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                                                                     AB 446

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          446 (Ridley-Thomas)

          As Amended  September 1, 2015

          Majority vote

          |ASSEMBLY:  |77-0  |(June 1, 2015) |SENATE: |40-0  |(September 2,    |
          |           |      |               |        |      |2015)            |
          |           |      |               |        |      |                 |
          |           |      |               |        |      |                 |

          Original Committee Reference:  NAT. RES.

          SUMMARY:  Extends the sunset date for the Baldwin Hills  
          Conservancy (BHC) to January 1, 2026.

          The Senate amendments extend the sunset of the Conservancy  
          rather than eliminate it. 

          EXISTING LAW:  

          1)Established BHC in 2000 in the Natural Resources Agency (NRA)  
            and authorizes the BHC to acquire and manage public lands  
            within the Baldwin Hills area, is the land area currently  
            within the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, the Baldwin  
            Hills community, and the surrounding property.


                                                                     AB 446

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          2)Prohibits BHC from regulating land use and exercising the  
            power of eminent domain.

          3)Authorizes BHC to fix and collect fees for the use of any land  
            owned or controlled, or for any service provided, by BHC.   
            Prohibits fees in excess of the cost of maintaining and  
            operating the land or of providing the service for which the  
            fee is charged.

          4)Provides BHC with the first right of refusal to acquire lands  
            suitable for park and open space within its prescribed  
            territory, and authorizes BHC to accept private or public  
            lands offered for recreational trails. 

          5)Specifies that the board of BHC consist of 13 voting members  
            and 7 nonvoting members. The 13 voting members of the board  
            include the Secretary of NRA, the Director of Parks and  
            Recreation, the Director of Finance, the Director of the Los  
            Angeles County Department of Parks, the member of the Los  
            Angeles County Board of Supervisors within whose district the  
            majority of the Baldwin Hills area is located, and 6 members  
            of the public appointed by the Governor.  The seven nonvoting  
            members are: the Secretary of the California Environmental  
            Protection Agency; the Executive Officer of the State Coastal  
            Conservancy; the Executive Officer of the State Lands  
            Commission; an appointee of the Governor with experience in  
            developing contaminated sites, commonly referred to as  
            "brownfields;" the Executive Director of the Santa Monica  
            Mountains Conservancy; the Director of the Culver City Human  
            Services Department; and the Director of the Department of  
            Conservation. Allows designees to serve for members of the  

          FISCAL EFFECT:  According to the Senate Appropriations  
          Committee, this bill's annual costs are at least $350,000  
          beginning in 2018 through 2025 from the Environmental License  
          Plate Fund (special) for conservancy's administrative costs.


                                                                     AB 446

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          COMMENTS:  BHC jurisdiction covers approximately two square  
          miles and is the smallest of the state's 10 conservancies.  BHC  
          is located approximately six miles from downtown Los Angeles.   
          There is significant oil production activity in the BHC's  
          jurisdiction.  BHC plans to restore former oil production lands  
          to open space and make them available to the public as oil  
          production ceases.  The goal of BHC is to eventually connect  
          public land into one big park (two square miles) to serve the  
          area.  This will help the surrounding residents have access to  
          the open space in a region that is lacking in park space. 

          Analysis Prepared by:                                             
                          Michael Jarred / NAT. RES. / (916) 319-2092  FN: