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                                                                    ACR 164

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          Date of Hearing:   April 14, 2016

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                                    Gordon, Chair

                     164 (Patterson) - As Introduced  April 4, 2016

          SUBJECT:  Citrus Strong Month

          SUMMARY:  Recognizes the month of April 2016 as Citrus Strong  
          Month for the purpose of celebrating California's vibrant citrus  
          industry and the benefits it provides the state's environment,  
          economy, and people, and to affirm that California is citrus  
          strong.  Specifically, this resolution makes the following  
          legislative findings:

          1)Citrus is an iconic symbol of California's heritage, dating  
            back to the 1840's and California leads the nation in the  
            production of fresh citrus fruit.

          2)Eighty percent of the nation's supply of fresh citrus is grown  
            in California.

          3)California citrus is a $3 billion dollar industry that  
            supports over 20,000 jobs and fuels over $1.5 billion in  
            economic activity for the state each year.

          4)Citrus growers are committed to preserving California's  


                                                                    ACR 164

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            precious natural resources by adopting farming practices that  
            conserve water, reduce air pollution, and promote healthy  

          5)In 2015, California's citrus growers donated 19 million pounds  
            of citrus to the Farm to Family program, which is dedicated to  
            delivering food to individuals, families, and children in need  
            and to strengthening communities by providing food security.
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