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                                                       Bill No:  AB  
                       Senator Roderick D. Wright, Chair
                           2013-2014 Regular Session
                                 Staff Analysis

          AB 918  Author:  Cooley
          As Amended:  May 1, 2013
          Hearing Date:  June 25, 2013
          Consultant:  Paul Donahue

                              State Emergency Plan

          Requires the Office of Emergency Services (OES), on or  
          before July 31, 2015, to update the State Emergency Plan to  
          include proposed best practices for local governments and  
          nongovernmental entities to use to mobilize and evacuate  
          people with disabilities and others with access and  
          functional needs during an emergency or natural disaster.

                                   EXISTING LAW

           1)Establishes the OES by the Governor's Reorganization Plan  
            No. 2, operative July 1, 2013.

          2)Requires OES to perform a variety of duties with respect  
            to specified emergency preparedness, mitigation, and  
            response activities in the state, including emergency  
            medical services.

          3)Specifies that the State Emergency Plan shall be in  
            effect in each political subdivision of the state, and  
            the governing body of each political subdivision shall  
            take necessary actions to carry out the provisions of the  

          4)Requires the Governor to coordinate the State Emergency  
            Plan and those programs necessary to mitigate the effects  


          AB 918 (Cooley) continued                                
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            of an emergency. 

          5)Requires the Governor to coordinate the preparation of  
            plans and programs for the mitigation of the effects of  
            an emergency by the political subdivisions of the State  
            of California, such plans and programs to be integrated  
            into and coordinated with the State Emergency Plan and  
            the plans and programs of the federal government and of  
            other states to the fullest possible extent. 

          6)Specifies that the Governor may, in accordance with the  
            State Emergency Plan and programs for the mitigation of  
            the effects of an emergency in this state, as specified.
          According to the author many disabled persons and seniors  
          live alone or in circumstances that require special  
          planning because many are physically unable to help  
          themselves in the event of an emergency.

          The California State Emergency Plan is coordinated through  
          the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA). The  
          Cal EMA will become the OES, effective July 1, 2013. The  
          plan was last updated in 2009; it is scheduled to be  
          updated in 2014. Currently, little of the plan is dedicated  
          to senior citizens and functional needs persons. 

          This bill increases local preparedness in the event of an  
          emergency or natural disaster by directing the OES to  
          include in the State Emergency Plan best practice  
          procedures regarding emergency and evacuation procedures  
          for senior citizens and functional needs persons. These  
          best practices may be used by local governmental and  
          nongovernmental entities in order to prepare for an  
          emergency or in the event of an emergency. 

           State Emergency Plan  :  The State of California Emergency  
          Plan addresses the state's response to extraordinary  
          emergency situations associated with natural disasters or  
          human-caused emergencies. In accordance with the California  
          Emergency Services Act, the plan describes the methods for  
          carrying out emergency operations, the process for  
          rendering mutual aid, the emergency services of  
          governmental agencies, how resources are mobilized, how the  
          public will be informed and the process to ensure  
          continuity of government during an emergency or disaster.


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          The plan is a management document intended to be read and  
          understood before an emergency occurs. It is designed to  
          outline the activities of all California jurisdictions  
          within a statewide emergency management system and it  
          embraces the capabilities and resources in the broader  
          emergency management community that includes individuals,  
          businesses, non-governmental organizations, tribal  
          governments, other states, federal government and  
          international assistance. 

           Statements in support  :  According to the sponsor, the  
          California Senior Legislature, this bill would direct OES  
          to include, in their updated State Emergency Plan, language  
          related to best practice procedures regarding emergency and  
          evacuation procedures for possible use by local  
          governmental and non-governmental entities specific to  
          senior citizens and functional needs persons. Supporters  
          also claim this bill will help to protect vulnerable groups  
          during an emergency or disaster.

                            PRIOR/RELATED LEGISLATION
          AB 2327 (Caballero), Chapter 361, Statutes of 2008.  
          Requires disaster-related services and assistance agencies  
          to strive to ensure that all victims receive the assistance  
          they need and for which they are eligible. It requires  
          public employees to assist evacuees and others in securing  
          disaster-related assistance and services without eliciting  
          any information or document that is not strictly necessary  
          to determine eligibility under state and federal laws. 

          AB 1421 (Levine), 2007-2008 Session. Required OES to  
          develop a requirement for specified local agencies to  
          develop a registry for each California county of elderly  
          and non-elderly disabled so that those people could be  
          notified and assisted in evacuations. (Held in Assembly  

          SB 1451 (Kehoe), Chapter 600, Statutes of 2006. Requires  
          the Director of OES to appoint representatives of the  
          disabled community to serve on State Emergency Management  
          System committees, ensure committee recommendations include  
          the needs of people with disabilities, produce a report  
          containing recommendations for evacuating the disabled, and  
          work on producing informational materials. 


          AB 918 (Cooley) continued                                
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          California Senior Legislature


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