BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                         SENATE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION
                                Carol Liu, Chair
                           2013-2014 Regular Session

          BILL NO:       AB 1719
          AUTHOR:        Weber
          AMENDED:       May 23, 2014
          FISCAL COMM:   Yes            HEARING DATE: June 25, 2014
          URGENCY:       No             CONSULTANT:Lynn Lorber

           SUBJECT :  Full-day Kindergarten.

          This bill requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction  
          to submit to the Legislature, by March 1, 2015, a  
          feasibility study and implementation plan for providing  
          full-day kindergarten.

          Current law:

          1)   Requires a student to be admitted to kindergarten if  
               the student will be five-years old on or before  
               September 1 of the 2014-15 school year and every year  
               thereafter.  (EC  48000)

          2)   Authorizes school districts to admit to kindergarten,  
               on a case-by-case basis, a student who will be  
               five-years old during the school year, subject to the  
               following conditions:

               a)        The governing board of the school district  
                    determines that the admittance is in the best  
                    interests of the student.

               b)        The parent is given information regarding  
                    the advantages and disadvantages and any other  
                    explanatory information about the effect of this  
                    early admittance.  (EC  48000)


                                                               AB 1719
                                                                Page 2

          3)   Establishes the minimum schoolday for students in  
               kindergarten as 180 minutes, inclusive of recess.   
               Current law prohibits a student in kindergarten from  
               being kept in school for more than four hours per day,  
               exclusive of recess.  (EC  46117 and  46111)

          4)   Requires a single-session kindergarten class to meet  
               all of the following criteria:

               a)        The class is for a minimum of 180 minutes  
                    per schooldays.
               b)        The kindergarten class teacher is assigned  
                    to only one session of kindergarten daily as a  
                    principal teacher.
               c)        The kindergarten teacher is a full-time  
                    certificated employee.

               d)        The kindergarten teacher must be available  
                    for assistance or assignment in the instructional  
                    program of the primary grades when not involved  
                    in the kindergarten program.  (EC  46118)

          5)   Authorizes the kindergarten schoolday in an early  
               primary program to exceed four hours if both of the  
               following conditions are met: 

               a)        The extended-day kindergarten program does  
                    not exceed the length of the primary school day.

               b)        The extended-day kindergarten program takes  
                    into account ample opportunity for both active  
                    and quiet activities with an integrated,  
                    experiential, and developmentally appropriate  
                    educational program.  (EC  8973)

           This bill  requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction  
          to submit to the Legislature, by March 1, 2015, a  
          feasibility study and implementation plan for providing  
          full-day kindergarten.  Specifically, this bill:


                                                               AB 1719
                                                                Page 3

          1)   Requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction  
               (SPI) to provide the Legislature with a feasibility  
               study and implementation plan for providing a full-day  
               kindergarten program in all public schools.

          2)   Requires the feasibility study and implementation plan  
               to include recommendations for statutory changes and  
               budgetary requirements to ensure a seamless transition  
               to providing a full-day kindergarten program in all  
               public schools.

          3)   Requires the SPI to consider, at a minimum, all of the  

               a)        The instructional, social, emotional, and  
               developmental needs of

               b)        Teacher and other school staffing issues.

               c)        Classroom capacity issues.

          4)   Authorizes the SPI to convene a task force to advise  
               the SPI on feasibility and implementation issues for  
               the preparation of the study and plan.  This bill  
               requires the task force to include representatives of  
               school district 

               superintendents, principals, kindergarten teachers,  
               related student support services personnel, and  

          5)   Requires the SPI to submit the study and plan by March  
               1, 2015, and sunsets the provisions of this bill on  
               that date.

           1)   How many students currently attend kindergarten  ?   
               Kindergarten is considered a grade level; is factored  


                                                               AB 1719
                                                                Page 4

               in the calculation of average daily attendance; and is  
               included in the academic content standards, curricular  
               frameworks and instructional materials. However,  
               attendance in kindergarten is not mandatory and  
               compulsory education laws begin at age 6.

          The California Department of Education (CDE) estimates that  
               between 90-95% of eligible students attend  
               kindergarten (public and private kindergarten); it is  
               estimated that approximately 80% of eligible students  
               attend kindergarten at a public school.  
          Kindergarten is half-day.

          A survey of full-day kindergarten in California conducted  
               by the Public Policy Institute of California in 2009  
               found that, in the 2007-08 school year, 43% of  
               kindergarteners attended full-day kindergarten, with  
               lower-performing and economically disadvantaged  
               schools more likely to offer full-day programs.

           2)   Kindergarten teachers  .  According to the Assembly  
               Education Committee analysis, most kindergarten  
               teachers currently work a full day, splitting their  
               time between two part-day kindergarten classrooms,  
               assisting other teachers or working on other district  
               duties.  If the part-day teacher is now required to  
               teach a full-day, the district would incur costs to  
               cover the duties formerly performed by the part-day  
               teacher.  School districts currently receive the same  
               average daily attendance apportionments for  
               kindergarten students whether they attend a part-day  
               or full-day program. 

           3)   Author's amendments  .  This bill requires the  
               Superintendent of Public Instruction to submit the  
               study and plan to the Legislature by March 1, 2015.   
               The author wishes to amend this bill to push the due  
               date back to September 1, 2015.  Should the study and  
               plan also be submitted to the Governor and State Board  
               of Education?  


                                                               AB 1719
                                                                Page 5

          The author wishes to add representation of school facility  
               personnel, and child development professionals, to the  
               task force.

           4)   Fiscal impact  .  According to the Assembly  
               Appropriations Committee, this bill would impose  
               administrative costs to the California Department of  
               Education, likely in the range of $120,000 to $150,000  
               to administer the task force and develop a study and  
               implementation plan.

           5)   Related legislation  .  AB 1444 (Buchanan) requires,  
               beginning with the 2016-17 school year, a student to  
               have completed one year of kindergarten before being  
               admitted to the first grade, thereby requiring  
               kindergarten attendance.  AB 1444 is pending in the  
               Senate Appropriations Committee.

          6)   Prior legislation  .  AB 2046 (Coto, 2006) would have  
               required kindergarten to be a full-day program, phased  
               in over three years.  The bill defined full-day  
               kindergarten as 

          instruction provided for a minimum of 230 minutes per  
               schoolday, exclusive of lunch.   AB 2046 was held in  
               the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

          AB 520 (Koretz, 2001) would have authorized a school  
               district, county office of education, or a charter  
               school to elect to participate in the kindergarten  
               full schoolday program that operates for the full  
               school year and for the minimum schoolday established  
               for students in first grade.   AB 520 was amended to  
               relate to another topic.

          American Federation of State, County and Municipal  
          California Child Development Administrators Association


                                                               AB 1719
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          California State PTA
          Compton Unified School District
          Greater Sacramento Urban League
          Los Angeles County Education Fouindation
          Los Angeles County Office of Education
          Santa Clara County Office of Education


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