Senate BillNo. 694

Introduced by Senator Correa

February 22, 2013

An act to amend Section 5203 of the Business and Professions Code, relating to outdoor advertising.


SB 694, as introduced, Correa. Outdoor advertising: definition of advertising structure.

The Outdoor Advertising Act provides for regulation by the Director of Transportation of advertising displays, as defined, within view of public highways. The act regulates the placement of off-premises advertising displays along highways, which displays generally advertise business conducted or services rendered or goods produced or sold at a location other than the property upon which the display is located.

This bill would make nonsubstantive changes to the act.

Vote: majority. Appropriation: no. Fiscal committee: no. State-mandated local program: no.

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:

P1    1


Section 5203 of the Business and Professions
is amended to read:



“Advertising structure” means a structure of any kind
4or characterbegin insert that isend insert erected, used, or maintained for outdoor
5advertising purposes, upon which any poster, bill, printing,
6paintingbegin insert,end insert or other advertisement of any kind whatsoever may be
7placed, including statuary, for advertising purposes.

8“Advertising structure” does not includebegin insert any of the followingend insert:

P2    1(a) Official notices issued by any court or public body orbegin delete officer;end delete
2begin insert officer.end insert

3(b) Notices posted by any public officer in performance of a
4public duty or by any person in giving legalbegin delete notice;end deletebegin insert notice.end insert

5(c) Directional, warningbegin insert,end insert or information structures required by
6or authorized by law or by federal, state or county authority.

7(d) A structurebegin insert that isend insert erected near a city or county boundarybegin delete,
8whichend delete
begin insert thatend insert contains the name ofbegin delete suchend deletebegin insert theend insert city or county and the
9names of, or any other information regarding, civic, fraternalbegin insert,end insert or
10religious organizations located therein.