Amended in Assembly April 25, 2016

California Legislature—2015–16 Regular Session

Assembly Concurrent ResolutionNo. 164

Introduced by Assembly Member Patterson

(Principal coauthor: Senator Vidak)

(Coauthors: Assembly Members Bigelow, Gray, Lackey, Linder, Mathis, Olsen, Wagner,begin delete and Waldronend deletebegin insert Waldron, Achadjian, Alejo, Travis Allen, Arambula, Atkins, Baker, Bloom, Bonilla, Bonta, Brough, Brown, Burke, Calderon, Campos, Chau, Chávez, Chiu, Chu, Cooley, Cooper, Dababneh, Dahle, Daly, Dodd, Eggman, Frazier, Beth Gaines, Gallagher, Cristina Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Gatto, Gipson, Gomez, Gonzalez, Gordon, Grove, Hadley, Harper, Roger Hernández, Holden, Irwin, Jones, Jones-Sawyer, Kim, Levine, Lopez, Low, Maienschein, Mayes, McCarty, Medina, Melendez, Mullin, Nazarian, Obernolte, O'Donnell, Quirk, Rendon, Ridley-Thomas, Rodriguez, Salas, Steinorth, Mark Stone, Thurmond, Ting, Weber, Wilk, and Woodend insert)

(Coauthors: Senators Anderson, Bates, Cannella, Huff, and Stone)

April 4, 2016

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 164—Relative to Citrus Strong Month.


ACR 164, as amended, Patterson. Citrus Strong Month.

This measure would recognize the month of April 2016 as Citrus Strong Month for the purpose of celebrating California’s vibrant citrus industry and the benefits it provides to the state’s environment, economy, and people, and to affirm that California is citrus strong.

Fiscal committee: no.

P2    1WHEREAS, Citrus is an iconic symbol of California’s heritage,
2dating back to the 1840s; and

3WHEREAS, California leads the nation in the production of
4fresh citrus fruit; and

5WHEREAS, Eighty percent of the nation’s supply of fresh citrus
6is grown in California; and

7WHEREAS, Ongoing research shows the many health benefits
8of consuming fresh citrus; and

9WHEREAS, California citrus is a $3 billion dollar industry that
10supports over 20,000 jobs and fuels over $1.5 billion in economic
11activity for the state each year; and

12WHEREAS, Citrus growers are committed to preserving
13California’s precious natural resources by adopting farming
14practices that conserve water, reduce air pollution, and promote
15healthy soils; and

16WHEREAS, California’s citrus growers give back to local
17communities and families in need; and

18WHEREAS, In 2015, California’s citrus growers donated 19
19million pounds of citrus to the Farm to Family program, which is
20dedicated to delivering food to individuals, families, and children
21in need and to strengthening communities by providing food
22security; and

23WHEREAS, The first annual Citrus Stride will take place at the
24State Capitol Building on April 6, 2016, and for every registered
25participant, the citrus industry will donate 1,000 pounds of citrus
26to the Farm to Family program; now, therefore, be it

27Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate
28thereof concurring,
That the Legislature recognizes the month of
29April 2016 as Citrus Strong Month for the purpose of celebrating
30California’s vibrant citrus industry and the benefits it provides to
31the state’s environment, economy, and people, and to affirm that
32California is citrus strong; and be it further

33Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies
34of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.