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                                                                  AB 606
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          (  Without Reference to File  )
          AB 606 (Williams and Gorell)
          As Amended  September 11, 2013
          2/3 vote.  Urgency
          |ASSEMBLY:  |     |(May 30, 2013)  |SENATE: |37-0 |(September 12, |
          |           |     |                |        |     |2013)          |
                             (vote not relevant)

          Original Committee Reference:   HIGHER ED.  

          SUMMARY  :  Appropriates $1 million from the Safe Neighborhood  
          Parks, Clean Water, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Fund  
          (Prop 12) for emergency measures to prevent severe  
          infrastructure damage to streets and property located along the  
          Hueneme Beach caused by beach erosion and flooding.

           The Senate amendments  substantially amend the bill to do the  

          1)Make the following findings and declarations:

             a)   Funds are needed immediately for the City of Port  
               Hueneme to implement emergency measures to prevent  
               significant damage caused by severe erosion at Hueneme  
               Beach to public infrastructure, public roads that include a  
               route identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency  
               as feeding into a tsunami evacuation route, and community  

             b)   These funds are also needed to prevent down coast  
               negative impacts to the Ormond Beach Wetlands, a sensitive  
               and ecologically important public resource, to ensure that  
               the environmental quality of this unique estuary is  
               protected; and,

             c)   Given the sizeable waste that remains at the Halaco  
               Superfund Site, these funds are also critically needed to  
               prevent downshore erosion.

          2)Appropriate $1 million Prop 12 to the State Coastal  


                                                                  AB 606
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            Conservancy for a grant to the City of Port Hueneme.  Require  
            the funding to be allocated for emergency measures to prevent  
            severe infrastructure damage to streets and property located  
            along the Hueneme Beach caused by beach erosion and flooding.   
            Require the appropriation to only be used for erosion control  
            projects for which a permit has been approved by the  
            California Coastal Commission (Commission).

          3)Contain an urgency clause and explain that it is necessary for  
            this measure to take effect immediately to provide the  
            necessary funding as soon as possible to implement emergency  
            measures designed to prevent severe infrastructure damage to  
            public infrastructure, public roads, and community areas  
            threatened by flooding as a result of severe erosion along  
            Hueneme Beach in the City of Port Hueneme.

           EXISTING LAW  :  Provides, pursuant to Prop 12 (passed in 2000)  
          $2.1 billion to protect land around lakes, rivers, and streams  
          and the coast to improve water quality and ensure clean drinking  
          water; to protect forests and plant trees to improve air  
          quality; to preserve open space and farmland threatened by  
          unplanned development; to protect wildlife habitats; and to  
          repair and improve the safety of state and neighborhood parks. 

           FISCAL EFFECT  :  According to the Assembly Appropriations  
          Committee, potential increased expenditures of $1 million from  
          Prop 12 and minor administrative costs to the Coastal  
          Conservancy, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the  

           COMMENTS  :  

           Background  .  The City of Port Hueneme (pronounced "Wy-nee'mee")  
          is located in Ventura County.  The port, Port Hueneme, is the  
          only deep-water harbor between Los Angeles and the San Francisco  
          Bay Area and is the U.S. Port of Entry for the state's central  
          coast region.  The U.S. Navy and the Oxnard Harbor District  
          share the port.

          Construction of the port in 1939-40 significantly impeded the  
          down-coast movement of sand, causing erosion to down-coast  
          beaches including Hueneme Beach.  The federal River and Harbor  
          Act of 1954 authorized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps)  
          to construct the Channel Islands Harbor with a sand trap.  Since  
          then, the Corps has undertaken biennial dredging of  


                                                                  AB 606
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          approximately one million cubic yards of material from the trap  
          and placed it along the down-coast shoreline to restore and  
          maintain it.
          In the 2012 cycle, due to federal budget cuts, the Corps moved  
          only 400,000 cubic yards from the Channel Islands Harbor trap to  
          Hueneme Beach.  According to the city, high winds and storms  
          following the Corps' December 2012-January 2013 deposit of sand  
          at Hueneme Beach resulted in the near total loss of all the  
          newly placed sand within the first few months of the year.  In  
          addition, shoreline erosion reached Surfside Drive, a road  
          paralleling Hueneme Beach.  The next scheduled Corps dredging  
          cycle is not until November 2014.  

          On April 24, 2013, the city declared a local state of emergency  
          and sought assistance at the local, state, and federal levels.   
          Representative Julia Brownley (D-Oak Park) is working with  
          multiple federal agencies, the White House, and Congress to  
          secure funds and authorization for an interim dredge cycle to  
          restore the sand deficit along Hueneme Beach.  In the meantime,  
          the city obtained emergency permits from the Commission and the  
          Corps to place rock below the eroded section of Surfside Drive  
          as a temporary stopgap.  The city placed the first section of  
          boulders in July and plans to extend it further down the beach;  
          however, additional funding (approximately $2 million) is  

           Similar Legislation  .  AB 141 (Gorell) of the current legislative  
          session would have appropriated $2 million from the General Fund  
          to the City of Port Hueneme for the emergency erosion control  
          measures.  This bill was held in the Senate Appropriations  
          Committee this year, presumably because the source of revenue  
          would have been the General Fund.

          Senator Jackson has introduced SB 436, which would appropriate  
          $1,000,000 from Prop 12 to the City of Port Hueneme for the  
          emergency measures (with the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving  
          Fund serving as a backup if there are Prop 12 eligibility  
          issues).  SB 436 is intended to provide the second round of  
          funding for the emergency erosion control measures.

          This bill, AB 606, would provide the first round of funding  
          needed for the emergency erosion control measures.

          SB 436 and AB 606 are double jointed.


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          Analysis Prepared by  :    Mario DeBernardo / NAT. RES. / (916)