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                                    THIRD READING

          Bill No:  AB 1025
          Author:   Garcia (D), et al.
          Amended:  3/21/13 in Assembly
          Vote:     21

           SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE  :  9-0, 6/5/13
          AYES:  Liu, Wyland, Block, Correa, Hancock, Hueso, Huff,  
            Monning, Torres

           SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE  :  7-0, 6/24/13
          AYES:  De León, Walters, Gaines, Hill, Lara, Padilla, Steinberg
          ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  70-5, 4/25/13 - See last page for vote

           SUBJECT  :    Public postsecondary education:  credit by  

           SOURCE  :     Author

           DIGEST  :    This bill requires the California Community Colleges  
          (CCC) and the California State University (CSU) to provide  
          information about credit by examination opportunities wherever  
          course and class information is available and requests the  
          University of California (UC) comply with these same  

           ANALYSIS  :    

          Existing law:



                                                                    AB 1025

           1. Authorizes the UC Regents as the governing body of the UC  
             and grants authority to the Regents to determine final  
             policies and procedures on behalf of the UC.  

           2. Establishes the CSU Board of Trustees (BOT) as the governing  
             body of the CSU and specifies the BOT's power, duties and  
             functions with respect to the management, administration, and  
             control of the CSU. 

           3. Authorizes the governing board of each CCC district to adopt  
             policies and procedures pertaining to credit by examination  
             and allows for the governing board of the CCC district to  
             grant credit to any student who satisfactorily passes an  
             examination approved or conducted by proper authorities of  
             the college.

          This bill:

          1.Requires the CCC and the CSU to provide information about  
            credit by examination opportunities wherever course and class  
            information is available.

          2.Request the UC to provide information about credit by  
            examination opportunities wherever course and class  
            information is available.

          3.Identifies mandated costs.

          According to the author's office, many students are not aware  
          that credit by examination is an option or how to utilize it.   
          The author's office contends that, with budget cuts, it is  
          difficult to see a counselor (who might otherwise be the source  
          of such information) in a timely manner.  The author's office  
          also contends that the amount and level of detail of information  
          on credit by examination posted and made available by the  
          institutions varies from school to school. 

          Credit by examination tests are comprised of campus-originated  
          challenge examinations, and the standardized external  
          examinations (e.g. Advanced Placement tests and International  
          Baccalaureate tests).  



                                                                    AB 1025

          A recent research brief by the Council for Adult and  
          Experiential Learning (CAEL) found that underserved students who  
          earn credit through prior learning assessments have higher  
          degree to completion rates and shorter time-to-degree.  CAEL  
          also found that there is a financial savings benefit for  
          low-income students who take and successfully pass credit by  
          examination tests, since the cost of having prior learning  
          evaluated for credit is typically less than the cost of the  
          tuition for the same number of credit hours.

           FISCAL EFFECT  :    Appropriation:  No   Fiscal Com.:  Yes    
          Local:  Yes

          According to the Senate Appropriations Committee, the CCC, CSU,  
          and UC believe they are already in compliance with the  
          provisions of this bill, and do not anticipate that it will  
          result in additional costs.

                 Mandate:  This bill requires in statute an action  
               already being completed by California community college  
               districts (CCDs), and could be deemed to impose a new  
               reimbursable state mandate on CCDs. 

           ASSEMBLY FLOOR  :  70-5, 4/25/13
          AYES:  Achadjian, Alejo, Allen, Ammiano, Atkins, Bigelow, Bloom,  
            Blumenfield, Bocanegra, Bonilla, Bonta, Bradford, Brown,  
            Buchanan, Ian Calderon, Campos, Chau, Chávez, Chesbro, Cooley,  
            Dahle, Daly, Dickinson, Eggman, Fong, Fox, Frazier, Beth  
            Gaines, Garcia, Gatto, Gomez, Gordon, Gray, Hagman, Hall,  
            Harkey, Roger Hernández, Holden, Jones-Sawyer, Levine, Linder,  
            Maienschein, Mansoor, Medina, Melendez, Mitchell, Morrell,  
            Mullin, Muratsuchi, Nestande, Olsen, Pan, Patterson, Perea, V.  
            Manuel Pérez, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Rendon, Salas, Skinner,  
            Stone, Ting, Torres, Wagner, Weber, Wieckowski, Wilk,  
            Williams, Yamada, John A. Pérez
          NOES:  Conway, Donnelly, Grove, Jones, Logue
          NO VOTE RECORDED:  Gorell, Lowenthal, Nazarian, Waldron, Vacancy

          PQ:kd  6/26/13   Senate Floor Analyses 



                                                                    AB 1025

                         SUPPORT/OPPOSITION:  NONE RECEIVED

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