concrete is road base; in paved roads as aggregate base,  
              aggregate subbase, and shoulders, or surfacing for gravel  
              roads.  Other uses include base for building foundations,  
              curbs, gutters, and sidewalks - all of which are considered  
              flat work. On the other hand, for work not considered flat,  
              RCA may not be considered suitable.  In comparative tests of  
              columns made of RCA and natural concrete aggregate, RCA showed  
              similar bearing capacity with natural concrete aggregate but  
              demonstrated significantly greater deformations.  (Journal of  
              Advanced Concrete Technology, "Comparative Tests of Beams and  
              Columns Made of Recycled Aggregate Concrete and Natural  
              Aggregate Concrete," 2007).  

           Recycling of concrete has two primary environmental benefits:   
              reducing the amount of waste going into landfills and reducing  


                                                                AB 221
                                                                 Page 3

              the depletion of natural sources used for aggregate.   
              According to the California Department of Resources Recycling  
              and Recovery (CalRecycle), "[T]he use of recycled aggregate  
              can save money for local governments and other purchasers,  
              create additional business opportunities, save energy when  
              recycling is done on site, conserve resources of urban  
              aggregates, and help local governments meet the diversion  
              goals of AB 989."  Asphalt and concrete make up approximately  
              2.4% of California's disposed waste stream, which is over  
              977,000 tons.

            SOURCE  :        California Construction and Industrial Materials  

           SUPPORT  :       7/11 Materials, Inc.
           American Federation of State, County, and Municipal 
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                          Bender Ready Mix, Inc.
                          California Construction Trucking Association
                          California Nevada Cement Association
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