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                                                                  SB 195
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          SB 195 (Liu)
          As Amended  September 6, 2013
          Majority vote

           SENATE VOTE  :30-8  
           HIGHER EDUCATION    13-0        APPROPRIATIONS      17-0        
          |Ayes:|Williams, Chávez, Bloom,  |Ayes:|Gatto, Harkey, Bigelow,   |
          |     |Fong, Fox, Jones-Sawyer,  |     |Bocanegra, Bradford, Ian  |
          |     |Levine, Linder, Medina,   |     |Calderon, Campos,         |
          |     |Olsen, Quirk-Silva,       |     |Donnelly, Eggman, Gomez,  |
          |     |Weber, Wilk               |     |Hall, Holden, Linder,     |
          |     |                          |     |Pan, Quirk, Wagner, Weber |
          |     |                          |     |                          |
           SUMMARY  :  Establishes legislative intent that budget and policy  
          decisions regarding postsecondary education generally adhere to  
          the goals of:  a) improving student access and success; b)  
          better aligning degrees and credentials with the state's  
          economic, workforce, and civic needs; and c) ensuring the  
          effective and efficient use of resources.  Establishes  
          legislative intent that performance metrics be developed for the  
          purpose of monitoring progress toward meeting the aforementioned  
          goals and informing the annual State Budget process. 

           FISCAL EFFECT  :  Unknown

           COMMENTS  :

           Purpose of this bill  .  According to the Author, the goals  
          established by this legislation will be the basis for  
          establishing metrics and targets and for assessing progress in  
          meeting California's educational and workforce needs.  The  
          Author notes that the current fiscal climate makes it especially  
          important that California be clear about priorities for the use  
          of the public funding provided to our institutions.  According  
          to the Author, "If we are clear about the goals and the  
          measures, we can then be clearer about the budget and policy  
          decisions necessary to support our higher education system in  
          meeting our goals."


                                                                  SB 195
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           Background  .  The Legislature has been considering statewide  
          higher education goals for over a decade; beginning with a study  
          commissioned by the Senate in 2002 that served as the basis for  
          several legislative efforts (see Previous Legislation below).   
          As part of its recent reports on higher education oversight, the  
          LAO has recommended that the Legislature and the Administration  
          establish a clear public agenda for higher education, including  
          specific and focused statewide goals that could serve as the  
          framework for an accountability system designed to align higher  
          education performance with the state's needs.  The most recent  
          Master Plan review, as reflected in ACR 184 (Ruskin), Chapter  
          163, Statues of 2010, noted the lack of public policy goals  
          based upon the outcomes required to meet California's needs and  
          found the establishment of statewide goals will enable increased  
          accountability across the entire higher education system and  
          within segments.  Most recently, the 2013-14 Budget Act  
          education trailer bill requires CSU and UC to report annually on  
          specified performance measures, in order to inform budget and  
          policy decisions and promote effective and efficient use of  

           Analysis Prepared by  :    Laura Metune / HIGHER ED. / (916)  
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