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                                                                SB 74
                                                                Page  1

        SB 74 (Budget and Fiscal Review Committee)
        As Amended  June 12, 2013
        Majority vote.  Budget Bill Appropriation Takes Effect Immediately

         SENATE VOTE  :  Vote not relevant  
         SUMMARY  :  Provides for statutory changes necessary to enact the  
        corrections provisions of the Budget Act of 2013.  Specifically,  
         this bill  :

        1)Adds Health Care Services to the statutory structure and  
          responsibilities of the California Department of Corrections and  
          Rehabilitation (CDCR).  Creates an undersecretary for Health Care  
          Services within the CDCR to be confirmed by the Senate and serve  
          at the pleasure of the Governor.  Creates, under the new  
          undersecretary, the Division of Health Care Operations and the  
          Division of Health Care Policy and Administration.  The bill would  
          create a director for each of these new divisions to be confirmed  
          by the Senate and serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

        2)Restructures the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC),  
          as of July 1, 2013, by adding a 13th member.  The 13th member will  
          be a full-time Board Chair, appointed by the Governor, and subject  
          to Senate confirmation.  The existing Chair, the Secretary of the  
          CDCR, would remain as a normal board member.  The new full-time  
          Chair would be entitled to receive compensation at a level set by  
          the Department of Human Resources.

        3)Specifies that members of a committee created by the BSCC,  
          including board members, have no financial interest in any  
          contract made by the board including grants and bond financing. 

        4)Codifies the co-location of Office of Inspector General staff with  
          CDCR's Office of Internal Affairs staff.  This action is  
          consistent with actions taken in response to a lawsuit against  
          CDCR pertaining to use-of-force.

        5)Makes a technical change to correct a code reference error made in  
          a trailer bill associated with the 2012 Budget Act, SB 1022  
          (Budget and Fiscal Review Committee), Chapter 42, Statutes of  


                                                                SB 74
                                                                Page  2

          2012, which authorized $500 million in bond funding for local jail  
          construction grants.

        6)Appropriates $750,000 from the 1990 Prison Construction Fund to  
          the CDCR for statewide budget packages and advance planning in the  
          CDCR's capital outlay program during the 2013-14 fiscal year.  The  
          funds are to be allocated by the CDCR, upon approval of the  
          Department of Finance, to develop design and cost information for  
          new projects for which funds have not been previously  
          appropriated, but for which preliminary planning funds, working  
          drawing funds, and/or working construction funds are expected to  
          be included in the subsequent budget.

        7)Contains an appropriation allowing this bill to take effect  
          immediately upon enactment.

         Analysis Prepared by :    Marvin Deon / Budget / 916-319-2099