Amended in Senate April 9, 2014

Senate Concurrent ResolutionNo. 82

Introduced by Senator Hueso

February 19, 2014

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 82—Relative to a sister state relationship with Jalisco, Mexico.


SCR 82, as amended, Hueso. Jalisco, Mexico: sister state relationship.

This measure would commemorate the sister state relationship between the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and California.

Fiscal committee: no.

P1    1WHEREAS, The State of California and the State of Jalisco,
2Mexico, share a mutually beneficial economic relationship that
3includes trade, investments, and commerce in the areas of high
4technology manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, and other
5important industries; and

6WHEREAS, Guadalajara is the largest technology center in
7Mexico and it is increasingly recognized as an incubator for
8small-scale technology startups and a main producer of software,
9electronics, and digital products in Mexico and has been called
10“Mexico’s Silicon Valley”; and

11WHEREAS, In addition to the economic relationship, the people
12and cultural heritage of the State of Jalisco have enriched art and
13culture in the State of California in a variety of ways, including
14the tradition and folklore of “mariachi” music, a stone kiosk
15donated to the City of Los Angeles by Governor Cárdenas as a
16symbol of goodwill and cultural interchange, the naming of the
P2    1State of California by Governor Cárdenas as the honored guest of
2the Sixth International Mariachi Festival held in thebegin delete Capitolend deletebegin insert Capitalend insert
3 City of Guadalajara from August 28 through September 5, 1999,
4and the commemoration of the “Day of the Jalisciense Abroad”
5in the State of Jalisco to strengthen ties with the Mexican
6community in the United States; and

7WHEREAS, Generations of people from the State of Jalisco
8reside in the State of California, belonging to numerous hometown
9associations from the State of Jalisco and representing the most
10populous Mexican community in the State of California; and

11WHEREAS, The State of California and the State of Jalisco
12have supported cooperative research by universities in California
13and Jalisco to promote bilateral economic development and to
14stimulate employment in Mexican immigrant-sending communities,
15thereby providing mutual benefit to the people of the State of
16California and the State of Jalisco; now, therefore, be it

17Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly
18thereof concurring,
That the Legislature of the State of California,
19commemorate the sister state relationship between the State of
20Jalisco in Mexico and the State of California for its mutually
21beneficial educational, economic, and cultural exchanges; and be
22it further

23Resolved, That it is the intent of the Legislature through a sister
24state relationship with the State of Jalisco:

25(1) To promote the economic growth and well-being of small,
26medium, and large companies in California by increasing their
27potential for trade and investment with the State of Jalisco.

28(2) To provide a forum for sustained goodwill and cooperation
29between the elected leaders of the State of California and the State
30of Jalisco.

31(3) To promote bilateral ties that lead to a more indelible and
32lasting relationship between the citizens of California and the
33citizens of Jalisco; and be it further

34Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of
35this resolution to the author for distribution.