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                                                                    ACR 172

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          Date of Hearing:   April 28, 2016

                             ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON RULES

                                    Gordon, Chair

                      172 (Hadley) - As Introduced  April 18, 2016

          SUBJECT:  Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Month

          SUMMARY:  Designates the month of May 2016 as Bone Marrow  
          Donation Awareness Month.  Specifically, this resolution makes  
          the following legislative findings: 

          1)There is a need to enhance the understanding of the importance  
            of bone marrow donation and to encourage Californians to  
            participate in bone marrow donation drives; and, the bone  
            marrow registration process is simple, only taking a few  
            minutes and requiring a cheek swab.

          2)The most prevalent problem with respect to bone marrow  
            donation is the need for racially and ethnically diverse  
            donors because of complex tissue types. 

          3)Of the more than 13.5 million potential donors on the United  
            States' Be The Match Registry, 40 percent are donors from  
            racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

          4)The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) operates the Be The  
            Match Registry, the world's largest and most diverse registry  
            of potential bone morrow donors; and, since its inception in  
            1987, the NMDP has facilitated more than 74,000 marrow and  
            cord blood transplants.

          FISCAL EFFECT:  None


                                                                    ACR 172

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