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                   Senate Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary
                            Senator Kevin de León, Chair

          AB 1025 (Garcia) - Public Postsecondary: Credit by Examination
          Amended: March 21, 2013         Policy Vote: Education 9-0
          Urgency: No                     Mandate: No
          Hearing Date: June 24, 2013                                  
          Consultant: Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez                       
          This bill may meet the criteria for referral to the Suspense  

          Bill Summary: AB 1025 requires the California Community Colleges  
          and the California State University (CSU) to provide information  
          about credit by examination opportunities wherever course and  
          class information is available, and requests the University of  
          California (UC) comply with these same requirements. 
          Fiscal Impact: The CCC, CSU, and UC believe they are already in  
          compliance with the provisions of this bill, and do not  
          anticipate that it will result in additional costs.
              Mandate: This bill requires in statute an action already  
              being completed by CCDs, and could be deemed to impose a new  
              reimbursable state mandate on CCDs. See staff comments.

          Background: Credit by examination tests are comprised of  
          campus-originated challenge examinations, and the standardized  
          external examinations (e.g. Advanced Placement tests and  
          International Baccalaureate tests).  

          Existing law authorizes the governing board of each California  
          community college district (CCD) to adopt policies and  
          procedures pertaining to credit by examination and allows for  
          the governing board of the CCD to grant credit to any student  
          who satisfactorily passes an examination approved or conducted  
          by proper authorities of the college. (California Code of  
          Regulations, Title 5, 55050)

          Existing law establishes the CSU Board of Trustees as the  
          governing body of the CSU and specifies the Board of Trustees'  
          power, duties and functions with respect to the management,  
          administration, and control of the CSU. (EC § 66600 and §  


          AB 1025 (Garcia)
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          Existing law authorizes the UC Regents as the governing body of  
          the UC and grants authority to the Regents to determine final  
          policies and procedures on behalf of the UC.  (Education Code §  
          92020 and § 92430)

          Proposed Law: This bill requires the CCC and the CSU to provide  
          information about credit by examination opportunities wherever  
          course and class information is available. This bill requests  
          the UC to provide information about credit by examination  
          opportunities wherever course and class information is  
          available, as well.

          Staff Comments: This bill is unlikely to result in new costs to  
          any of the segments, because they already provide information  
          about credit by examination opportunities to students. This bill  
          requires that the information be provided "wherever course or  
          class information is available" and the segments believe they  
          are currently compliant with that language.

          CCDs are eligible to seek reimbursement through the mandates  
          claim process for state mandate imposed upon them to provide a  
          new program or higher level of service, whether or not the CCDs  
          were already completing the newly-mandated activities. In this  
          case, legislative counsel had identified a potential  
          reimbursable state mandate for activities that CCDs are  
          currently or already completing.

          This bill is unlikely to result in a new reimbursable mandate.  
          It is unclear that the activities required by this bill  
          constitute a higher level of service beyond what is currently  
          required of CCDs with regard to assessing and placing students  
          appropriately. Moreover, most CCDs will not have $1,000 in costs  
          specifically related to this bill, and are unlikely to file  
          mandate claims, particularly if they receive Student Success Act  
          categorical funding. The Student Success Act of 2012, SB 1456  
          (Lowenthal) Ch.624/2012, among other things, replaced previous  
          matriculation services with a broader set of requirements which,  
          among other things, ensure counseling, assessment, and education  
          planning for new students, pursuant to which the 2013-14  
          provided $50 million to the CCC for matriculation-related  


          AB 1025 (Garcia)
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