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                                                                  SB 457
                                                                  Page  1

          Date of Hearing:   July 3, 2013

                                  Mike Gatto, Chair

                   SB 457 (Monning) - As Amended:  April 30, 2013 

          Policy Committee:                             Water, Parks and  
          Wildlife     Vote:                            14-0

          Urgency:     No                   State Mandated Local Program:  
          No     Reimbursable:              


          This bill requires any local agency that receives grant funds  
          from the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) to report and  
          collect data on all boating accidents.  Specifically, this bill:

          1)Updates boating accident reporting requirements to improve the  
            quality and accuracy of the data collected.

          2)Requires any local agency that receives grant funds from DBW  
            to collect boating accident data as specified and report to  
            the DBW.  DBW may revoke an agency's eligibility to receive  
            future grant funds for up to five years upon failure to comply  
            with data collection and reporting requirements.    DBW has  
            the discretion to continue funding based on good cause as  

          3)Requires the DBW to notify the agency of the failure to submit  
            a report prior to deeming the agency ineligible to receive  
            future grant funds.

           FISCAL EFFECT  

          Minor absorbable costs to DBW from the Harbors and Watercraft  
          Fund (special fund).


          1)Background.   Federal law requires state departments to collect  
            boating accident data and provide the data to federal agencies  
            upon request.  Federal funding is contingent upon compliance  
            with federal law.


                                                                  SB 457
                                                                  Page  2

          2)Purpose.   According to the author's office, California law is  
            confusing and results in the incomplete or inaccurate  
            reporting of boating accidents.  Changes to state statute will  
            help the state comply with federal law and improve boating  
            accident data.   Better data may help the department prevent  
            or reduce accidents and the resulting loss of life and  

           Analysis Prepared by  :    Jennifer Galehouse / APPR. / (916)