Amended in Senate August 21, 2013

Senate Concurrent ResolutionNo. 61

Introduced by Senator Galgiani

July 8, 2013

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 61—Relative tobegin delete the official Stateend deletebegin insert Shelterend insert Petbegin insert Awareness Monthend insert.


SCR 61, as amended, Galgiani. begin deleteOfficial State Pet. end deletebegin insertShelter Pet Awareness Month.end insert

This measure would declarebegin delete a shelter pet as the official State Petend deletebegin insert October of each year as Shelter Pet Awareness Monthend insert.

Fiscal committee: no.

begin delete

P1    1WHEREAS, There are currently around eight million abandoned
2pets living in animal shelters in the United States; and

end delete
begin insert

3WHEREAS, Each year, between 700,000 and 800,000 animals
4are taken in by California’s public and private shelters; and

end insert
begin insert

5WHEREAS, Less than half of these animals are adopted into
6new homes; and

end insert
begin insert

7WHEREAS, Animal shelters have limited resources and cannot
8accommodate all of the animals that need help; and

end insert

9WHEREAS,begin delete Threeend deletebegin insert In the United States, threeend insert to four million
10begin delete of these dogs and catsend deletebegin insert shelter petsend insert are euthanized every yearbegin insert due
11to overcrowdingend insert
; and

12WHEREAS, The Legislature seeks tobegin delete raiseend deletebegin insert promote shelter pet
13adoptions by raiend insert
begin insertsingend insert public awareness of shelter animals; now,
14therefore, be it

P2    1Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
2thereof concurring,
That the Legislature hereby declaresbegin delete a shelter
3pet as the official State Petend delete
begin insert the month of October of each year as
4Shelter Pet Awareness Monthend insert
; and be it further

5Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
6this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.