Senate Joint ResolutionNo. 20

Introduced by Senator Leno

March 19, 2014

Senate Joint Resolution No. 20—Relative to Safeguard Our Coast Day.


SJR 20, as introduced, Leno. Safeguard Our Coast Day.

This measure would recognize the 50th anniversary of the state’s leadership and innovation in coastal planning and management and would proclaim February 16, 2015, and each 3rd Monday of February thereafter, as “Safeguard Our Coast Day.”

Fiscal committee: no.

P1    1WHEREAS, California’s coastal waters, waterfronts, wetlands,
2harbors, estuaries, bays, ports, marinas, riparian areas, beaches,
3and agricultural resources are important environmental and
4economic resources of the state; and

5WHEREAS, The coastal economy contributes $96 billion
6annually to the state; and

7WHEREAS, Eighty percent of California’s 38 million residents
8live and work within 30 miles of the state’s coastline; and

9WHEREAS, California ports, fisheries, coastal tourism, and
10other economically productive uses of the ocean and coastline
11support jobs for Californians and promote foreign trade; and

12WHEREAS, Coastal agriculture contributes substantially to the
13food supply and is a vital part of the state’s economy; and

14WHEREAS, The ecological value of healthy coastal wetlands
15and other endangered habitats for the fish and wildlife of California
16is immense; and

P2    1WHEREAS, The California coast supports numerous
2educational, scientific, and research activities; and

3WHEREAS, The California coast offers cultural value and scenic
4resources for public enjoyment and recreation that contribute to
5the health and well-being of California residents and visitors from
6around the world; and

7WHEREAS, The increasing and competing demands upon
8coastal lands and waters occasioned by population growth and
9economic development have resulted in adverse changes to fragile
10ecological systems and decreased open space for public recreation;

12WHEREAS, An innovative strategy for protecting and enhancing
13the coast and managing conflicts between development and coastal
14resource protection has been in effect on a regional scale since
151965 in the San Francisco Bay area and for the entire California
16coast since 1972; and

17WHEREAS, The National Coastal Zone Management Program
18was authorized by the federal Coastal Zone Management Act of
191972 (CZMA) (16 U.S.C. Section 1451 and following) to balance
20economic development with the need to preserve, protect, enhance,
21and restore the nation’s coastal resources; and

22WHEREAS, The CZMA promotes coordination between the
23federal government and the states by encouraging coastal states
24to prepare coastal management programs that guide both state and
25federal activities affecting the coast; and

26WHEREAS, California’s coastal management program is
27implemented by various entities within the Natural Resources
28Agency, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development
29Commission, the California Coastal Commission, the California
30Ocean Science Trust, and the State Coastal Conservancy, working
31together and in partnership with the Ocean Protection Council, the
32State Lands Commission, the Department of Fish and Wildlife,
33and other state agencies to carry out CZMA goals; and

34WHEREAS, The San Francisco Bay Conservation and
35Development Commission, established by the McAteer-Petris Act
36(Title 7.2 (commencing with Section 66600) of the Government
37Code) in 1965, plans and regulates activities in and around the San
38Francisco Bay and the Suisun Marsh; and

39WHEREAS, The California Coastal Commission, established
40by voter initiative in 1972 and on a permanent basis by the
P3    1Legislature in 1976, cooperates with local governments to manage
2the conservation and orderly development of coastal resources
3through a comprehensive planning and regulatory program; and

4WHEREAS, The State Coastal Conservancy, established by the
5Legislature in 1976, complements the work of the two permitting
6agencies by employing nonregulatory, entrepreneurial techniques
7and collaboration to implement projects to preserve, protect, and
8restore public access, natural resources, urban waterfronts, and
9agricultural lands along the Pacific coast and the San Francisco
10Bay shoreline and its adjacent counties; and

11WHEREAS, These three coastal management agencies, along
12with other departments of the Natural Resources Agency, are
13demonstrating leadership in the field of adaptation to climate
14change and sea level rise, which are increasingly threatening
15California’s coast and economy; and

16WHEREAS, The state’s coastal management agencies
17collaborate, innovate, and work on behalf of all Californians to
18safeguard our coast; and

19WHEREAS, Public participation is vital to the success of
20California’s coastal management programs; and

21WHEREAS, Protection of coastal resources from the effects of
22sea level rise can provide valuable public benefits including, but
23not limited to, flood protection; improved water quality; habitat
24for fish, shellfish, and wildlife; recreational opportunities; enhanced
25quality of life; and increased economic opportunities and property
26values; and

27WHEREAS, The state has a responsibility to manage and
28conserve the public trust in coastal and ocean ecosystems as well
29as the quality of life in coastal communities for the benefit of
30current and future generations; now, therefore, be it

31Resolved by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of
32California, jointly,
That the Legislature recognizes the 50th
33anniversary of the state’s leadership and innovation in enhancing
34our coast, our economy, and our lives through coastal planning
35and management, and supports the state’s role in the enhancement
36and protection of coastal and ocean resources in cooperation with
37the federal government; and be it further

38Resolved, That the Legislature hereby proclaims February 16,
392015, and each third Monday of February thereafter as “Safeguard
40Our Coast Day”; and be it further

P4    1Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
2this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.