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                              Senator Jim Beall, Chair
                                2015 - 2016  Regular 

          Bill No:          ACR 53            Hearing Date:     6/23/2015
          |Author:   |Dahle                                                 |
          |Version:  |6/11/2015                                             |
          |Urgency:  |No                     |Fiscal:      |Yes             |
          |Consultant|Holly Glasen                                          |
          |:         |                                                      |

          SUBJECT:  Richard "Dick" Dickerson Memorial Highway

            DIGEST:  This resolution designates a portion of State Route  
          (SR) 44 in the City of Redding as the Richard "Dick" Dickerson  
          Memorial Highway. 

          The committee has adopted a policy regarding the naming of state  
          highways or structures.  Under the policy, the committee will  
          consider only those resolutions that meet all of the following  

          1)The person being honored must have provided extraordinary  
            public service or some exemplary contribution to the public  
            good and have a connection to the community where the highway  
            or structure is located.

          2)The person being honored must be deceased.

          3)The naming must be done without cost to the state.   Costs for  
            signs and plaques must be paid by local or private sources.

          4)The author or co-author of the resolution must represent the  
            district in which the facility is located, and the resolution  
            must identify the specific highway segment or structure being  

          5)The segment of highway being named must not exceed five miles  


          ACR 53 (Dahle)                                      Page 2 of ?
            in length.   

          6)The proposed designation must reflect a community consensus  
            and be without local opposition.  

          7)The proposed designation may not supersede an existing  
            designation unless the sponsor can document that a good faith  
            effort has uncovered no opposition to rescinding the prior  
          This resolution designates SR 44 from East Street to the Victor  
          Avenue in the City of Redding as the Richard "Dick" Dickerson  
          Memorial Highway. The resolution further requests that the  
          Department of Transportation erect appropriate signs upon  
          receiving donations from non-state sources to cover the costs.


          Purpose.  The author introduced this bill to honor the life and  
          leadership of Richard "Dick" Dickerson.

          Background on Richard "Dick" Dickerson.  After a 30-year law  
          enforcement career, Richard "Dick" Dickerson served in the  
          California State Assembly from 1998 to 2002.  Mr. Dickerson  
          represented the 2nd Assembly District and served as Vice Chair  
          of the Assembly Committees on Public Safety and on Water, Parks,  
          and Wildlife, and as a member of more committees than any other  
          Republican member.

          Mr. Dickerson was instrumental in raising awareness among  
          members of the Legislature regarding water conservation and  
          water storage.  He helped pioneer a program that activated  
          nonviolent inmates to assist with fighting fires, emergency  
          flood work, and environmental restoration. 

          After 9/11, Mr. Dickerson was appointed to the Task Force on  
          Terrorism.  He served on nine select committees and authored 20  
          bills that were enacted during his time in the Assembly.  He was  
          an effective negotiator in the 2001 budget discussions, securing  
          funds for numerous projects including a permanent tax exemption  
          on propane and agricultural diesel, rural county sheriffs'  
          departments, tax relief for senior citizens, and school  

          Mr. Dickerson received numerous awards throughout his tenure in  
          the Assembly, including awards of appreciation from the Far West  


          ACR 53 (Dahle)                                      Page 3 of ?
          Equipment Dealers Association, Klamath Water Users Association,  
          and Rice Producers of California. After serving in the Assembly,  
          Mr. Dickerson served on the Redding City Council from 2004 to  
          2012, inclusive, serving twice as mayor of the City of Redding.

          Mr. Dickerson passed away on September 28, 2014.  He is survived  
          by his wife Betty and four children, his niece, and eight  

          Consistent with committee policy.  This resolution is consistent  
          with the provisions of the committee's policy on highway and  
          interchange designations.

          FISCAL EFFECT:  Appropriation:  No     Fiscal Com.:  Yes     
          Local:   No

          POSITIONS:  (Communicated to the committee before noon on  
                          June 17, 2015.)

          American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees,  
          City of Redding
          Rural County Representatives of California


          None received

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