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                                                                      HR 60

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          Date of Hearing:  August 8, 2016 

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                              Richard S. Gordon, Chair

                     60 (Arambula) - As Introduced  August 1, 2016

          SUBJECT:  National Health Center Week

          SUMMARY:  Proclaims the week of August 7 to August 13, 2016,  
          inclusive, as National Health Center Week in California.   
          Specifically, this resolution makes the following legislative  

          1)Community clinics and health centers are at the core of the  
            nation's health care safety net, serving anyone and everyone  
            who walk through their doors, regardless of ability to pay,  
            and are the medical homes for more than 23 million needy and  
            uninsured patients.

          2)Community clinics and health centers are private, nonprofit  
            corporations.  The majority of their boards of directors, by  
            law, must be their patients and consumers, and their services  
            are funded primarily through public programs such as Medicaid,  
            federal grants, and state initiatives.

          3)In California, nearly six million low-income families,  
            children, seniors, women, non-English speakers, people of  
            color, and homeless individuals currently receive  
            comprehensive primary care services at over 1,100 community  


                                                                      HR 60

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            clinics and health centers throughout the state.

          4)Primary care at California community clinics and health  
            centers involves a wide range of services, including  
            preventive care, chronic disease management, well child,  
            dental, pharmaceutical, immunization, mental health, substance  
            abuse, breast cancer, nutrition, family planning, and  
            pregnancy-related services, all of which are provided with  
            particular sensitivity to language and cultural competency.

          5)California's community clinics and health centers have the  
            major responsibility of providing health care services to the  
            state's most disadvantaged families and individuals, and are  
            serving over three million Californians enrolled in Medi-Cal,  
            as well as two million persons who are uninsured.

          6)National Health Center Week offers the opportunity to  
            recognize America's health centers, their dedicated staff and  
            board members, and all those responsible for the continued  
            success and growth of the program since its creation over 50  
            years ago.
          FISCAL EFFECT:  None



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          Analysis Prepared by:Nicole Willis / RLS. / (916) 319-2800