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                                                                       AB 7

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          Date of Hearing:  March 25, 2015

                           ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION

                              Patrick O'Donnell, Chair

          AB 7  
          (Bonta) - As Amended January 28, 2015

          SUBJECT:  Public schools:  Larry Itliong Day

          SUMMARY:  This bill designates October 25th of each year as  
          Larry Itliong Day, and encourages public schools to recognize it  
          as a day of special significance.  Specifically, this bill:  

          1)Makes finding and declarations relative to the life of Larry  
            Itliong and his contributions as a leader in the American farm  
            labor movement and in the Filipino American community.

          2)Designates October 25th of each year as Larry Itliong Day, a  
            day of special significance, and requires the Governor to  
            annually proclaim October 25th of each year as Larry Itliong  

          3)Encourages all public schools and educational institutions to  
            observe this day and conduct exercises remembering the life  
            and contributions of Larry Itliong.


                                                                       AB 7

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          EXISTING LAW:  

          1)Designates a number of days as days of special significance to  
            the public schools and educational institutions, and  
            encourages them to observe that day and to conduct suitable  
            commemorative exercises.  Those recognizing individuals are  
            John Muir Day (April 21), Harvey Milk Day (May 22), Fred  
            Korematsu Day (January 30), Ronald Reagan Day (February 6),  
            and Ed Roberts Day (January 23).  

          2)Requires public schools to close on a number of holidays,  
            including January 1, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Lincoln  
            Day, Washington Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veterans  
            Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 25, all days appointed by the  
            Governor or the President of the United States for a public  
            fast, thanksgiving or holiday, and any other day designated as  
            a holiday by the governing board of the school district.

          3)Requires, for some specified holidays for which schools are  
            required to close (Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln Day,  
            Washington Day), that schools conduct exercises in  

          4)Authorizes public schools to close on two other days if the  
            governing board, pursuant to a collective bargaining  
            agreement, agrees to close schools for that purpose.  These  
            days are César Chávez (March 31) and Native American Day  
            (fourth Friday in September).  

          5)Requires public schools to remain open on specified days  
            (unless otherwise closed to mark a holiday by decision of the  
            governing board), and to celebrate the significance of those  
            days with appropriate commemorative exercises.  These days are  
            the anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, the  
            birthdays of Luther Burbank (March 7) and Susan B. Anthony  


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            (February 15), and the death of Crispus Attucks (March 5).

          6)Requires the State Board of Education to ensure that state  
            curriculum on César Chávez and the history of the farm labor  
            movement in the United States include information on the role  
            of immigrants, including Filipino Americans, in that movement.  
          FISCAL EFFECT:  This bill is keyed non-fiscal.


          Larry Itliong.  This bill recognizes Larry Itliong as a  
          prominent leader in the American farm labor movement.  In 1965,  
          as a leader of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee of  
          the AFL-CIO, he organized a group of 1,500 Filipinos in an eight  
          day strike against Delano grape growers.  Itliong asked César  
          Chávez and his followers to join the strike, and the two  
          leaders' organizations eventually combined, establishing the  
          United Farm Workers of America.  Itliong later become the  
          President of the Filipino American Political Association, the  
          first national political Filipino American organization.  He was  
          also instrumental in the founding of the Pablo Agbayani Village,  
          a retirement home built by volunteers for retired Filipino  


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          A 2012 New York Times profile<1> of Larry Itliong called him a  
          "forgotten hero" of the labor movement, and noted the  
          achievement of organizing two groups of workers (Filipino  
          American and Mexican American) who were "historically pitted  
          against one another to suppress wages or break strikes."

          The author notes, "The accomplishments and contributions of  
          Larry Itliong should be properly memorialized within the history  
          and culture of the United States because he is a hero in the  
          socioeconomic and racial justice movement.  Although his  
          accomplishments have been recognized in smaller ways, such as  
          being acknowledged in part in the renaming of a Union City  
          middle school, he deserves to be recognized on a statewide level  
          and remembered for his contributions to our state and nation's  
          Technical amendments needed.  Staff recommends several technical  
          amendments to correctly reference organizations and correct  
          drafting errors.



          American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees,  


           Brown, Patricia Leigh. (October 18, 2012).  Forgotten Hero of  
          Labor Fight; His Son's Lonely Quest.  New York Times.  Retrieved  


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          Asian Americans Advancing Justice

          Asian Pacific Environmental Network

          California College and University Police Chiefs Association

          California History Center Foundation (De Anza College)

          California Immigrant Policy Center

          Filipino American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity

          Filipino American National Historical Society, Santa Clara  

          GK 1 World Foundation

          Little Manila Foundation

          Philippine National Day Association

          Philippine Weekend, Inc.

          Numerous individuals


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