Amended in Senate May 28, 2013

Senate BillNo. 335

Introduced by Senator Yee

February 19, 2013

An act to add Section 12025 to the Government Code, relating to the Governor’s Budget.


SB 335, as amended, Yee. Governor’s Budget: services contracts.

Existing law requires the Governor to submit to the Legislature, within the first 10 days of each calendar year, a budget for the ensuing fiscal year containing itemized statements for recommended state expenditures and estimated state revenues. The budget must include a statement of accounts payable and a statement of cashflow for the previous fiscal year, as well as estimates of accounts payable and cashflow for the current fiscal year and the succeeding fiscal year.

This bill would require the Governorbegin insert, upon full implementation of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) Project,end insert to submitbegin delete with the Governor’s Budget aend deletebegin insert an annualend insert reportbegin insert that would be made available on the FI$Cal Project Internet Web site,end insert that contains specified information regarding currentbegin delete and proposedend delete contracts for services in the amount of $5,001 or more.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: yes. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P1    1


Section 12025 is added to the Government Code,
2to read:

P2    1


(a) begin deleteThe end deletebegin insertUpon full implementation of the Financial
2Information System for California (FI$Cal) Project, theend insert
3shall submit to the Legislaturebegin delete with the Governor’s Budget a report
4that contains the following informationend delete
begin insert an annual reportend insert regarding
5currentbegin delete and proposedend delete contracts for services in the amount of five
6 thousand one dollars ($5,001) orbegin delete more:end deletebegin insert more. The report shall
7contain all of the following:end insert

8(1) A description of the contract and the services being

10(2) The name of the agency contracting for the services.

11(3) The name of the contractor and any subcontractors.

12(4) The effective date and expiration date of the contract.

13(5) The annual amounts paid under the contract, by funding
14source, to the contractor in past fiscal years and in the current fiscal

16(6) The annual amount, by funding source, proposed to be paid
17to the contractor under the Governor’s Budget.

18(7) The amount, by funding source, projected to be paid to the
19contractor in the fiscal years covered by the contract beyond the
20fiscal year addressed in the Governor’s Budget.

21(8) The total projected cost of the contract, by funding source,
22for all fiscal years during which the contract will be in effect.

23(9) Whether the contract was a sole source procurement.

24(b) The information required by subdivision (a) shall be
25presented in the report by agency or comparable budget category.

26(c) The report shall provide the total cost of contracting for
27services for each fund and agency or comparable budget category.

28(d) The information required by this section shall be made
29available to the public by posting it on thebegin delete State of Californiaend delete
30begin insert FI$Cal Project end insert Internet Web site in a format that allows for
31searching and sorting by the categories listed in subdivision (a).