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                                    THIRD READING

          Bill No:  AB 606
          Author:   Williams (D) and Gorell (R), et al.
          Amended:  9/11/13 in Senate
          Vote:     27 - Urgency


           SUBJECT  :    Hueneme Beach shoreline protection

           SOURCE  :     Author

           DIGEST  :    This bill appropriates $1 million from the Safe  
          Neighborhood Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal  
          Protection Bond Fund (Prop 12) for emergency measures permitted  
          by the Coastal Commission (Commission) to prevent severe  
          infrastructure damage to streets and property located along the  
          Hueneme Beach caused by beach erosion and flooding.

           ANALYSIS  :    

          Existing law: 

          1.Establishes Prop 12, a special fund available upon  
            appropriation by the Legislature, for purposes of parks and  
            resources improvement.  Prop 12 makes moneys available to the  
            State Coastal Conservancy for specified and related purposes,  
            including, but not limited to, the acquisition, enhancement,  
            restoration, protection, and development of coastal resources,  
            beaches, waterfronts, and public accessways, as specified.



                                                                     AB 606

          2.Provides, pursuant to Prop 12, $2.1 billion to protect land  
            around lakes, rivers, and streams and the coast to improve  
            water quality and ensure clean drinking water; to protect  
            forests and plant trees to improve air quality; to preserve  
            open space and farmland threatened by unplanned development;  
            to protect wildlife habitats; and to repair and improve the  
            safety of state and neighborhood parks. 

          This bill:

          1.Makes the following findings and declarations: 

             A.   Funds are needed immediately for the City of Port  
               Hueneme to implement emergency measures to prevent  
               significant damage caused by severe erosion at Hueneme  
               Beach to public infrastructure, public roads that include a  
               route identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency  
               as feeding into a tsunami evacuation route, and community  

             B.   These funds are also needed to prevent down coast  
               negative impacts to the Ormond Beach Wetlands, a sensitive  
               and ecologically important public resource, to ensure that  
               the environmental quality of this unique estuary is  

             C.   Given the sizeable waste that remains at the Halaco  
               Superfund Site, these funds are also critically needed to  
               prevent downshore erosion. 

          1.Appropriates $1 million from Prop 12 to the State Coastal  
            Conservancy for a grant to the City of Port Hueneme. Requires  
            the funding to be allocated for emergency measures to prevent  
            severe infrastructure damage to streets and property located  
            along the Hueneme Beach caused by beach erosion and flooding.  
            Requires this appropriation to only be used for erosion  
            control projects for which a permit has been approved by the  

          2.Contains an urgency clause and explains that it is necessary  
            for this measure to take effect immediately to provide the  
            necessary funding as soon as possible to implement emergency  
            measures designed to prevent severe infrastructure damage to  
            public infrastructure, public roads, and community areas  



                                                                     AB 606

            threatened by flooding as a result of severe erosion along  
            Hueneme Beach in the City of Port Hueneme. 

          The City of Port Hueneme is in dire need of emergency funding  
          from the state to implement immediate measures to prevent severe  
          erosion from damaging public infrastructure, including a road  
          identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as feeding  
          into a tsunami evacuation route.  There are also concerns about  
          down shore threats to the Ormond Beach Wetlands and the waste  
          piles at the Halaco Superfund Site, if the erosion is allowed to  
          extend further down the coast.  This erosion problem was  
          originally created by the construction of the deep-water Port of  
          Hueneme many years ago.  While federal cuts over the previous  
          decade have contributed to the problem, the situation has been  
          exacerbated by the fact that the City is also experiencing an  
          especially severe erosion event this year similar to one that  
          last occurred two decades ago.

          The Commission has been using an incremental approach for any  
          erosion control projects undertaken by the City.  The City can  
          only apply for an emergency permit when the erosion reaches a  
          new stretch of roadway, authorizing work for only that segment.

          In the last two months, the Commission has approved two  
          emergency permits for the City of Port Hueneme for emergency  
          mitigation.  The City has expended $500,000 or 3% of its general  
          fund for this work, and anticipates that it will need additional  
          permits from the Commission as the erosion reaches new sections  
          of roadway.   Funding is needed immediately before winter storms  
          take their toll.  

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  Yes   Fiscal Com.:  Yes    
          Local:  No

          According to Assembly Appropriations Committee: 

           Potential increased expenditures of $1 million from  
            Proposition 12. 

           Minor administrative costs to the Coastal Conservancy, the  
            Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Commission. 



                                                                     AB 606

           SUPPORT  :   (Verified  9/12/13)

          Congresswoman Julia Brownley, 26th District, California
          City of Port Hueneme
          Ventura County Supervisor Kathy Long, Third District

          RM:nl  9/12/13   Senate Floor Analyses 

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