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          Bill No:  AB 811
          Author:   Lowenthal (D), et al.
          Amended:  6/3/13 in Senate
          Vote:     21

          AYES:  Wolk, Knight, Beall, DeSaulnier, Emmerson, Hernandez, Liu

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  75-0, 5/13/13 (Consent) - See last page for  

           SUBJECT  :    Excavations:  regional notification center system:   

           SOURCE  :     Underground Service Alert of Northern California and  
                      Underground Service Alert of Southern California

           DIGEST  :    This bill requires regional notification centers  
          (RNCs) to post on their Internet Web sites, information provided  
          by operators and excavators relating to violations of specified  
          state laws governing subsurface excavations.

           ANALYSIS :    Existing law out-lines a sequential system to aid  
          excavators in locating subsurface installations.  Entities that  
          own, operate, or maintain subsurface installations must join a  
          non-profit RNC to provide advance warning of under-ground  
          installations close to proposed excavation projects.  Except in  
          an emergency, anyone planning to dig in an area with underground  


                                                                     AB 811

          installations must notify the appropriate RNC at least two days  
          before breaking ground and, if practical, must mark the area to  
          be excavated in white paint.  The potentially affected  
          underground installation operators must locate and field mark  
          the approximate location of their installations.  Excavators  
          must then determine the ex-act location of the subsurface  
          installations by using hand tools, with limited exceptions, to  
          excavate within the field markings.
          This bill:

          1.Requires RNCs to compile information provided by operators and  
            excavators regarding facility events and make that information  
            available in annual reports and on their Internet Web sites.

          2.Defines "facility event" as the occurrence of excavator  
            downtime, damages, near misses, and violations.

          3.Defines "statewide information" as information submitted by  
            operators and excavators using the California Regional Common  
            Ground Alliance's Virtual Private Damage Information Reporting  
            Tool.   Supplied data must comply with specified provisions in  
            the Common Ground Alliance's most recent Best Practices  


           According to the Senate Governance and Finance analysis, despite  
          state laws governing underground excavations, many excavators  
          fail to contact RNCs before they dig or improperly excavate  
          around marked underground facilities.  Excavation accidents can  
          damage vital infrastructure, disrupt utility services, harm the  
          environment, impose substantial costs on underground facility  
          operators, and sometimes cause injuries or deaths.  Because of  
          these threats, California needs to establish a statewide system  
          for collecting and reporting information about excavation  
          incidents.  Information currently gathered by state and federal  
          entities is fragmented, inconsistent, and not completely  
          available to the public.  Gathering statewide data about  
          excavation incidents will help the Legislature identify  
          deficiencies in existing law and will inform future public  
          policy decisions about excavation safety rules and enforcement.

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  No   Fiscal Com.:  No   Local:  



                                                                     AB 811

           SUPPORT  :   (Verified  7/8/13)

          Underground Service Alert of Northern California and Nevada  
          Underground Service Alert of Southern California (co-source)
          California Legislative Conference of the Plumbing, Heating and  
          Piping Industry
          National Electrical Contractors Association
          Pacific Gas and Electric Company
          Southern California Edison
          Western Line Constructors

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  75-0, 5/13/13
          AYES:  Achadjian, Alejo, Atkins, Bigelow, Bloom, Blumenfield,  
            Bocanegra, Bonilla, Bonta, Bradford, Brown, Buchanan, Ian  
            Calderon, Campos, Chau, Chávez, Chesbro, Conway, Cooley,  
            Dahle, Daly, Dickinson, Donnelly, Eggman, Fong, Fox, Frazier,  
            Beth Gaines, Garcia, Gatto, Gomez, Gordon, Gorell, Gray,  
            Grove, Hagman, Hall, Harkey, Roger Hernández, Jones,  
            Jones-Sawyer, Levine, Linder, Logue, Maienschein, Mansoor,  
            Medina, Melendez, Mitchell, Morrell, Mullin, Muratsuchi,  
            Nazarian, Nestande, Olsen, Pan, Patterson, Perea, V. Manuel  
            Pérez, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Rendon, Salas, Skinner, Stone,  
            Ting, Torres, Wagner, Waldron, Weber, Wieckowski, Wilk,  
            Williams, Yamada, John A. Pérez
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Allen, Ammiano, Holden, Lowenthal, Vacancy

          AB:ej  7/9/13   Senate Floor Analyses 

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