Senate BillNo. 169

Introduced by Senator Emmerson

February 4, 2013

An act to amend Section 263.3 of the Streets and Highways Code, relating to highways.


SB 169, as introduced, Emmerson. State highways: scenic highways.

Existing law authorizes the California Transportation Commission to adopt a location for a state highway alignment on routes authorized by law. Existing law provides that certain portions of authorized state highway routes are also within the state scenic highway system, subject to implementation through a corridor protection system designed to meet certain scenic highway standards. Existing law provides for the Department of Transportation to designate a particular state highway within the scenic highway system as an official state scenic highway upon determination by the department that a corridor protection program has been implemented, as specified. Existing law includes in the state scenic highway system the portion of State Highway Route 10 between Route 38 near Redlands and Route 62 near Whitewater in the Counties of San Bernardino and Riverside.

This bill would revise the description of the portion of State Highway Route 10 included in the state scenic highway system by deleting the segment between postmiles 16.54 and 17.66 in the County of Riverside.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P2    1


Section 263.3 of the Streets and Highways Code
2 is amended to read:



The state scenic highway system shall also include:

4Route 5 from:

5(a) The international boundary near Tijuana to Route 75 near
6the south end of San Diego Bay.

7(b) San Diego opposite Coronado to Route 74 near San Juan

9(c) Route 210 near Tunnel Station to Route 126 near Castaic.

10(d) Route 152 west of Los Banos to Route 580 near Vernalis.

11(e) Route 44 near Redding to the Shasta Reservoir.

12(f) Route 89 near Mt. Shasta to Route 97 near Weed.

13(g) Route 3 near Yreka to the Oregon state line near Hilts.

14Route 8 from Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in San Diego to Route 98
15near Coyote Wells.

16Route 9 from:

17(a) Route 1 near Santa Cruz to Route 236 near Boulder Creek.

18(b) Route 236 near Boulder Creek to Route 236 near Waterman

20(c) Route 236 near Waterman Gap to Route 35.

21(d) Saratoga to Route 17 near Los Gatos.

22(e) Blaney Plaza in Saratoga to Route 35.

23Route 10 from Route 38 near Redlands to Route 62 near
24Whitewaterbegin insert, but excluding the segment between postmiles 16.54 end insert
25begin insertand 17.66 in the County of Riversideend insert.

26Route 12 from Route 101 near Santa Rosa to Route 121 near

28Route 13 from Route 24 to Route 580.

29Route 14 from Route 58 near Mojave to Route 395 near Little

31Route 15 from:

32(a) Route 76 near the San Luis Rey River to Route 91 near

34(b) Route 58 near Barstow to Route 127 near Baker.

35Route 16 from Route 20 to Capay.

36Route 17 from Route 1 near Santa Cruz to Route 9 near Los
37 Gatos.

P3    1Route 18 from Route 138 near Mt. Anderson to Route 247 near
2Lucerne Valley.

3Route 20 from:

4(a) Route 1 near Fort Bragg to Route 101 near Willits.

5(b) Route 101 near Calpella to Route 16.

6(c) Route 49 near Grass Valley to Route 80 near Emigrant Gap.

7Route 24 from the Alameda-Contra Costa county line to Route
8680 in Walnut Creek.

9Route 25 from Route 198 to Route 156 near Hollister.

10Route 27 from Route 1 to Mulholland Drive.

11Route 29 from:

12(a) Route 37 near Vallejo to Route 221 near Napa.

13(b) The vicinity of Trancas Street in northwest Napa to Route
1420 near Upper Lake.

15Route 33 from:

16(a) Route 101 near Ventura to Route 150.

17(b) Route 150 to Route 166 in Cuyama Valley.

18(c) Route 198 near Coalinga to Route 198 near Oilfields.

19Route 36 from:

20(a) Route 101 near Alton to Route 3 near Peanut.

21(b) Route 89 near Morgan Summit to Route 89 near Deer Creek