BILL ANALYSIS                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                         SENATE COMMITTEE ON ELECTIONS 
                         AND CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS
                           Senator Lou Correa, Chair

          BILL NO:   SB 111            HEARING DATE: 4/2/13
          AUTHOR:    BEALL             ANALYSIS BY:  Frances Tibon  
          AMENDED:   3/6/13
          FISCAL:    YES
          Elections: voter signature

           Existing law  authorizes certain persons to use a signature  
          stamp to affix a signature to various elections documents.   
          Existing law prohibits a voter from using a signature stamp  
          until the signature stamp is used by the voter to sign an  
          affidavit of registration in the presence of a county  
          elections official.

           Existing law  requires the Department of Motor Vehicles  
          (DMV) and the Secretary of State (SOS) to develop a process  
          and infrastructure to allow the electronic copy of a  
          person's signature and other information to be transferred  
          to the SOS for the purpose of allowing a person to register  
          to vote electronically on the SOS's Internet Web site.

           This bill  would, additionally authorize certain registered  
          voters to use a signature stamp if the voter submits an  
          affidavit of registration electronically utilizing a  
          signature stamp that has been approved by the department  
          DMV and transmitted to the secretary SOS.

          The Warren Mattingly Signature Stamp Act was established by  
          AB 18 (Blakeslee), Ch. 485 Statutes of 2007, and enabled a  
          person who, due to a disability, is unable to provide a  
          handwritten signature, to use a signature stamp in  
          situations where the California Elections Code requires a  
          signature, e.g., on a vote-by-mail ballot or an initiative  


          Currently, after the DMV confirms an applicant's identity,  
          it stores an electronic copy of the signature stamp just as  
          it stores traditional signatures.

             1.  According to the author  , SB 111 updates the law by  
              allowing a person who is unable to sign their name, due  
              to a disability, to use a signature stamp that is filed  
              with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to complete  
              their online voter registration application.

            According to Disability Rights California, over 30,000  
              Californians have a signature stamp approved for use  
              by, and on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles.   
              The DMV currently allows people who cannot sign their  
              names to use a signature stamp when applying for a  
              driver's license or California identification card.   
              After the DMV confirms the applicant's identity, it  
              stores an electronic copy of the signature stamp just  
              as it stores traditional signatures.

            Under current law, people who use a signature stamp to  
              sign a voter registration affidavit must do so in the  
              presence of an election official, necessitating a trip  
              to the local elections office -- a task that may be  
              burdensome for a person with a disability.

            SB 111 will streamline the voter registration process for  
              people who cannot sign their name by allowing them to  
              register to vote online, thus creating equal access to  
              online voter registration for people using signature  

             2.  Similar and related legislation  :  AB 5 (Ammiano)  
              contains related language to the same provision of law.  
               SB 397 (Yee), Ch. 561, Statutes of 2011 permits online  
              voter registration to begin prior to the completion of  
              a new statewide voter registration database.
          SB 111 (BEALL)                                           
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            AB 18 (Blakeslee) Ch. 485, Statutes of 2007 provided that  
              a person with a disability, as defined, who, by reason  
              of the disability, is unable to write may use a  
              signature stamp, or authorize another person to use the  
              stamp, to serve as his or her signature for any purpose  
              specified in the Elections Code. 

          Sponsor: Secretary of State

           Support: American Federation of State, County and  
                   Municipal Employees
                    (AFSCME), AFL-CIO
                    Association of Regional Center Agencies
                    California Association of Clerks and Election  
                    California Common Cause
                    California Council of the Blind
                    California Foundation for Independent Living  
                   Centers (CFILC)
                    California State Council of the Service Employees  
                   International Union
                    Disability Rights California
                    National Multiple Sclerosis Society-California  
                   Action Network
                    Silicon Valley Independent Living Center
                    The Arc and United Cerebral Palsy in California
                    United Cerebral Palsy of Sacramento and Northern  
                    United Domestic Workers of America, AFSCME Local  

           Oppose:    None received

          SB 111 (BEALL)                                           
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